USPS completes phase I deployment of new “ring scanners”

USPS completed phase I deployment to 241 sites of new “ring scanners” Intelligent Mail Devices (IMDs) last Sept. 30. Scanning scores around the country are improving as a result.

Ring scanners capture enroute scans on manually processed packages and flats — an essential piece of the end-to-end visibility USPS has promised.

Since receiving ring scanners a month ago, the Dakotas’ 573 ZIP Code ― processed at Dakota Central P&DF — currently ranks as the third best 3-digit ZIP in the country. Managers attribute the substantial movement in Originating Enroute (OEN) and Destinating Enroute (DEN) scans to the new device.

Since Dakota Central employees were trained on how to make ring scanners part of their daily operation, OEN weekly scores have skyrocketed from 53 percent to 96 percent. DEN scans moved from 74 percent to 95 percent in less than one month.

“When you have a focused group of employees and managers, it’s absolutely possible to move to third place in overall scanning visibility in a matter of weeks,” said Chad Olson, manager, Mail Processing, Dakota Central P&DF.

Dakota Central employees teamed with the Sioux Falls, SD, plant and the Area’s 4,573 Postmasters. Employees contributed to the overall success by suggesting small operational changes, increasing efficiency without affecting productivity.

The effort produced by Dakota Central employees has resulted in a better product for customers. But they understand where they need to be. “The goal is 100 percent,” said Olson. “Anything less is not what the customer has paid for.”

source: USPS News Link

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