Senate Committee To Vote On 21st Century Postal Service Act

The Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs will begin its mark up on Nov. 9 of 21st Century Postal Reform Act (S. 1789).

The bill, introduced by Sens. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-CT), Susan Collins (R-ME), Thomas Carper (D-DE) and Scott Brown (R-MA) on Nov. 2, provides short-term financial relief to the USPS, but also would inflict long-term damage to the nation’s mail system.

The bill would return overpayments made to the Federal Employees Retirement System, but it would not return overpayments to the Civil Service Retirement System.

Although the bill does not include several of the most odious parts of a bill pending in the House (H.R. 2309), by failing to provide more substantial financial relief, it would force the USPS to dismantle its network and impose severe cuts in service to the American people.


25 thoughts on “Senate Committee To Vote On 21st Century Postal Service Act

  1. I dont think their sitting around? I think they are appreciative. Its all how you look at it? maybe your the ones that are unappreciative?

    Two way streets have be around for along time.

  2. I hear you Mr. Jones…instead of just being happy that they have a job in this ecomomy and with so many people having lost their jobs—they still have a job. Sitting around waiting on an incentive that may never come….what are they going to do when they are retirement age and can’t physically do the work??? Die on the street waitng for an incentive??? Sounds pretty unappreciative to me!!

  3. The new hires PSE custodians start at $12 hour with limited benifits if any at all?, The custodians that make 50K have worked around 13 yrs of service for the postal service before making this amount but as of this new contract new hires will no longer be able to make this. These jobs are open to all veterans. Are You Happy Now?

  4. Never seen such a spoiled bunch as these postal workers. They have great pay and benefits, yet never stop complaining about how bad they have it and how they are overworked. There are tens of thousands of us out here who would love to trade jobs with them. I work as a CNA for $25,000 a year. It is an extremely demanding job with low pay and no benefits. I have never (ever) seen another company that pays clerks and custodians 50K a year. They are non-skilled labor and should be making perhaps $12.00 an hour at the most.

  5. i still think that $25 k wont be enough alone for many workers to go…. add 3 or 4 years…. or more money…..
    also, i believe that 5 day delivery is the way to go…sooner, rather than later….to save the postal service…. why not cutting wednesday????

  6. Why don’t the Congress return all of the overpayment back to the Postal Service to the note of $75 billion, so the Postal Service can remain an intergal part of America’s best and inexpensive daily mail delivery service? In addition, so that 400,000 citizens won’t be added to the unemployment rolls or forced to retire. This has been going on to long. Elected officials in Congress need to do their job and help America remain the greatest country ever, and quit playing with peoples livilihood. What if the shoe was on the other foot!!

  7. I want 10 years seniority, $500,000 cash no penalty, and a pound of red M&M’s sent to my house everyday for the rest of my life.

  8. @waldo m. lopez. Acutually Bush proposed using 100% of csrs 71 billion surplus to fund retirees health care fund. NALC, Rural Carriers Union opposed this measure and were the primary drivers in supporting Postal Accountability Enhancement Act(PAEA). I’m no Bush fan, but those are the facts. Look it up on NALC website.

  9. Its not five day delivery that management wants, it’s the elimination of the six day guarantee. As soon as they get that you will have Sundays and Wednesdays off EVERY WEEK. All the talk about Saturday elimination is pure BULL and a way to get all the suckers to buy into it. Before you know it mail will be delivered three times a week and we will all be part time employees with no bargaining rights!!

  10. The Poatal Service wants to be like the private sector? Didnt GM give a TWO THOUSAND DOLLOR for each year worked buyout?

    Till then

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    Good vittels, lovin’, kissin’
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  11. Attended Sen. Sanders meeting yesterday. He’ll be introducing a comprehensive bill that is more postal and labor friendly than S. 1789. If they want me to retire they’ll have to offer me a lump sum of $156,000+ (three years salary) tax free, and three years medical. lol

  12. You guys are a bunch of morons! 5 years and $50,000! Give us back our $75 Billion for CSRS! You ain’t getting any of that so quit your bitching.

  13. These miss informed political screwballs have no idea what the average carrier goes through on a daily basis. If they want to reduce the work force they will need to start by offering us Civil service old timer’s TIME AND MONEY or else we are staying and goin to make it miserable for them

  14. Hey Dig it…the 2years is just suggestion in the bill, if they want more of us to go, they’ll need to offer more then 2 year !

  15. the $25 k is not enough for most of us to go…
    i believe that adding 3 years or so to years served will help, and convince enough people to retire now.
    also, 5 day delivery should be sooner, rather than later, i believe. thank you.

  16. People don’t know UPS and FedEx paid the Republican party big money in 2006 to get them to pass that financial burden of prefunded retirement knowing it would bankrupt us and try to let them take over this gold mine that they know it really is.

  17. We stop the whining about what happened, let them fight it out, just let those who can go , GO!, enough of this hostile work environment, only management likes it, because even a decorated Vet who works hard , is humiliated and intimidated by his abusive but trained in how to humiliate employees supervisor, let them intimidate each other, check the hundreds of thousands of EEO complaints and grievances and lawsuits VS the USPS, kill the monster ASAP !.

  18. Al those close and/or eligible for VERA and /or incentive, including many Veteran’s, pass this Act we say to Congress and many Veteran’s will remember to vote for those who help us to get out of the miserable conditions we now work under, it is a War zone, and USPS would rather try to drive us out than retire with dignity and respect, that no longer exists here.

  19. In 2006,Bush and Congress placed a heavy financial burden upon the US Postal
    Service by passing the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act,this bill required
    the USPS prefund its future health care benefits payments to retirees for the next 75 years.Now,Congress with usual lack of common trying to repair the damage already done.Now some Congressmen are trying to dismantle piece by
    piece the best postal service in the world with these bogus solutions.Rather than
    allowing the USPS to stop paying such exorbitant payments.and to allow the USPS to work its way out of this big mess that Congress has created in the first place.
    Also Postal management get to use the same unfair labor tactics use by private
    corporations.there are many fine postal employees.some even are military veterans that have done a good job.but,Congress and postal management care less as long as they get to impose their draconian rules.

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