NAPUS President asks Senate to include a moratorium on post office closings in Postal Reform Bill

and Consolidations as Part of S. 1789

Rapoza Also Expresses Concerns that the Proposed Bill Could Reduce the Level of Health Care Coverage for Retirees and Asks that Management Associations be Included in Developing a Postal-Only Health Plan

Today, NAPUS President Bob Rapoza sent a letter to key members of the Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs Committee, requesting consideration on some key issues that could impact Postmasters. On behalf of the 38,000 members of NAPUS, Rapoza expressed his appreciation for the Committee’s efforts to address the financial and operational difficulties confronting the Postal Service, but asked that they consider three issues before S. 1789 is moved forward for a proposed November 9th markup.

A copy of President Rapoza’s letter can be found here S1789 

Additional information concerning S. 1789, THE 21ST CENTURY POSTAL SERVICE ACT OF 2011 can be found on the NAPUS Legislative News link.

Charlie Moser

November 3, 2011
source: NAPUS..

NAPUS Letter To Senators on Postal Bill

5 thoughts on “NAPUS President asks Senate to include a moratorium on post office closings in Postal Reform Bill

  1. clerks in some offices do the work of two, while the standby now is outsourced, carriers have added stops from combining routes, they get back well after dark,VERA in early 2012, the USPS may have to get outside help with retirements from coming VERA, first wil be here sooner than we think.

  2. Poor management keeps making poor decisions ,with no training about the contract and more money for craft employees because they don’t follow the contract. Management needs to be let go or trained better or money need to be taken out of their pocket after they make the same mistake 3 times after all $615 million in mistakes is to much. More money lost because of poor management., Maybe we don’t have college degree we have common sense and when we lose profit that’s not a good thing. When will management understand that.
    We will have PSE’S with a high turnover rate because of lower pay and they just won’t keep working the week ends and night shift with no not benifits Let’s see how many people keep giving the Post Office high ratings after the change over. I guess if they get it half right that will be OK because of lower pay and benefits guess I will go online to pay may bills, don’t think my payments will get there on time
    As for early out it needs to come in Oct 2012 to make it worth ,or they will tax my S.S to much because I am only 64.. Who will be able to do the paper work for retirement for 68,000 people? You might get your check inr 18 months,look what happen to the last retirement party it took over a year to get it right.They just don’t have enough help. Notice the poor service at the Post Office’s where they don’t have enough help at the window’s , and customers lined out the door.
    This would be like the Chief’s not having enough cashier’s on a game day.
    No one seems to care.

  3. TruePariot, postalnews had a press release,


    It seems to of gotton lost when you try to click on it, funny how these things happen kinda like somebody is trying to keep this infor from getting out.

    Thought maybe you could check it out and see if you get it?

    The comments are still there some pretty good what you think?

    I feel your pain, glad I’m retired and away from the total lunacy that is killing the U.S.P.S. the idiots in charge can’t run an electric train let alone a business of any kind. I never delivered in the dark,nor would I, it’s just plain wrong and unsafe.
    2 days ago, 7:56:38 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate City carrier
    FSS and COR adjustments equal a total disaster. The FSS adjustment is totally done by management, who then use COR to create the most ridiculous park points, which then wipes out almost all of your allied time that is needed on the street. What a joke this whole process is. Now we have Jarap. Will Jarap put back routes that were taken out? Only time will tell. All I know is that in our office, people are sick of this whole process.
    2 days ago, 3:25:08 PM– Flag – Unlike – Reply – Delete – Edit – ModerateLiked byYou same?
    So what if mail volume is down a little. Back in the day we were told it takes the same amount of time to deliver 6 letters to a box as it does 2. So would it not take the same time to deliver 2 as it did 6.
    2 days ago, 10:13:55 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – ModerateLiked byHammond EggermeGuest Tom
    You are too logical. That won’t get you anywhere at the Post Office.There is the right way, the wrong way and the postal way.
    2 days ago, 1:55:06 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – ModerateLiked byHammond Eggerme John Henry
    Because that only counts for front door to front door delivery, with a centralized delivery all of the sudden a double in volumne doubles the time. because the time isn’t spent walking from stop to stop any more but moving the hands from the bundle to the box.
    2 days ago, 7:15:46 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate guest!
    If the lazy carrier slugs would stop casing DPS and FSS in the office all morning and just take it to the street like they are supposed to, maybe they will make it back by 5.
    2 days ago, 7:04:00 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – ModerateLiked byGuest Guest
    Maybe the Stupidvisor should address that.
    2 days ago, 9:24:55 AM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – ModerateLiked byme letter carrier
    Here you go again, if you had the IQ of a Pre-K child with that comment you would still have a failing GRADE.

    Do you have a HS. diploma?? or a GED?? and you are in management??

    let’s start the learning process, 600 walking stops and 10 piece of mail for each one “OR” 1 piece of mail for 800 stops

    6,000 for 600 houses or 800 for 800 houses

    GUESS which one will take you longer??

    Take that back you cannot multiply, divide, add or SUM and you are In Management!!!!!

    Lord have mercy for the people you supervise but just come and walk that 800 stops with me and expect 8 hours, LOL

    Your street numbers done in the office with a computer does not represent the reality of, Weather, street dangers, Customers asking you questions, Signature Confirmation, Delivery Confirmation, Registered Mail, Certified Mail, HUGE parcels that have to be driven to the house BECAUSE the don’t fit your satchel, ETC, ETC, ETC

    I told you I would be looking for you, just try it one more time and I will answer you

    PS: I am a carrier with a BS (4 years of College) not that other BS you POST
    2 days ago, 3:11:25 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – ModerateLiked byme5-day carrierJohn HenryGuest2 more (expand)
    Please tell me what is wrong with my post. It is a fact that carriers are still casing DPS FSS and circulars in many offices because they refuse to adapt. Most carriers want to put everything in the case and have the entire route delivered in one bundle, stop for stop. The days of finishing the route at 1pm and hiding behind Dunkin Donuts until 5pm is over pal. Sorry! No more OT stealing sluggo!2 days ago, 3:23:38 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate
    If they are violating policy why doesn’t the supervisor/manager/postmaster stop them? Isn’t that what they are paid to do? Is it to difficult to get up from your desk and actually do your job? 2 days ago, 3:42:47 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – ModerateLiked byJohn Henry
    letter carrier
    Try to case the DPS and FSS in my station and see what happens.

    Some day the TOP manager in your office will SHIT can you because your attitude an NUMBERS are not correct and while that happens I will still be delivering the Mail to my customers

    it is peop-le like you Mr. Supervisor that makes the carrier deliver an 8 hour route when it takes 10 hours in the street and then add 1 more as an auxiliary and then SAY!!!

    8 HOURS!!!!!!!

    you don’t make any decisions, DISTRICT makes them for you and IF you do not COMPLY, your ASS is grass and they are the lawn mower

    By the way; I don’t have a Dunkin Donut or a Burger King in my route; DO YOU????

    KEEP IT up and SO will I but with FACTS that 320,000 carriers can understand

    Do you have that many supervisors behind you?? lieing for you or do you want to prove your facts with DOIS??


    the typical IGNORANT of the facts SUPERVISOR trying to use their authority as the absolute mentality, YOU HAVE NONE!!!!!!!!

    Care to post again???
    2 days ago, 3:46:59 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate mike
    it is a well known fact that it takes longer to deliver dps on the street, so what does it matter if you use more time in the office or use it on the street? Mgmt. is obsessed with shorter office times for some asinine reason, but their logic, doing almost everything on the street only ties the carriers hands. Why do we take all the mail to the street, only to bring back ubbm, ank, cfms, nsn, and anything else that is not deliverable? It is absolutly stupid. The reason the old timers are not back by five may be because they see the stupitidy of the process, plus after the ridiculus route adjustments, the routes are too long for a person with 50,000miles on their bodies to get it done in 8. If you are a runner, just wait, you’ll be feeling the pain of years of doing this job.
    2 days ago, 4:34:29 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – ModerateLiked byGuest mike
    Management is the problem here. The carrier was right, in that you still have to stop at almost every address. You get 100 to 200 stops added to your route, even with as they claim volume down. then your volume goes back to where it was before the adjustments, but you have more stops. The bottom line is, the routes are too long to be completed is 8 hours.

  4. The USPS has WAYYYYYY too many Post Offices AND Postmasters. This is the only business I know where they keep an office open when it doesn’t make financial sense to keep it open.

  5. Everyone that supports ending Saturday delivery or curb side deliveries please ask your office to give you an opt out of the NALC form, so that they start getting the point by the shear number of request that will be received.

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