4 thoughts on “Video: Senator Collins Introduces 21st Century Postal Service Act

  1. The Postal Service , despite some budget errors ,didn’t encounter the financial trouble they are now in before a bill was passed BY CONGRESS to prefund what no other business is required to do. This effectively set the post office for failure and future privitization. There’s money to be made by removing the employees from being a part of the FEDERAL health system and setting up NEW health insurance managed by the Post Office AND for postal employees being REQUIRED to subscribe to MEDICARE PART B.
    As to guttting Compensation for injured workers by decreasing their income when they reach 65 it will do nothing to save the postal service as the amount received, given the ages of the 1000 or 2000 is based on wages A LOT LESS than what the postal employee would be earning now IF he had not been injured on the job.
    Doesn’t the United States have enough senior citizens with health problems subjected to poverty? Do members of the Senate who promote this bill really think it’s an accomplishment to add 1000 or 2000 to those already poor?

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