APWU, USPS Agree on New Position Description For Delivery/SSDA Clerk

Delivery/Sales Services and Distribution Associate

The Postal Service and the APWU have finalized the position description and qualification standards [PDF] for a new Level 6 Clerk Craft position: the Delivery/Sales Services and Distribution Associate.

The new position will be filled by the senior-qualified bidder in the Clerk Craft, and will include the existing duties and responsibilities of Sales Service and Distribution Associates and Clerk/Special Delivery Messengers.

The purpose of the new position is to perform distribution and a variety of sales and customer support services. In addition to sales and distribution duties, employees who are awarded these positions may deliver and collect mail on foot or by vehicle under varying conditions in any area.

Applicants must have a valid state driver’s license and must demonstrate and maintain a safe driving record.

USPS Delivery/Sales and Distribution Clerk

14 thoughts on “APWU, USPS Agree on New Position Description For Delivery/SSDA Clerk

  1. Hey did ya notice the footnote: They can stick a broom up our butts so we can sweep the dock on our way out the door to delivery….whoohoo.

  2. Not to worry, APWU will file grievances on this although having been agreed cause…thats what they do best. So, exactly how much money was donated to Rep Issa’s political campaign by APWU?

  3. Rehab carriers have been working the window and will continue to do so and their hours are not counted in the 1994-Now they will pull clerks off the window to deliver a swing- what a joke! All this while the carrier works the window- unreal.

  4. Clerks have been doing all this in small offices for years.. Until recently, when the postmasters started delivering all the mail to get the milage money!! lol I bet even in these times, they still get their beloved “bonuses” off of our work. Its a real joke. They don’t do a darn thing all day but try an figure out ways to cut our hours, then even though they are making a lot of money they still expect to get a damn bonus! Thats BS. As soon as I can I am out of this dog show.

  5. Wow! does anyone realize how crazy this is?

    Lets see I go in and do my distribution clerk job then do the window job, the mailhandlers job now the paperwork the supervisor decided to leave behind for me to finish, let me go do dispatch. ..oh wait now let me go deliver a route. All this at a level 6 while carriers get more of course. and joe smith “distribution” clerk sits there all day pitching mail for same pay.

    Way to go UNION ! !
    oh yeah I know thank you I have I job right? ill let you know when I fall dead on my face from exhaustion

  6. Chicago has been doing this for years. Any express or priority post that comes in after carriers have left for the day get delivered by mailhandlers in postal vans. I think it is a fantastic idea. As stated above we have to do what we must to survive. As long as they don’t go after our pay or give this other craft in on our leave calendar or bids on routes. End Saturday delivery!

  7. In reality when the ship is sinking all must do what is necessary to remain afloat.
    USPS revenue is declining; no new revenue is being generated. Petty BS by selish ignorant groups fail to understand basic economics of supply and demand. Demand for USPS postal products and services will continue to decrease. Steps must be taken to operate cost effective. Sat. mail delivery is non essential and a costly process which must be eliminated as it serves no purpose or need to the American public. Politicans, unions, management must face the facts and work together for the USPS to maintain some form of existence.

  8. Wake up, they already do this in smaller towns. When all the carriers are out, and they need something done they send one of the clerks in the office out to collect from a blue box, or other various tasks.

  9. It’s bad enough that clerks are doing mail handler work but now their doing carrier work too? What ever happen to not crossing crafts? Collecting and delivering mail, that’s carrier work and if the NALc doesn’t do some thing about this their useless! I can’t believe half the stuff that”s going on with our unions agreeing on things like this is really giving in to the PMG.

  10. The USPS wants to make sure your day at work is fun and entertaining! They are looking out for all of us as employees, yeah ” that’s the ticket”! Just in time for Christmas, What a Wonderful Life here in the Post Office!

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