Burrus: Questions and Answers Defining the 2011 USPS-APWU National Agreement

Questions and Answers defining the 2011 national agreement will be invaluable in the enforcement of the newly negotiated provisions; however they omit a number of important subjects such as those referenced below. Perhaps the language is sufficiently clear that clarification is not required to explain the agreement that:

* Reduces wages up to 60% for newly hired employees for the performance of the same work;
* Permits involuntary reassignment as far as required under consolidations;
* Permits PSEs to bump full time employees from assignments when senior employees do not want to accept the conversion to NTA;
* Permits management to establish the pay rate for employees whose work is assumed by the Postal Service.

Bill Burrus

Burrus Journal – Questions & Answers Defining The 2011 Agreement

7 thoughts on “Burrus: Questions and Answers Defining the 2011 USPS-APWU National Agreement

  1. Our union leadership is so out of touch with the rank and file members that it’s painful to even be a part of the union anymore. I pay my dues for them to protect my best interests. I became involved to give them guidance. I became a union steward to best represent the members. The only thing I got out of all of this was to be screwed along with the rest of the members.

    I am too through with the APWU. I don’t care what anyone says. I did not become a dues paying member of a union to be double-crossed by union leaders. Why should I continue paying my dues when they are just going to find a way to let management screw me anyway?

    I am not a member of the Tea Party or a Republican. This message was not written to discredit unions in general who I support. This message was written because I am SO DISAPPOINTED with the APWU union leaders right now that I know I will not continue to be a victim of their deceit. I worked in the Postal Service for over 20 years putting up with managements BS and now I’ve got it coming from my union leaders. Their actions against their members are inexcusable. The people who voted for this contract need to be damned to hell.

  2. The TEAPUBLICANS SUCK. Anyone who is a TEAPUBLICAN is an ignorant fool with absolutely no brain. Your parents should have been neutered as well as all your living relatives. Anything that you own should be taken and donated to the poor because it’s your fault that they got that way.
    Did I leave anything out?
    Oh, yeah….they should take your dog to be euthanized….you are just too dumb to care for animals.

  3. Now what Bill. give it a rest. If you hadn’t retired on us you could have spoke
    for us. maybe you should go get a job somewhere and talk with people who care what you say. We don’t because you are a quitter and a chicken ass.

  4. Yes group hung and dont forget to always give 100%.

    12% 0n Monday

    23% On Tuesdays

    40% On Wednesdays

    20% On Thursday

    5 On Friday

  5. For all you who voted yes on this agreement and for all of you who vote for people like ISSA/ROSS.


    Is this language sufficiently clear now that clarification is not required to explain how your F yourselfs?

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