Union Launches Petition Drive To Save America’s Postal Service

President Guffey is asking APWU members to collect signatures on a petition [PDF] to Congress urging senators and representatives to oppose plans to close post offices, shutter mail processing facilities, and drastically degrade service to the American people.

Download Petition [PDF]
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In a letter [PDF] to state and local presidents dated Oct. 26, 2011, President Guffey wrote, “It is urgent that we bring as much political pressure as possible to bear against the Postal Service’s plans to dismantle its network of processing, distribution and retail facilities.”

In addition to the petition, the letter includes a flyer [PDF] with the message, “ Closing Post Offices & Mail Processing Centers and Cutting Service is Wrong.”

“No company can grow or even maintain its business by cutting its service. But that’s exactly what the Postal Service is proposing to do,” the flyer says.

In July, the USPS announced plans to close 3,700 post offices; in September, management announced plans to close 252 of approximately 460 mail processing centers.

In early October, the Postal Service posted a notice in the Federal Register announcing its intent to revise service commitments, eliminate overnight delivery of first-class mail and change two-day delivery to three days.

The proposed change in service standards acknowledges what the Postal Service has repeatedly denied: Slashing the mail processing network will result in drastic cuts in service to the American people.

“Reducing the scope and quality of service will not restore the Postal Service to health. It would likely drive mailers away and therefore worsen the Postal Service’s financial problems,” Guffey said.

“If every APWU member filled up one petition, we would have nearly two million signatures,” the letter notes.

The APWU is requesting that locals act at once to make this petition drive a success. Completed petitions should be sent by Nov. 14 to:

Save America’s Postal Service
American Postal Workers Union
1300 L Street NW
Washington DC 20005.

The national union will make sure that House and Senate members receive petitions collected in their districts or states.

Union Message to Save Postal Service

10 thoughts on “Union Launches Petition Drive To Save America’s Postal Service

  1. The USPS is a has been. Prior to 21st century and advanced tchnology the USPS connect individuals and business via mail. Technology created online communicating and conducting business. This resulted in the USPS loosing volume in its core product First Clss Mail. The loss of this volume resulted in loss of revenue which created operating at a defecit. Volume will continue to decline as businesses and govt agencies are making it necessary to operate on line such as direct deposit for social security checks and businesses reward customers by going paperless. Revenue will continue to decrease as e marketing will result in decline of bulk business or junk mail. In order to operate at a breakeven point operations must be cost effective as demand for Postal Products and services will continue to decline. Offices that are close to each other must be consolidated. Management levels must be reduced from headquarters to local officies. Salaries for PCES and higher management must be reduced to meet designated budgets. Severance packages such as Harry Potter joke must be eliminated as USPS is not owned by shareholders. 6 day mail delivery to physical street address is a WASTED COST; advertising mail and nontime sensitive parcel could be delivered another day and no mail customer would be impacted. USPS should concentrate on products it can compete with UPS, FED X and DHL; GO AFTER PARCEL AND EXPEDITED MAIL DELIVERY. Employee must be reduced. Employees 60+ with time should be retired. OPM should notify as to effective date and opitions available. Employees under age 55 with time needed should be offered an out with no penalty; IF employees not reduced cutback with a layoff. Politicans that take no action or have no concern for operating in the red and providing services that demand has declined should suppport Congress, PRC, Unions and Postmaster Fraternal orders in paying the RED operating cost.

  2. cut it down to 5 days….
    offer early out incentives $1000. for every year served, 6 years added…..
    new hires get a major salary cut for the first 6 years….
    problem solved.

  3. I wonder If Franking went away how would Congress ever survive? We need to get rid of Franking . Why don’t the Unions ever say anything about this?

  4. I like that Cliff Goofy, he is now seeking all members and the public to try and save not just the POST OFFICE, but union officials cushy jobs! Dey wud just hav to either retired or go bac to craft…….. Were not just talkn bout APWU but also NALC and NPMHU…all dose sorry ass union officials! Dese same officials who sent our asses down the river with a boat without paddles!!!!!

  5. @ occupy USPS- No we are not, we are the most reliable and least expensive mailer in the world. You can’t judge an entire company by isolated insidents performed mostly by people whom a periodic surprise drug test would screen out.

  6. I want a petition to get my $1000.00 COLA that Goofy gave to PMG Down-the-Hole on a silver platter. I will not help goofy/morris with anything….period!


  7. We have to mail it in. Why can’t we do it online? Is this just another way to raise revenue? Where should the cut come from? You all know the same revenue is not there, where do you expect your check to from???

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