USPS Files Final Rule On Changes To Regulations For Post Office Closings And Staffing

From the National League of Postmasters:

Postal Service files for final rule with regard to 39 CFR Part 241

On Wednesday, October 26 the Postal Service filed a final rule with the Federal Register amending regulations with regard to Post Office closings. This final rule adopts changes to the staffing of Post Offices and to the definition of “consolidation”. The proposed changes would be effective December 1, 2011.

This is a very serious amendment to regulations impacting Postmasters and Post Offices. The LEAGUE and NAPUS has been in contact with our legal counsel and they are reviewing the proposed change. We will be discussing all options available to us. As more information becomes available we will bring you up to date.

The following is the history of the proposed rules changes.

April 28, 2011 – the two organizations sent a letter to the PRC expressing our views on the proposed changes along with a legal opinion letter from Hal Hughes former General Counsel to the Postal Service…

May 23, 2011 – the LEAGUE and NAPUS two retired Postmasters filed a formal complaint before the Postal Regulatory Commission PRC…

July 14, 2011 – Post Office issues Publication on Final Rule on Retail Discontinuance Actions…

source: National League of Postmasters ..

USPS Final Rule on Post Office Closings

4 thoughts on “USPS Files Final Rule On Changes To Regulations For Post Office Closings And Staffing

  1. I have been employed for 35 yrs at the USPS and recently turned minimum age for retirement. I have seen the abuses of postal management for all those years. EAS and PCES managers have gone on vacations while using interviews for new jobs as a cover and then withdraw their name from consideration of the job. I have seen the rural post offices used as retirement destinations for executives and managers my whole career because the individuals who would take a postmaster job for excessive pay and do little for the good of the postal service has been going on for some time. Management personnel are taking over half of the wages compared to the Letter Carriers, Mail Handlers, Maintenance Craft and Clerk Craft employees. When management says that the cost of labor is 80% of the cost of running the USPS you better look at who takes the lions share of the money. It is not the Bargaining Unit Employees. Less then a 100,000 management personnel take more money in wages then 400,000 Bargaining Unit Employees. Look up the Financial Statements of the USPS for 2011 and see the Bonuses and Awards that are being handed out to management employees for the last fiscal year.
    Just remember the old adage, “Hogs get feed, Pigs get processed”.

  2. we can’t lose our post office. It is hard with the lack of jobs here. If they shutdown the post office it will make the lack of jobs even harder for everyone!!!! Please from everyone that relays on the post office for financial or non-financial resources. DON’T SHUT IT DOWN in tucson Arizona or anywhere else.

  3. Agree, PM’s salaries are not needed in offices level 15 through 18

    I work in a level 18 office where the postmaster assigned for the last 3 years
    has not reported for work once and is working closer to his home for the USPS of course (Detail Duty). He only visited our PO twice and stated that is too far from his home. Yet he gets his quarterly BONUS and incentives based on our PO performance and revenues. Meanwhile the PO is run by a PTF (OIC). What is wrong with the Postmaster League or upper Management? A hard working dedicated employee can replace the PM in those offices saving the USPS wasted

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