USPS Seeks Contractor To Manage Fitness Center For HQ Employees

USPS posted the following notice on Federal Business Opportunities website:

The location of the project is at the United States Postal Service Headquarters (USPS HQ) Building, 475 L’Enfant Plaza, SW, Washington, DC  20260.  The objective of this project is to provide a comprehensive health promotion program for USPS HQ employees as described in the requirements section of this document.  The program components shall be afforded to all members and are demonstrated, in part, through the fitness and health assessments, individual programming, lifestyle counseling and educational programs, targeted interventions and facility upkeep.  The components must be administered in a professional manner by the fitness center staff.

Approximately, three hundred (300) USPS HQ employees use the fitness facility as active members with approximately eighty-five (85) member visits per day.  The Fitness Center staff provides several exercise classes throughout the day as well as monthly lecture(s) on health and/or nutrition topics.  By appointment, employees can obtain dietary information, physical assessments and personal training.

USPS Seeks Contractor to Manage Fitness Center At HQ


33 thoughts on “USPS Seeks Contractor To Manage Fitness Center For HQ Employees

  1. Who knew? And Donahoe and Potter are/were claiming the P.O. is in dire straights? Why don’t the people who ACTUALLY WORK get these perks? This is why the P.O. is so messed up (putting it lightly)! OMG! We’re all taking the hit so the “haves” of the P.O. can be taken care of! I cannot begin to tell you how angry this makes me!!!!! Eighteen years of my life down the drain, 20 hours less because of the new contract, lost $300/mo on my retirement annuity because of the new contract and Potter got a 35% raise a couple of years ago and a $5 million retirement!!!!!! The Congress has facilitated this falacy and now they are trying to cover it up by calling the “prefunding” requirement a “bailout!” Our country is wrought wiith greedy, lying people who are controlling the laws and the money. I shudder to say it, but I think we need a revolution! We have been RAPED by the upper management of the P.O. and we are being RAPED right now by ALL OUR LAWMAKERS!!!! When is someone going to see the writing on the wall? I expect to be defending my life soon, because defending my “pending” retirement” is a lost cause. I have contacted my representatives, as well as Issa and Ross. No one cares. Just rhetoric. We are not all idiots. There are a great many P.O. workers that actually have brains, as well as work harder than most of the American public. We fund ourselves, unlike the other federal workers (Congress especially,) and we pay for our own salaries and retirement, unlike, almost all of the rest of the federal government. When are people going to see the writing on the wall? Every day I see what is basically the same as the time of Marie Antoinette in France. Unless SOMEONE gets the guts to do the right thing, a revolution is on the horizon! I advocate it! I am striving to stay alive at this point because the Postal workers have been SOLD out and are the scapegoats of upper P.O. managment and the politicians. You better get smart – QUICK! Let’s vote them ALL OUT!!!!!!

  2. I agree that mental facility should be sought for the HQ employees! I do not think at this point any justice will ever be brought forth for USPS customers again! I have never seen a more politically charged and corrupt branch of government as I have in the USPS! If it were not for the few handfuls of select employees that I know who do their jobs great every day, I would completely quit using the mail service completely and tell USPS to ride a camel back into the sunset where they came from. This is disgusting and a disgrace to our American history and heritage. I hope every time these HQ employees go to use this facility that they are reminded that one day, they shall be just a normal citizen again without their abuse of power & when they do, I hope they find the same courtesy of wasted judgment upon their lives as they are doing now to the American people. SHAME ON HQ EMPLOYEES & USPS FOR LETTING THEM DO IT!

  3. This has to be a joke, if they take away the doughnuts and the Starbucks, or tell them they are all being reassigned, because their mgnt totally sucks, like 10 billion a year, sure lets give them more free time away from what they should be doing. Like fixing the mess they have CAUSED! I hope they are scared enough to never go work out, if it was here in my plant, the only ones who have time are the custodians, with their 3 hour breaks a nite, they would all be looking like ARNOLD haha! Close that place first, then consolidate later!

  4. this is a great idea. Each major PD&C will have a health and fitness center that will be open to postal employees and their families a benifit of employement but the facility will also be open to the public. This way those exercise programs will help not only keep our employees healthy but provide a place for our injuried employees to go rehab and will be a money maker and create good will for the postal service. I see hw this can work in our favor…

    Oh sorry, I didn’t realize this was just a perk for those ass clowns in DC.

  5. That’s ok. You see, I can be just as useless as sorry ass upper management. Those bastards aren’t the only ones taking it to the post office. I milk it everytime I’m out there humping it on the streets. Can you say OT everyday on my own route? Man, I love work assignment. The funny part is I’m not breaking any rules, I just stroll at a smooth pace. Fuck it! We can both play that game

  6. What’s all the fuss about? Exercise is sooooo overrated. Don’t waste your time on exercise, you’ll just die in the end anyway. Why are we surprised at the hypocrisy of those in power?


  8. the post office is entering into the wwe territory. They have been giving it to me RAW for the last 25 years and now they laying the smackdown to employees nation wide.Now we find out about a gym maybe we are in the wrong business?

  9. Hi guys, As you well know im a physical fitness anatomy asylum expert, and i would just love to come work with you all, We could privatize all you want.

  10. I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused-lalalala

    Try as I might, I am not amused by this.

    Are Issa and Ross going to be honorary Platinum members of this gym?

    Why not franchise it, and give craft members a share. There is a gym around here that went out of business –United States of Fitness. So this can be USPS of Fitness.

    Go deliver a 14 mile walking route. Jerks.

  11. They even want to sub – contract the fitness center… WTF!!! It’s a fucking empty room with weights!!!! You don’t need a private company to manage that idiot Donahue!!!!

    I wonder if Donahue and his cronie Megan Brennan are gonna use it??? Their both FAT FUCKS!!!!!!!

  12. Come carry my swing (park and loop T-6) in Michigan this winter and see if you still need to spend time in the gym. This whole story sums up what’s wrong with HQ mgmt. and the disconnect with the workers out in the field who do the real work.

  13. MAYBE THESE CANDYASS”S ARE SICK OF BEING GIRLYMEN ! Maybe Daryl Issa can come over and pump them up.

  14. How can Postal Management be thinking about ones fitness at a crucial time like this. Union s and their members are fighting daily to keep the Postal Service afloat, and they are still spending and contracting jobs out, wasting more money still! What’s wrong with Donahoe? Is he concerned about the thousands of employees that stand to lose their jobs or be displaced all over the United States? What’ wrong with him. This is one of the reasons we are in this situation now, Management still carry out business as usual, don’t change a thing! Congress need to apopoint someone else in the Postmaster General position that care about saving the Postal Service and making it stable to continue to serve the american people.

  15. unreal,
    fire the PMG at once.
    they need to be in shape to carry the mail?
    health insurance paid in full
    there are obese slobs laughing THEIR FAT ASS’S off at their employess….
    85 visits a day to the gym, on the clock, I am sure….

  16. how about getting your sorry ass’s out of the office and deliver some mail on 100% park and loop route. I wish, I had the time to go to a gym. they make enough money to join a public gym. I am sorry I forgot they a special the sun moon and stars revole around their sorry ass’s.

  17. Do the employees pay for this?
    If we are going broke then what’s the deal?
    Why don’t we have a place like this at our NDC?
    Sounds like this is an item we could sell.

  18. This makes me as mad as when the USPS sponsored the Tour de France and Headquartes personel went to Europe(and were reimbursed for expenses).

    So much waste at the top, while wait-times-in-line increase and carrier jobs are vacant. We should Occupy Headquarters

  19. you suckers got reeled in,
    it’s all part of that Postal Reporter scheme to stir up the pot again, typical news reporters.

  20. spending money for this ….does it include the clerks and carriers who do the work? Not the panty ass who warm their asses on expensive furniture and make stupid money costing projects…
    fire their asses and include the area v.p. and dist. mgrs…

    millions will be saved…

  21. Is this part of the ” 80% ” of labor cost that the post office is always complains is breaking the bank? Us old guys have a saying, its called, talking out of both sides of your mouths.

  22. Surely you jest! The postal service is “on the ropes” and they want to open a fitness center! What a disconnect from reality! Well I guess they are overworked and underpaid. How about a cruise? All expenses paid and all the food you can eat ! To Svarlbad Island in The Arctic, where the Polar Bears outnumber the people by 2 to 1! There’s a novel way to reduce upper management!

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