Editorial: GOP’s score on job creation is…zero!

An overview of what the GOP is doing to create jobs….NOTHING! So, it comes as no surprise that the GOP is also going after Postal jobs.


What concerns American most today? Very simply…jobs! By a whopping margin, all the polls show this to be true.  The most recent CBS News poll showed that “jobs” are the top priority of 54% of all Americans. Way behind in second place was the national debt (6%); and as an interesting side note, at 2% was “moral/family values”.

Well, frankly the Republicans in the Senate were not going to get much done anyway because the Democratic majority is pretty much wedded to the Obama plan. However the situation in the House is different, and that is where the GOP majority  has an opportunity to propose serious job creation legislation. But here again, the score is zero.

Given that these Representatives were elected to pass job creation bills so needed by our country, what has the House been doing this past year? Well, mostly they have occupied themselves with a variety of social, moral, and value issues that concern (as noted above) only 2% of the American people. The Congressional Research Service ( CRS a non-partisan arm of Congress that tracks such things) offers an appalling look at our current Congress’ activities.

They have introduced 44 bills on abortion (one just the other day reaffirming existing legislation on this subject). 99 on religion. 71 on family relationships. 36 on marriage. 67 on firearms and gun control. 552 on taxation—and though most were to reduce taxes, there have been no significant changes on tax law with all time invested and bills introduced. And finally a massive 445 bills on “government investigations”.  There is a category labeled “job creation legislation” originated by Congress, and tracked by the CRS. In that category the CRS reported: “No bills at this time. The Congressional Research Service has not tagged any bills in the current session of Congress with this issue area”.  If ever the analogy of “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic” was apt, this is it!

source and full story at Daily Kos

4 thoughts on “Editorial: GOP’s score on job creation is…zero!

  1. Just heard on The Mark Levin Show. Government can’t create jobs, they need to get out of the way of the private sector.

  2. Hey Liberal ass-holes watch CNBC. Every morning they have CEOs of corporations who say the same thing. Obama has his foot on the throat of big business with his regulations. If the T-Party is such a joke then why go we keep winning elections?

  3. The House MUST get off their butts and do what they were elected to do. I have not witnessed a more divided, partisan dictated group of jokers since the days of RMN. The irony is the seriousness of their actions and how.these so called patriots are bringing this country down.

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