32 thoughts on “Video: Ross Goes Hollywood And Talks USPS Bailout On Fox News

  1. Cluster mail boxes at what cost to customers? $100.00– 200.00 yearly.
    Visit saveamericaspostalservice.com
    Why is the USPS paying $5billion dollars yearly to healthcare for future employees?

  2. OMG; this man does not have a clue; the U. S. Postal Service provides universal sevice to all Americans. That means that every address in the country is allowed one free delvery. If you don’t want that free delivery, you can rent a PO Box and pay for it. Do you think USP or FEDEX wants to take that one? I think not. If they closed the 10,000 smalles post offices in the country if would save less than 1% of USPS expenses 0.7% to be exact. For every person that touches the mail, there are seven managers. It’s managers managing managers; start at the top, managers. This is all a political game and the very smartest thing you can do is to write your legislators and tell them you want to save your rural post office. Trust me, they are starting to hear us; and remind them that you are a voter and you plan on still being around November 2012. That would be ELECTION DAY

  3. America wake up we need these people out asap ross issa and all who thinks like them (anti-workers, unions) please America vote !!!!!! your livelyhoods depend on it !!!!!!!

  4. Mr issa ,ross have a question for u would u be willing to forgo some of those perks u get to help balance the crisis where in? Your making the people who create your income suffer takin the very food off the hard workers tables to what ? make more money watch out God has a place for you!!!!!! and it very hott!!!!!!!!

  5. I don’t see any of Issa’s proposals passing the Democratic Senate. Even if it did I’am sure that Obama will save us. After all, just last month, Obama was going around telling the unions that he was a union guy. He wouldn’t sign anything that would break a union contract would he? Don’t worry, be happy!

  6. Oh BTW Skye Shepards you did hear the latest from the going Hollywood twins?

    Proposal to end FERS is dishonest

    | Last Updated:October 23, 2011

    One of the most draconian proposals now before Congress’ deficit-cutting supercommittee calls for ending the Federal Employees Retirement System pension program. It would immediately be killed for new and current employees with fewer than five years of service.

    Pensions for FERS employees with more than five years’ service would be recalculated to be “proportional” to their existing time in service. In other words, further funding would be permanently halted.

    The recommendation’s author — Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee — would move new and current employees with less than five years of service to a proposed “defined contribution plan,” for which he provides no details. This new plan would be “payable at Social Security age to supplement the Thrift Savings Plan” — which is, itself, a defined-contribution plan.

    Issa offers no cost-savings estimates for killing the FERS pension program, but claims that “such a transition would allow the federal government to gradually end the fiscally irresponsible practice of accumulating large unfunded liabilities for retiree pensions.”

    As chairman of the committee that oversees federal pay and benefits, Issa should know how specious this argument is.

    The federal pension program does have an unfunded liability today, but not because of the FERS program, which is structurally and financially sound. It has no unfunded liability and was specifically created in 1986 to never have one. The combined FERS contributions from federal employees and their employing agencies are calculated to cover the full cost of all pension payouts.

    As with all pensions, FERS can veer in and out of the black due to pay raises and fluctuations in interest rates of return; those shortfalls are then paid by way of adjustments to the contribution rates. This occurred in 2010, when FERS developed an unfunded liability of $10 billion because recent federal pay raises were higher than expected. But that liability disappeared last fiscal year, in part because of the current two-year pay freeze.

    The problem of unfunded liabilities in the pension program concerns the older Civil Service Retirement System, the predecessor of FERS, which has an unfunded liability of roughly $673 billion that is expected to shrink to zero as the program winds down.

    Issa is dishonestly using the problems of CSRS as cause to bring down the FERS program. So are Sens. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., and Richard Burr, R-N.C., who earlier this year introduced a bill to end FERS.

    Lawmakers should debate whether the government can continue to afford paying the bulk of FERS contributions. But Issa’s proposal to eliminate FERS and slash the pensions of long-serving federal employees is blatantly dishonest, solves nothing and serves only to pander to anti-government ignorance.

  7. I just got a great idea? Lets put everything on hold till after the 2012 elections? Issa/Ross will be gone along with many others.

    Even Rupert Murdoch management structure and his right wing freak news anchors will be gone.

    The only thing that should be done now is a new sign in every post office window? UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT.

  8. Skye Shepard not all those years were sucked up for the USPS, I got started on my whining career on the ass end of the vietnam war,which i still dont know if we won or lost ? But im happy to say i now work along side them all today.

    Worked at a Naval Shipyard for some time but it got shit can years ago and i found myself here a poatal lifer I dont know? somebody had to do it? Might as well be me?

    Best of luck being a productive citizen with no job, Hey what do you say? Lets go join the people on wall street an be productive? Its just a matter of time before all hell breaks lose and the shit hits the fan. We wouldnt want to miss that would we?

    After all? all my productive kids/family/friends are there being productive.

    Im still sticking to my story 80% & $50K and Issa/Ross can kiss my short by about 8 productive years ass goodbye till then let the music play on.

  9. ross and issa need to be voted out…… why to the teabaggers hate the middle class???? we are america…..

  10. Mr. “Truth will set you free” I really feel for you with your 34 years of service! Wow, only 65% of your income for retirement, I wish I could get close to that with my 56 years old and 18 years of service. I’m not whining, I’m more proactive than that! However, I’m gonna cut my losses and get the hell out of here, I can see the writing on the wall and I’ve worked in the “real world” for more time than I’ve worked at the Postal Service, so I know I can go out and get another job and be a productive citizen. (Ulike most of the Postal Service “lifers.”) What I am wondering is when it all comes down and all the people are trying to retire from the Postal Service with their long years of service, what will everyone say when the money that has been put into the Civil Service retirement (I’m FERS of course) is not there because (oh, surprise!) the government has spent all the money and there is none to be had? We all know that’s what is happening, so don’t delude yourself. We all know that the “pre-funding” of retirement by the Postal Service – and ONLY the Postal Service – is being spent by the government to make their numbers better, just like the upper management in the Postal Service plays with the numbers to substantiate whatever position they are currently wishing to espouse. We all know that the “pre-funding” was just a political ploy to get a free loan from the Postal Service for the rest of the Federal government, that’s why they will never change it! Where else are they gonna get free money to do with as they please (on the backs of the [sometimes] hard-working Postal employee,) eh?

  11. Mr. Ross, I believe you should check on the facts instead of the fiction you are buying into and trying to feed to the American public. You are seriously misinformed. Have you ever worked for the Postal Service? I think not. Perhaps, you and Mr. Issa should actually look into the FACTS and quit trying to make brownie points by shoving a misguided bill down our throats. I have no problem with your political affliliations, what I have a problem with is that you are doing the same thing that the Obama administration did with shoving the “Obamacare” down everyones’ throats. It was political and had nothing to do with the improving things for the American public. Just like you and Issa, you failed to spend time on looking at the actual facts. Just like you, they had no real plan, they just wanted it to look like they were doing some “greater good” for American, when it was actually the opposite. I wish ALL the politicians would quit thinking of everything in the terms of how they are going to get re-elected and actually think of what needs to be done for the American people! I know it’s tough, but it is necessary. ALL the politicians have sold us out, especially by not acting on what they knew they needed to do. I WAS on the verge of retiring, since I am of the age to do so, but that has been stolen from me, not by Bernie Madoff or the other theives on Wall Street, but by YOU GUYS IN WASHINGTON!! This is not a “bailout!” Giving the corporations and banks the taxpayers money while they made billions in profits was a bailout! We need to fix the Postal Service, sure. Part of that is by not listening to the PMG and higher-up managers in the Postal Service, of course, they have their own agendas! Look at the freaking facts, man! You are doing no one any favors by taking the stance that you are, including all the “old” people that live down there in Florida. I have alot of relatives in Florida, but I’ll never go live there. Not now, not ever.

  12. “This guy is right on. There is no money owed to the USPS and it’s now time to move on”

    No,No,No, it needs to be looked into deeper.Something aint right? Lets get it right after all so much is at stake here, then to just move on, whats the rush with so much at stake for the post office?

    How say you Rupert Murdoch an Fox News Corp?

  13. I am so tired of both sides feeding me crap. Of course the formula was calculated correctly you dip. The formula needs to be changed. We want to stop pre-funding or at least pre-funding based on incorrect workforce numbers. That wouldn’t solve the problem but would greatly help. The big thing I’ve noticed is the lack of skill from both sides. Have any of these people studied Business Finance. I bet none of them could read a “Statement of Cash flows” or know the profitabilty ratios.

  14. This guy is right on. There is no money owed to the USPS and it’s now time to move on. If they can reduce the workforce without laying people off, then that would be the only fair thing to do. The main thing is that the Post Office must be saved.

  15. “PSE’s have to be hired according to the contract agreement by the APWU and the USPS”

    Makes lots of since? When you need to downsize by the thousands? BUT ACCORDING TO THE CONTRACT need to hire hundreds more employees? you can call them PPS,PBS,PPP whatever! their EMPLOYEES! TAKE A FUNKING PICTURE AND FRAME IT! …..Quit crying wolf

    Because something is happening here But you don’t know what it is Do you, Mister Jones ?

  16. Ross, you are talking more crap. You are twisting the allegation of overpayment. Yes, within the metholodgy set up, the payments were properly made, but…the issue is that the payments themselves should never have been assessed because these payments were set at a much higher rate than any other federal agency!!! Another words, if I am being charged $100 for 10 years, and everybody else is being charged only a dollar for 10 years, for the same thing, I am being overcharged. Yes, so that is what we really should say. The Postal Service is and has been overcharged for the funding of retiree health benefits by 75 billion dollars! Now, set the payments at a fair rate and refund the overcharged amount and watch the ball roll!

  17. PSE’s have to be hired according to the contract agreement by the APWU and the USPS.READ YOUR CONTRACT BOOKLET YOU WERE SENT

  18. There’s over 20 new PSE new hires with more on the way where i work.

    Yet were told we need to down size by the thousands?

    What you really what is to take away the csrs peoples right to get to their full retirement, which is 80% with 40 yrs 11 month service.

    Making them go as soon as 25 years of service? So the post office can fill in the work force with these lower pay no benifits employees while paying less to the retires %.made to go.

    Im only 56 with 34 yrs service, now thats only about 64%.

    Tell you what cupcakes, kick in 16% with a years pay and maybe….”MAYBE” I’LL THINK ABOUT IT.

    If not ill stay working at 100% till i drop.

  19. In 2006, the Bush Administration proposed using the 55-85 billion csrs surplus to fully pay future retiree’s health care fund. The unions lobbied for the money to be used at the post office’s discretion.

  20. Its all of your fault. By supporting the Socialist Democrats election after election, you caused what is going on in this country. You and the unions opened it up for the Republicans and the Tea Party to get in and decimate the working people of this country. Don’t give to COLPCE! I gave to COLPCE for 8 yrs. When the healthcare bill was passed and supported by the unions against the wishes of the people I cut COLPCE OFF! They will just continue to give money to the people who will screw this country. Remember the president was supported by the unions and now he is stabbing us in the back with 5day delivery.

  21. You will never get the whole story from FOX NEWS. If you want honesty go to any other station. Fox only tells you what the Republicans and the Tea Party wants they want you to hear.

  22. There was and if not swept under the carpet, several reports by the OIG that showed since 2006 that the USPS has been over paying into the future retiree health fund. These reports were approx. every 2 years, and that these reports showed that on avg., the over payments were 20-25 billion. Well here we are at only five years later and the total over payment now stands at 75-80 billion.

    Now they are saying that it’s the Unions that are alledging that there is an over payment? So let’s see. Since 1971 there have been over payments that add up. So what they’re saying is that for 40 years this has been happening and NOW they want to do something about it? Our financial failure has been caused by the 2006 bill that caused this is in the first place! That can and should be made public, period. Most of this bickering and finger pointing is just that, a corrupt and greedy and over spending goverment that hides the truth.

    They are now and have said in the past that this bill would make the Postal Service more solvent. So far we have been dipped in solvent and that is what is eating away at us at such a fast rate.

  23. The TEAPUBLICANS have been lying to us SINCE THERE WAS “WMD” IN IRAQ, and they are continuing to lie to the American people.
    There is no TAXPAYER BAILOUT NEEDED at the Postal Service.
    What IS NEEDED is resolve by the Congress to FIX THE PROBLEM THEY CREATED.
    Issa, Ross and all of the other TEAPUBLICANS need to be run out of Washington, DC. REPLACE THESE SCUM BAGS with Representatives that will represent the PEOPLE NOT CORPORATIONS AND BILLIONAIRES.

  24. You’ll fit right in ross, i think the hands in the air,

    the sky is falling, the sky is falling would of been a nice touch.

    Bring your sidekick Issa next time.

    Rubio whats his Cuba story again?

    Veterans are heading home, they need jobs, make a note of it.

    Bring Back That Loving Feeling.

  25. Ross talks about cutbacks…why doesn’t he propose cutting back on the 5.5 billion the treasury steals from the P.O. each year…anyone who thinks that 5.5B is going to be there when they retire is as big a fool as Ross & Issa takes them for

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