Issa Urges Super Committee not to include postal reform in its recommendations

Issa says: The Joint Committee should not include postal reform in its recommendations to Congress

Chairman Issa, Oversight Committee Submit $375 Billion in Savings to Super Committee, Warn of President’s Postal Gimmick

(WASHINGTON)—Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform today submitted seven recommendations to the congressional Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (Joint Select Committee) that, if implemented, will provide a minimum of $375 billion in savings over ten years. The letter also suggests that the Joint Committee should not address U.S. Postal Service reform.

The Oversight Committee’s recommendations cover federal civilian retirement and federal workforce size and pay. Most of these items were included in the House Republican budget plan passed earlier this year. Several were also included in the Bowles-Simpson commission report.

Issa urged the Joint Select Committee to avoid adopting the same budgetary gimmick on postal reform that the President introduced in his deficit reduction package last month. That gimmick would change budget scoring rules to count savings to the Postal Service as savings to the taxpayer, even though the Postal Service does not spend taxpayer money for operations.

The Oversight Committee yesterday approved a bill authored by Chairman Issa and Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL) which would restore the Postal Service to profitability while averting a taxpayer-funded bailout. A news release on that bill is available here.

“The federal government can and must do more to reduce red tape, ease the regulatory and bureaucratic burden on entrepreneurs and job creators, and right-size its mission with the economic reality. This includes cutting government spending. These recommendations will provide significant savings to taxpayers and help end the long-running habit of overspending and ever-increasing deficits in Washington,” Chairman Issa said.

Oversight Committee recommendations on Federal civilian retirement reform provisions to the Joint Select Committee include:

1. Changing the pension formula salary base to cover the highest five year’s average salary;

2. Increasing the employee Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) contribution by 6.2 percent;

3. Increasing the employee Civil Service Retirement System contribution from 7 percent to 10 percent beginning in 2013;

4. Eliminating FERS for new hires and using savings to establish a defined contribution option to supplement the Thrift Savings Plan;

5. Limiting the FERS minimum supplement to employees subject to mandatory retirement.

Federal workforce size and pay recommendations include:

1. Reducing the overall federal workforce by 10 percent through attrition; hiring one new worker for every three who leave; and, instituting a pay freeze through 2015;

2. Eliminating periodic non-performance-based step increases.

The full text of the Oversight Committee letter

Issa Letter to Super Committee

28 thoughts on “Issa Urges Super Committee not to include postal reform in its recommendations

  1. we CAN’T LOSE our post office. It is HARD with the LACK OF JOBS here. If they shutdown the post office it will make the lack of jobs even harder for everyone!!!! Please from everyone that relays on the post office for financial or non-financial resources. DON”T SHUT IT DOWN in tucson Arizona or anywhere else

  2. I retired from the usps last year under csrs. My pension was based on my highest three years salary. It is only fair that I be given the option to return to work for the usps if congress is successful in lowering my pension by basing it on my highest five years. THAT WAS NOT THE DEAL!!!!!

  3. This only further proves Issa’s agenda…How much is UPS and Fedex promising this slug?

    This man is hell bent on destroying the Postal Service, and the reasons are becoming all to clear to everyone, accept the Geico guy who is living under a rock ; )

  4. Well, I watched Issa on Face the Nation today regarding a Border patrol agent who was shot with one of our own (U.S.) guns that were “given” to the druglords in Mexico. He showed as much knowledge about that subject as he has about the Postal Service. If you really read his recommendations, they are mostly an attack on the hardworking blue collar Baby Boomer who is trying his/her best to retire! I already lost $300/mo on my proposed annuity the second the new contract took effect, now he wants to steal more money from me and you by making it 5 years instead of 3! What that boils down to is that I think I’ll probably end up with $200/mo after all the deductions. Duh! I guess I won’t ever be able to retire, like Issa and all the wealthy people on Capitol Hill will. I believe they will have a pretty nice retirement since they still get all their perks and no one (especially Issa) is saying anything about saving the Government (and the people of America) any money by cutting THEIR BENEFITS!!!!! These people are getting paid good money, and get breaks/vacations all the freaking time! I think we should have a revolution ’cause they just don’t get it!

  5. Me myself and I, am more worried about the integrity numbers/math of Issa/Ross and the GAO then a few typo’s error.

    My address is 16691 not 16661, so could you tell your ignorant postal machines this?

    Since i know postal employees dont sort the mail anymore, the machines do.

    I mean really? real issue? I would concern, me myself and i with the lying non integrity cocksucking MOFO’s that are really fucking this post office and country up! Them sorry ass BassTarts! then a few typo errors.

    Yours truly, The Rain Man.

  6. I am appalled…

    I have been an employee of the USPS for ten years now.

    Please for all of our sakes, if you can not manage to spell 5-letter words correctly stay away from commenting on articles. Furthermore, please do not tell people you are a postal employee in the same post, it makes us all look ignorant.

    Oh about Issa… his bill will get vetoed, I’m not worried.

  7. Issa and Ross along with the PG and the GAO are all dancing on the tables bopping their heads to the red hot chili peppers, give it away, give it away, give it away now, give it away, give it away, give it away now.

    Sorry ass bastards the hole lot of them they are.

  8. this is not about Obama nor politics, this is the whole world, the wealthy including those super wealthy politicians in DC, have begun the war on those who made them wealthy , the slaves to the wealthy, the workers of America and the World, the GOP is but a tool in this country to repress the people, to keep them below them, so in the wealthy can stay wealthy and with all the power, and they can control what you buy, eat, where you live, the Dream is over,

    so the PMG is but a tool of the wealthy/GOP, but include those Democrats who are the same but say they are for the people, rise up now, in the USPS, the plan is to take away your bridge to and/ or supplement to Social Security, in 2012, and put in over 6% to FERS, and they will make all pay more for all medical and insurance benefits, the same they have done to our brothers and sisters in private industry , this is not just the Post Office, the assault began and continues in Wisconsin, we are the lower class, and for the wealthy to remain wealthy, they know we must remain where we are , rise up now!.

  9. real conservative is a dope that cannot spell or speak!!!!!Hey real conservative,shove your bad spelling and poor grammar up your a**!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Impeach the sissy traitors Ross and Issa!Those two SOBs can shove H.R. 2309 up their a**es!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Issa and Ross are liers, vote them out. Any Congressman or woman who sides with them, vote them out. Any Senator who sides with them, vote them out. And if President Obama sits by and signs our lives away, then vote him out too. In short, use the only power you have left, protest and follow it with action to vote the bastards out of office. J.

  12. wage slave, I live buy my principles,i didnt like what was happining so i took the early out in 2009.What are you going to do other than whine

  13. Democrats, republican, tea party, pot party, ya,ya,ya. This whole matter is bigger than a little man like Issa, or even a smaller man like Obama. Village Post Offices is the focus of L’Enfant Plaza. Be thankful for what you’ve had, and move on. An entitlement attitude takes the control of your life from you and gives it to another. I am bound by no union , no politician, no company. I survived before the Postal Service and I will survive after the Postal Service. Please come buy stamps and rent a P.O. box from me when I open my Village Post Office. Remember, never let a crisis go to waste. Somebody always profits, might as well be me.

  14. Every postal worker should start looking for plan B before the pink slip start flying!!!
    The future of the postal service is burned to ashes !!!!
    The new postal service will contract the retail unit to private sources. It will mean lots of pink slip!!!!

  15. Every postal worker, democrat, republican or independent should join any effort to oust Rep. Issa/Rep. Ross from office and yes I am/was a republican and saying this Suckas.

  16. issa had an hour long speech to the heritage foundatio…. detailing his disdain for the postal service…filled with lies and distortions… he keeps stating that 80% of the postal budget are workers salaries…. yet only 53 % is the actual figure,of workers that touch the mail… far too top heavt….
    why is lynch’s bill ignored? 250+ co-sponsors… issa and his little stooge ross push their agenda, despite the facts… lies and distortions.that is what they’re selling to congress with this bill. dont buy it.

  17. “bush8”-
    Either you have severe myopia or you have been asleep, either way you have missed the point of most of the protestations by the people that work here.

    Most everyone who posts here does so because they see the INJUSTICE AND UNDERHANDED WAY in which they and our employer are being treated by the US CONGRESS. The CONGRESS created our problems with legislation THEY CREATED in 2006. The TEAPUBLICAN CONTROLLED House, led by Committee Chair Darrell Issa is pushing an AGENDA DRIVEN SOLUTION that will DESTROY THE USPS as we know it. Myself and my fellow workers are really upset about what has and is happening here….and for you to make the absurd assumption that WE ALL SHOULD STAND IN LINE TO FALL ON OUR SWORDS FOR AMERICA FOR NO GOOD REASON is a joke.

    Methinks you should be AN AMERICAN HERO and QUIT YOUR JOB for the TEAPUBLICAN CAUSE OF GOVERNMENT AUSTERITY….do it on Monday.

  18. Why do postal employees feel the should be exempt from the pain the rest of the country has been going through for the last four years,while continuing to receive COLA increases . Companies must have the ability to layoff personal. This union will be the demise of the current PO.

  19. don’t look for the “super-committe” to agree on a deficit reduction or
    certainly not postal reform. the republicans feel they have the 2012 election
    locked up and are behaving as though it was a done deal, that they will control
    both the house and senate in 2013. both kyl and mccain have stated they will
    just repeal the defense cuts in the default mechanism put in place if the super
    committee cannot agree. issa’s bill has zero percent chance of passage with the current senate and obama in place. my hope is someone’s bill like carpers gets
    passed before 2013. if things just stay as they are, with minor patch fixes, until
    2013 then postal workers/gov’t workers could really get screwed. of course,
    the gov’t workers we call our congressman and representatives will not
    be affected negatively at all.

  20. we need to take out the enemy of the USPS and the people, Issa is a nutcase , arrogant, the GOP will lose not gain. Speaker Boner should speak up, it is in his and the GOP’s best interests.

  21. I have 31 years in the P.O. an 4 in the military for a total of 35 in gov. service. I can not take the chance that this bill will pass, no matter what the final bill works out to be. I am not alone in my position. Many Americans have dedicated their working life to the Gov’t at one level or another. For those of you who work in Gov’t other than the P.O., you had better watch your back. Once these unamerican basterders get done gutting the P.O. they will start looking at other areas in the Gov’t to “save”. We Gov’t employees are not safe. It is in the best interests of those who can retire to do so ASAP. People like Issa and Reed should be removed from office and stripped of all that they have earned in their working years. But this will not happen to them. They are exempt from such action. When laws are passed there are exemptions written into the law that protects people like them, those who are elected to represent the people of their district. They are proving by their actions here that they are of the lowest quality of human being. Willing to destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of loyal Gov’t employees and their families. Not so much as a by your leave in their destructive path. I cannot but think of the founding fathers and mothers of America who came here to begin anew. What do we all believe America should be? Maybe it is time for the people of America to understand the power of the ballot box and show these basterds and those like them the door once and for all before they can continue on there path of destroying America.

  22. You know this bill still has to go through the senate and be signed off by the Pres.
    If Obama lets this slide through, we are in a lot of trouble. I don’t get a warm fuzzy about this. This is mostly psychological and a lot of good, dedicated employees will jump ship because they feel they have no choice. Who will be left to sail the ship?

  23. Issa and Ross have a personal agenda of bringing the Post Office down so Obama will not get elected next year.
    Any positive news about the post office will make Obama look good.
    Those 2 know that.
    So they are going to do everything they can to destroy the post office and get as many postal employees fired before the election.
    Just so Obama will not get re-elected.
    Obama needs to step in and reign in these 2 corrupt Congressmen.
    These 2 are out of control with their madness.
    And postmaster Pat Donahue is a shill for both of them.
    He takes all his orders from them.
    They do all his thinking for him.
    He is a puppet head for Issa and Ross.
    It is so obvious to see.
    I hope all the voters vote Issa and Ross out of office.
    And hopefully Donahue will be kicked out of his postmaster job that he is not qualified for.
    All three of them are as dishonest as they can be.

  24. Without the FERs supplement, retirement will be more disappointing, specially if you have 5 or 6 years till age 62 and social security.

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