GAO Reportedly Says Labor Costs Is Reason For USPS Current Financial Condition

Although the full report has not been released, is this really a surprise GAO Supports Issa-Ross Arguments on USPS Overpayment –

According to the Federal Eye
Washington Post – Transferring tens of billions of dollars in federal worker retirement accounts back to the U.S. Postal Service would not address its long-term debt problems and would force unfunded liabilities on to taxpayers, according to a new government report. The conclusions set for release Thursday by the Government Accountability Office run counter to the opinions of postal regulators, the postal inspector general and congressional Democrats, who say Congress should refund as much as $75 billion to the Postal Service for improperly overpaying federal retirement accounts since the 1970s. GAO concluded otherwise, writing in its report that “We have not found evidence of error of these types. Any attempt to refund money to USPS “would be a significant change from a policy” in place since the 1970s, it said. Returning money to the Postal Service for past and future retirement payments would cause as much as $85 billion in losses for taxpayers “which must then be paid by the federal government through tax revenue or borrowing,” GAO said. And any refund “would not be sufficient to repay all of USPS’s debt and address current and future operating deficits.”

Washington Post

In the Senate, Thomas Carper (D-Del.), a longtime proponent of postal reforms, appeared to agree with Issa, calling on lawmakers to table discussions of CSRS refunds and to focus instead on areas of agreement, including paying back the $6.9 billion from the FERS.

4 thoughts on “GAO Reportedly Says Labor Costs Is Reason For USPS Current Financial Condition

  1. Government Accountability Office might as well say your money is gone, never going to get it back, thanks for letting us blind-side you USPS all of those years and now let’s really overhaul you because we sucked you dry like we wanted to and lets put Donahoe in to finish the dirty work. Very sad days! Hang in there workers. Glad they offered the early out in the Pacific Area-I took it-had to get away from all of the negative news but pray for a turn around. I hope USPS gets the money returned soon.

  2. 167000 40 hour clerks making 27.00 hour replace them with 167000 30 hour clerks making 14.00 an hour new crap contract u can save 14 bil a year you morons what are you waiting for, hey donahue 2 or 3 years give me a break you’l never get any body out whats a few hundred a month more when you can sav the postal service 14 bil a year unbelivable

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