West Virginia delegation urges USPS to consider impact of Mail Processing consolidations on WV jobs

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Jay Rockefeller today led West Virginia’s Congressional delegation in sending a letter to the United States Postal Service (USPS) Postmaster General Patrick R. Donahoe expressing their strong concerns about the potential mail processing consolidations in West Virginia.

The delegation urged USPS to seriously consider the impact that the consolidations would have on jobs, and requested that the USPS consider moving and keeping mail processing operations in West Virginia as it seeks to meet its budget challenges.

“I’m deeply concerned about the negative impact that the proposed mail processing consolidations would have – especially on West Virginians’ jobs,” said Rockefeller. “The good jobs that the Postal Service provides are important to our state, and consolidation would have negative effects on hard working West Virginians who rely on those jobs and on our communities who rely on their professionalism and service. We must work to keep jobs here in West Virginia, and I urge the USPS to look at ways to do just that and take advantage of the exceptional workforce we have.”

“While I understand that the Postal Service is facing a series of tough choices, I do not believe that West Virginia and our workforce should have to bear a disproportionate share of cuts,” Manchin said. “West Virginians are the hardest workers I’ve ever met, and the Postal Service should take advantage of our excellent workforce instead of cutting jobs. My office stands ready to help any workers who may lose their jobs in this process, and I encourage the Post Office to give anyone who is laid off the help they need. It’s clear the Post Office needs to change how it operates, and I will continue to push them to make changes that don’t affect the hardworking frontline employees.”

“The Postal Service is making grand promises about maintaining mail delivery services but is falling short in providing the facts and details we need to know whether these promises are anything more than just wishful thinking. With so many consolidations and closures happening at once, we must continue to press the Postal Service to ensure that it seriously and fully considers the concerns of the American people and how its consolidation proposals will realistically affect their daily lives,” said Rahall.

“West Virginia’s mail processing facilities provide hundreds of good-paying jobs. I strongly urge the Postmaster General to carefully examine the economic consequences of shutting down all but one West Virginia facility. With such high unemployment, we need to do everything we can to protect the jobs we have while addressing pressing budget challenges,” stated Capito.

“The post office closures in our area are very disappointing,” said McKinley. “Local post offices are an important institution in many rural and small-town communities. The uncertainty surrounding the postal service concerns all West Virginia lawmakers, and we were compelled to urge the Postmaster General and other officials to stop these closures. It’s also vitally important that we address the postal service’s funding challenges head-on, in a way that is fair to customers, postal workers and taxpayers.”

Click here to view the delegation’s letter to the USPS from October 11.

3 thoughts on “West Virginia delegation urges USPS to consider impact of Mail Processing consolidations on WV jobs

  1. Thank you Senator Jay Rockefeller for speaking up for my former home state of good ole West Virginia. All of you in Washinton need to oust Issa, Ross and Donahoe for such a buyout towards privatization. I always admired you when you were a Governor and my father was Chairman of the Finance Committee in the late 1970’s-1990 for the House of Delegates. Please keep fighting for all hard working Postal Employee jobs. The general public needs to WRITE a letter to their Congressman and support the Postal Service.

  2. The mailing industry is far from dead. There is too much room to improve print. In no way do I enjoy reading mailing news that discusses the loss of 3000 jobs. Do we need more incentives to go to the post office?

  3. A fuckin letter to Donahue isn’t gonna do SHIT!!!!! He doesn’t give a rats ass about WV, PA or any other 250 plants and 3,000 post offices he’s gonna close… ISSA is in control now!! IF you really care Congressman, then stand up to ISSA and tell him to support HR 1351 immediately!!!!! All this is just lip service!!!!! Save American jobs!!!! That’s why we elected you… To support the best interest of the American people!!!!!

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