House Committee Releases Very Misleading Video On Who Supports Issa-Ross Postal Reform Bill

This news release and video suggests that the entire House Committee On Oversight and Government Reform and all Senators support the Issa-Ross-McCain Postal Reform Bill as well as the views on the USPS overpayment. However, only one member of the Committee has signed on as a co-sponsor for HR 2309. Very misleading on all fronts.

WASHINGTON.D.C. – The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform today released “Postal Crisis 101: The Postal Bailout,” a new video explaining one of the dire consequences if Congress fails to confront the fiscal crisis facing the United States Postal Service. Since its peak in 2006, mail volume has declined by 46 billion pieces. The Postal Service has projected a $10 billion loss in Fiscal Year 2011.

The Issa-McCain-Ross Postal Reform Act of 2011 is the only plan that will remove road blocks that have prevented the Postal Service from reducing expenses in line with declining revenue, and implement cost-cutting structural reforms, ensuring the Postal Service meets its obligations without exposing taxpayers to a multi-billion taxpayer funded bailout.

Other solutions put forward seek to avoid real reform by giving the Postal Service a cash infusion masked by an accounting gimmick that creates a fictitious overpayment. Ultimately, those solutions fail to confront the outdated business model, which is at the root of the Postal Service’s problems.

The Postal Reform Act will be considered Thursday at 10:30 a.m. at a business meeting of the Oversight Committee. You can watch a live webcast and read more about the Postal Reform Act at

26 thoughts on “House Committee Releases Very Misleading Video On Who Supports Issa-Ross Postal Reform Bill

  1. The truth as I see it is the post office needs to recoup some of the overfunding in the CSRS ,despite what representatives Ross and Issa believe, also there needs to be some changes made to the way we do business so that we can continue to do business. Losing six day service is too radical a change too soon. There are many other things that can be done ,close some buildings , modify workplace restrictions(after all I was hired as a clerk/carrier but current rules do not allow me to work both crafts) transition delivery at the front door to curb side where possible, allow city carriers the option to work as an evaluated route. This is how we can save the Post Office.

  2. Dean Young doesn’t have a clue…..NAPS employees have no layoff protection. If we were in such true dire straits why haven’t all the Senior Naps employees already been RIFFED?

    His answer is to totally destroy an institution that isn’t broken: BRILLIANT!!! I think Mr Young is an embittered Casual who sees a chance at the scraps, OR AN IGNORANT TEABAGGER: maybe a Fedex middle manager?…or UPS?

  3. They want to get rid of the senior people because they are the ones holding the PO together. Ask any American what the service is like when the senior people are off or on vacation. It’s horrendous. The poorer the service, the less public support. This is only the first step toward privatization. Where are the democrats? Where is labor? This will affect every union in the country. If they can’t protect their most senior members what good are they. Issa keeps talking about the 3 employees who are 98 years old and still on workers compensation. Something like that can be fixed with a simple amendment. We all know it’s abuse. On comp for 5 or more years you are forced into retirement. Done. That would actually help the PO. That’s not the goal. The objective is privatization. And by any means necessary.

  4. Dean Young….just another clueless dope!This fool doesn’t know s**t and needs to have his clock cleaned big-time!Fire Donoho! Impeach Issa and Ross!S**tcan all the teabaggers and Republicans!Postal Management and Congress have destroyed the USPS! BTW,all the SCABS out there are cut from the same cloth as the aforementioned A**HOLES!

  5. Mr Young, may I inform you that with age 55 and 30 years of service I receive 55% of my salary and have to pay a MUCH larger portion of my health care benefits. I don’t know about you but I don’t think that I can afford to live on half of my salary. That represents the MINIMUM retirement age for CSRS employees. It is NOT a magic day when you don’t NEED to work anymore. Some folks still have small children at the age of 55 and most of us still have mortgages and kids in college. Stop acting like I will be wealthy when I turn 55. If it is such an urgency for federal workers to retire at 55 then why is the gov’t always pushing the minimum age to collect social security later and later.

    ALSO…there is no such thing as “curveside” delivery! Sounds like you are just like the idiots putting this garbage together. You have NO IDEA ABOUT WHAT YOU SPEAK!!!

  6. i hope and pray that some incentives are given to retire,,,, $50 k and 6 years added…..
    i cant afford it…. of course issa and ross dont understand…

  7. Poofh!…A bailout, to have a bailout taxpayers would have to pay money to an industry or organization that is from the government and is not and never has been from that organization.


    The post office has overpaid CSRS in excessive amounts and when ununiform, unjust, and excessive overpayments have been made a fair government rights that wrong, and refunds that overpayment. Also, it should show that organization rapid consideration and repay the excess so as not to cause further harm to the USPS and it’s great employees.

    Bailout what a crock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. These are just a bunch of guys, with some facts not all the facts, who think they can fix everything by sticking their nose into everyones business. When infact they don’t have all the facts straight and their manipulations of the truth could harm many people and they are just to pushy and ignorant to really know. As far as caring, I believe they care about their own wealthy greedy pockets and about upsetting the perception Americans have about President Obama, prior to presidential elections at the expense of the eldest postal employees, senior veterans, and residential America.

  9. I never heard of curve side delivery. Is that curbline delivery on a winding road? Mr. Young is a pretender.

  10. Retiree health care benefits? The retirement seminars I’ve attended stated that l would have to pay for my own health care when l retire.
    Can anybody explain this? If the PO is paying $5b a year for this, what is that money really for?

  11. I’ m a rural carrier in the mid-west ,where poeple still care about others( I hope). After reading for weeks about all the fixs for the P. O. I have learned I no longer live in the greatest country on earth (not as it once was 20/30 yrs ago). This country was great because everyone was important – rural,city.old ,young, rich or poor our blood was all red and many died to make us great. The greed of people today is killing this nation. Is the P. O. needed ? Yes it is ! Nation’s 2nd largest employer and would be 1 of 50 largest companies. Some poeple must be using it’s services. Yes it does have problems , I see them most days at work. Can they be fixed. They will never be completely fixed by money. Money is only a stopgap fix. Something does need to be done in that area ASAP.Our national dedt is the real problem and it won’t be fixed until we change the way we view our own spending. We are all dependented upon each other , everyone is important. I like the mid west that is where the food chain starts and we like to eat.

  12. Five day week=3,000,000,000 in labor savings.
    curve side delivery = mail boxes by sidewalk, not on the corner of each block and 6,000,000,000 in labor savings

    Make each route a minimum of 2000 drops

    Anyone with 30 years of service and 55 or older will not be getting any early out just a notice of due retirement. Let’s see what the public thinks if a carrier of 10-20 years service with a young family is laid off and placed on tax payer unemployment, so that a have no life due retiree can keep his good job until he or she “feels” like it.

  13. No more “park and loop” , curb-side these little shit-hole towns in the midwest and you can eliminate half the carriers. Go Issa!!

  14. To DEAN YOUNG: You are just stupid, period. You bend the facts just like a true Republican, so I guess you can be proud that you are a lier. You propose nothing short of age discrimination. Who are you to tell people when they must retire? You don’t tell your House members they are too wealthy (like Issa and others), or they make too much, or they have been in the House too long, like a bunch of your cronies, so why point at the Postal Service. Fact is most of the older guys are on a whole different level of ethics than the newer ones, i.e. we work better, faster, and more diligently…and we show up for work. You want to work on something, you need to change this stupid Family Medical Leave Act, that everyone and their brother is abusing. You can’t get anyone in the Postal Service to even follow up on this abuse, when everyone knows it is bogus! You fix that problem and you will find hundreds of thousands of dollars in saving right there! Out of an office of eight, we have three people who are out every single week at least one or two days, and guess what??? They are all young! You idiots twist the truth and make it a total lie, then want to call it the truth. You fix your own House and set the example, enact Term Limits, and do away with all the golden parachutes like free Medical, super retirement packages after only 4-6 years, kick backs and perks from lobbiests, abuse of power such as affairs with the staff and interns; you get YOUR house in order and do those things , and while you are at it, you can start with lowering YOUR pay. You don’t do anything to earn it to begin with, your staff and interns are the worker bees, you guys just sit around smoking your cigars and eating lunch on the tax payers dollars and call yourself doing something. What we really need is a total examination of the Congress and the Senate to see why so much money and benefits are spent on your guys and what you really do to earn it! And while we are at it, why is the accounting problem a problem? Why do you people raid every fund you can get your greedy hands on then say you are out of money and it is the people’s fault because we are taking too much? You have raided Social Security funds forever, this was a very workable program, but it was not meant to be looted by the politicians and then expected to be solvent. You people (politicans) are just a bunch of crooks, and Issa is the biggest and richest one in the House. I am telling everyone I see, vote all incumbents out, all of them, that way we get the corrupt ones, even if we have to sacrafice the few good ones. you politicans are like a bunch of lemmings, no one can stand up for what is right, you all have to close ranks and run scared, even though in your heart you know what you are doing is dead wrong. I can’t wait until it is time to vote again, God help all incumbants, and I hope a third party runs, because this country needs some honesty instead of the same old greed and corruption from all of you crooked politicians! Good luck in your next election, you will need all you can get, because you are history after that! J.

  15. Wake up Dean Young. Sure it’s misleading, they forgot to mention the 5.5 billion per years of overfunding retirees health care for 70 years. That in itself has caused the post office to be in the red. It’s no gimmick if the post office has overpaid in FERS by 6.9 billion and possibly 55-70 billion in CSRS. There has been 2 audits say ing as much. Remember just because they claim it’s a gimmick doesn’t mean it’s a gimmick.

  16. There is nothing misleading about that video. Unless some type of reform is reached soon the public is going to start looking to close the store all together. The only and I repeat the only people that would be affected by this bill are the excess supervisors and employees that are over due for retirement. Our company is too top heavy which means the senior staff has to move on. Carriers will start to deliver only to curve sides( no more steps) and will have their pY and benefits protected. Middle class in America for a family of four is 80,000.00 a letter carrier makes no where near that much. If anything pay can only go up with a fair pay act.


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