Issa – Ross Postal Bill HR 2309 Scheduled For “Markup” October 13th

Senate version of postal bill scheduled for next week

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa has scheduled a Thursday morning (October 13) “markup” of HR 2309,  the Issa-Ross postal bill.  HR 2309 was placed on the committee calendar Friday afternoon.

As referenced in previous posts and in past issues of the eNAPUS Legislative & Political Bulletin, the bill would  be extremely harmful to postal operations and its employees, would devastate service to small towns and rural areas, and fails to acknowledge the USPS’ $55 billion to $75 billion Civil Service Retirement System overpayment.

NAPUS anticipates that members of the Committee will propose numerous amendments, in an attempt mitigate the serious damage that the bill could wreak on the mail public if it were to be enacted. Moreover, we expect that one amendment would seek to protect full mail service to rural America. NAPUS is working with key committee members on such an amendment.

In addition, in preparation for this week’s committee markup, a conference call was conducted on Monday evening (Columbus Day) with NAPUS Chapter Legislative Chairs from the states that have Representatives who sit on the Oversight and Government Reform panel. NAPUS members are reminded to contact their Representatives and urge them to oppose HR 2309.

It is expected that the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee will markup a postal bill next week.  The text of the bill may be President Obama’s proposal to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.  See the September 19 issue of the eNAPUS Bulletin for information on the President’s proposal here.

NAPUS: Issa-Ross Flawed Postal Bill

14 thoughts on “Issa – Ross Postal Bill HR 2309 Scheduled For “Markup” October 13th

  1. Impeach Issa and Ross;they are traitors!Their ilk is not needed in America!Boot all the anti-American,lying teabaggers and rethuglicans out of office!

  2. I am against them, except when I think it will benefit me or one of my rich, crooked friends!

  3. Issa’s bill does extend to USPS 10 billion part of which is to be used for employee early retirement incentives. HR. 1351 pays for this by refunding 6.9 billion FERS overpayment. I thought Issa was against taxpayer bailout????

  4. The Issa-Ross bill is a perfect example of a bill with incorrect ignorant propaganda that is being rushed to be passed to the detriment to the postal service, postal service employee’s, and the public. How will the public feel when privatized delivery is subcontracted out, to anyone the subcontractor chooses to deliver your mail. Giving the unrecompensed bums rush to long term USPS employees, many of whom are vets, how is that justified. Also, who will deliver to the rural areas, that count on the mail due to high gas prices, and use internet services to shop. What about all the money invested already in marketing campaigns for priority shipping, free boxes, and money spent to set up the offices and systems of delivery, what a waste. Who stands to gain by eliminating USPS for doing this NEEDED service, will there be new stamps for these areas? How will this help taxpayers…when the post office is self-sufficient and is not currently being paid for by taxpayers. First this current group of potential retiree’s got the option to draw a lump sum from their retirement taken away, then GPO & WEP, now when they will need it most lets hit the cost of health care, aren’t their any other targets out their for congress to attack this current USPS group of pre retirement employees. Just refund the CSRS overpayment, reward employees and senior Vets, who choose to retire and help America make room for new Vets to have jobs.

  5. We are against BIG government. However the Issa bill will EXPAND Gov. We are hypocrites, racist and millionaires. So there :)q

  6. I am amused by NAPUS using the term “working with key Committee members” about how to “mitigate” the “most damaging” portions of the bill.

    How can you “work with” a Committee that “introduces” a piece of legislation as REPUGNANT, REGRESSIVE AND ANTI WORKER as Issa’s HR2309??

    This legislation should be KILLED OUTRIGHT on the floor of the House….but it won’t be.

    The WOLVES OF THE CONSERVATIVE RIGHT WING, with their anti-labor, anti-worker, and anti-government are running the House of Representatives and THE ONLY LEGISLATION they are turning out ARE AGENDA DRIVEN GARBAGE THAT SEEK TO CHANGE FOREVER THE FACE OF AMERICA.

    Their goal is to PRIVATIZE THE POSTAL SERVICE and they will do nothing to CORRECT THEIR ERROR IN CRIPPLING THE USPS until that happens.

    You cannot “work with” these people….THEY MUST BE RUN OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL….never to be elected again.

  7. How is it a bill with only 2 co-sponsors jumps to the head of the line while a bill with over 220 co-sponsors just sits on the side waiting?? Oh, that’s right, the bill is written by the guy who chairs the committee! This is what is wrong with gov’t!

  8. These 2 reps have used the prestige, piwer, & money of their office to lie, and falsify the record and problems of the USPS. They have violated their oath of office by not representingte people, but representingteir own special interests. Americans living in Alaska, or in The Grand Canyon deserve the same treatment of govt services as those in New York, California, Florida or any part of this country. Anything different violates the meaning of the Constitution where some citizens are more equal than others. Reps Issa & Ross should be investigated for their conflict of interest & inappropriate use of their offices.

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