53 thoughts on “USPS Early Retirement Offer With Incentives Coming?

  1. Speaking of Veterans, 40,000 are coming home to combat in the streets of the U.S.A. Welcome back, hope you have a better time of getting all of your benefits than the Vietnam Veterans did!@#$%^ PTSD is a bitch!

  2. I believe that Mr. Guffey is correct in what he said about early out incentives that may be offered. OPM can offer up to $25,000.00 (Maximum) or you can be offered time added at the rate of one (1) month for every year of service that you have. From what I understand, these are the only two (2) alternatives as incentives for buy outs. As for Mr. Darrel Issa’s and Mr. Denis Ross’s alternatives to breaking union contracts to get employees out by seniority, this can be called, “Steeping on your own tail!” I know many APWU members are wishing he gets his way in order for our union to file a grievance that will deal with breaking the recent contract that was agreed upon with no lay off clause. It will be a case where age discrimination comes into effect and Veterans preference. Remember, Veterans since ancient Egypt had preference to many things such as today and I believe they should, they are the ones that have kept this country free. Many of them have given their lifes doing so. I have great respect for our Veterans and will never turn my back to help one. If Mr. Issa and Mr. Ross think their HR-2309 can get through, It’s going to cost the government a lot more on the long run when all sorts of back pay (after arbitration) must be given back to employees’. HR-2309 was approved at the House of Representatives, but will have no chance at the US Senate where individuals along whth our President Mr. Obama, will give it little or no chance of passing through. Once this happens, the best way to get old timers that don’t want to leave will be through the incentives mentioned above where time in service may be the best alternative instead of monetary incentives.

  3. Yep! Add 5 years to my service time and color me gone!! USPS can keep the incentives. It used to be a good place to work but not anymore…..

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