PostCom: White House pressuring Congress to insert postal legislation into Super Committee package

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“Word has it that the authorizers in both the Senate and the House are under pressure from the White House – and even from elements of their own Leaderships – to provide a package of postal legislation that can be inserted into the Super Committee package that is now being negotiated – including the President’s proposal to enact the exigency rate increase”

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12 thoughts on “PostCom: White House pressuring Congress to insert postal legislation into Super Committee package

  1. The only advantage the USPS has on other competition is that they don’t have to pay ANY taxes, whether it is state, local, federal, or property. We don’t pay registration fees for vehicles. So any excuse about we are the only company to pay $5.5 billion a year is bogus, since we are the only company to not pay taxes AND have a monopoly on first class mail.

  2. Wake up, people! Saturday delivery is one of the major edges that the Postal Service has on its competition. In order to maintain this Agency’s capacity to provide universal service at universal rates, Congress must continue to take steps to preserve the Postal monopoly, as it has historically done. Otherwise, private businessess will take over the high profit portion and the taxpayers will foot the bill for the rest.

  3. We do need a new 3rd Party as was suggested by several posters earlier;we need a new Labor/Middle Class Party! Impeach Issa,Ross,and any other fat-a**ed fools that are against the Postal Service!BTW….time for all the scabs to join the Union !!!!
    Pull your own weight;the Union membership is tired of pulling it for you!

  4. Doug: Don’t necessarily believe Postal Mgmt.’s claim that eliminating Saturday delivery will save $3 billion per year. The Postal Regulatory Commission looked at it and estimated it’s more like $1.5B. Truthfully, nobody really knows because nobody can say with uncertainty how much demand will drop if/when six days of service drops to five. Predicting elasticity of demand and volume suppression is very speculative; it’s one of the trickiest things in marketing. I worked in the field for years at a major telecom company as a staff manager and sometimes we got it right; sometimes we were way off with the predictions.

  5. Post office doesnt need help,where I work they forced the senior people in both off days and the holiday and the mail volume wasnt that great,stood around making money,happens every holiday. also at the PMC they do 4 hrs all the time

  6. carrier that actually cares you are 100 % correct i like hr 1351 but we need to get rid of sat delivery, its 3 billion savings per year, it will eliminate ot and get rid of greivances

  7. Yes, our politicians need to act now, and pass this simple “no brainer” legislation HR 1351…that is first and foremost…next a rate increase is necessary, HOWEVER our Bosses ( I refuse to call “them” Leaders) need to be removed from any and all financial / spending decisions as clearly they are incompitent and helped contribute to this mess (although they love to blame the ones moving the mail) ie: FSS that willl NEVER pay for itself given the volume declines, monies they waste catering lunches etc. and most importantly the VULGAR salaries and exit benefits of PCES employees…..this is just a start. Our Unions need to make some concessions as well…I for one would be ok with a contract that provides no increases (given the current climate) lets face it people we are paid well and should be gratefull to have jobs…this would also have to include ALL employees at ALL levels.

  8. The SOLUTION of the Postal Service’s mandatory annual $5.5Billion dollar payment to the US Treasury SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED IN A “DEBT REDUCTION” ACTION by this “joint Committee”….the “SOLUTION” HAS ALREADY BEEN INTRODUCED AS HR 1351.
    As usual, this Executive Branch cannot properly move forward with anything when it comes to the Postal Service….and as far as Congress goes, THEY CANNOT GET ANYTHING DONE BECAUSE OF AGENDA POLITICS BY DARRELL ISSA….his PRIVATIZATION AND POSTAL DEATH BILL is the only law that will be considered by the TEAPUBLICAN CONTROLLED HOUSE.

  9. Basically, this is the only way the postal service will get relief. Congress has not been our friend since 2006. The legislation that makes the service pay 5.5 billion per year for FERS is killing the PO. We have been the cash cow of Congress and we have been milked dry. No more money from us to pay down the deficit. They cannot see that THEY are the problem.

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