PMG Names Richard Uluski New Northeast Area VP

PMG Pat Donahoe has announced the selection of Richard Uluski to be vice president, Area Operations, Northeast Area.

Richard Uluski

Vice President, Area Operations, Richard Uluski

Uluski will be responsible for postal operations, including mail processing and distribution, customer service and administrative operations, over a geographic area that includes Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, parts of New York and New Jersey, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. He reports to the chief operating officer and executive vice president.

Previously, Uluski was manager, Operations Support, for the Northeast Area. He supervised the daily operations of all mail processing, delivery and customer service operations in the Northeast Area, including 45 plants, 4,000 delivery and retail units and approximately 90,000 employees.

Throughout his career, Uluski held a series of managerial positions until he received his executive appointment in 2002 as the plant manager, Stamford, CT, Processing and Distribution Center. In 2003, he was named Northeast Area manager, In-Plant Support and joined the Massachusetts Performance Cluster as lead plant manager in July 2003, overseeing operations for seven plants.

A graduate of Trinity College in Hartford, CT, Uluski’s postal career began in 1980 when he was hired as a letter sorting machine operator at the New Haven, CT, General Post Office.

10 thoughts on “PMG Names Richard Uluski New Northeast Area VP

  1. Just what we need another VP making the big bucks.. not helping solve anything.
    I am shaking my head in disbelief.

  2. You would think things would be better with all these guys having college degrees?running things? wouldnt you? But nope.

    You’d be better off with captain jack sparrow running things.

    Yo Ho.

    Uluski? um?

  3. FIRE him! Then we can keep our local Post Office open with people who ACTUALLY work for a living!

  4. Another 80’s LSM operator promoted, this is news? our manager was a 80’s mailhandler.

    US Vigin Islands/Pueto Rico…not bad.

    Reports to the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President..oh wow?

    Why cant we just cut out 2 of these people and save the P.O. about a million a year, luckly im not the president, lots and lots of managment would be gone starting from the PMG down.

    This (managment has the right to miss manage) bullshit wouldnt fly, you would be held accountable to the American People and the employees alot more.Following the contracts so you need to understanding english not just numbers,also to many EEOs being filed, not good.I want people managers

    The American people would be telling you if they wish their POs closed or their single stamp machines removed, not you telling them.

    To me richard is just another brick in the wall.

    Hope he does some good for the people in The Great White North, dont be just hangin around those islands all the time.

    Oh and take a pay cut,show us what your made out of?

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