Sen. Scott Brown Encouraged By Common Ground Found From Bipartisan Group On Postal Reform

Press Release from Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown:

Sen. Brown Update On Postal Service Reform

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) issued the following statement after holding a bipartisan, bicameral meeting on averting a shutdown of the Postal Service:

“I was encouraged by a bicameral meeting that took place today with Congressman Lynch and others to forge a bipartisan plan to put the Postal Service on a sustainable financial path. With the Postal Service close to insolvency, we can’t afford to delay some difficult, but necessary, decisions. Those in the meeting found enough common ground among our various proposals to develop a successful framework to meet the needs of the Postal Service, its dedicated employees and the millions of citizens and businesses that depend on this essential American institution every day.”

12 thoughts on “Sen. Scott Brown Encouraged By Common Ground Found From Bipartisan Group On Postal Reform

  1. I agree with “Old Clerk.” Why haven’t you guys seen the writing on the wall long ago? People are grasping at the air and all you’re gonna do is fall to the ground with no parachute. It’s gonna get ugly…it’s already started, it’s just gonna get uglier. These politicians don’t give a crap about any of us. None of ’em do! I get so sick of the “it’s the Republican’s fault., blah, blah, blah…” Quit pointing your fingers, the Democrats have been in power for two years, what have they done? Nothing but get their names in the history books for the Obamacare fiasco! ace it, folks, the Democrats and the Republicans are all the same, they just go about it different ways. WE are the ones that are going to be the losers, no matter which party is in power – we’re SCREWED!

  2. why isnt the apwu going to court with this plan to cut only retierment eligible workers first. this stinks of age discrimanation. even cliffy should be able to see that.

  3. fact
    the most they can do by current law is offer 25 grand to go. 2% penalty for every year under age 55 for csrs. add years???? no…unless the law is changed which probably wont happen. fers is completely different..

    IF a buyout comes. any eligible or near eligible should take it… things will get ugly if you dont.

  4. Senator, Your comment wasted my time to read as there was virtually nothing of substance in the it. You have certainly adapted to the “washington way” of getting into the news without saying anything.
    You have won the annual ” Hot Air ” award for rookies this year.

  5. Issa’s plan avoids severance packages by RIFFING senior retirement eligible people that arn’t eligible for severance pay rather than junior non-retirement eligible employees who would be eligible for severance pay.

  6. “John”:
    If Congress does anything, YOU WILL GET THE ISSA/ROSS BILL.
    There is no such thing as “adding years to service time” and there never will be.
    The House is controlled by the Republicans and Darrell Issa controls the House Committee that acts on Postal matters….you have absolutely NO CHANCE of getting
    current Civil Service Law changed.
    Your only hope is getting a SEVERANCE PACKAGE at the proscribed rate when there is a RIF…and it’s becoming more clear that that is the direction we are headed in.

  7. isn’t it wonderful that senator brown was encouraged? i really
    don’t understand how this equals a newsworthy press release.
    talk about lacking substance…..some peoples kids…..

  8. Offer us 5 years added on to years of service plus $25K and you can get rid of all of Civil Service. That is certainly fair for all we have had to put up with over the years. Oh, and make it across the board, no excempting any one craft or position. You will save millions immediately. I know, that sound just too simple; but it really is simple and fair. J.

  9. If Scott Brown is coming out with an opinion on this, it must already be settled. He never commits to an anything until it has already been decided. Check out his history.

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