Protest USPS delivery standard downgrade

USPS is proposing “eliminating the expectation of overnight service for First-Class Mail and Periodicals, and, for each of these classes, narrowing the two-day delivery range and enlarging the three-day delivery range.”  Varying opinions on the subject say the change of one day delivery standard could possibly be the beginning of the end for the Postal Service. Check out some views below:

Postal Reporter Reader: ” No one dreamed the USPS would actually do this.  Congress will not be able to block it.  The PRC can only issue a NON-binding advisory opinion, which the USPS will ignore like everything else.  Anyone wanting overnight delivery starting in 2012 will have pay big time postage.  This is a huge rate hike without calling it such.”

Don Cheney: First-Class Mail Gets Slower: The Declining USPS Service Standards When I was hired by the Post Office Department in 1966, trains hauled mail. First-Class Mail was delivered overnight between Seattle, Portland and Spokane. After the trains were replaced by trucks, it took two days. Now, it will be THREE days? First-Class Mail is becoming like Standard Mail. People will be forced to pay for Priority Mail or Express Mail if they want one or two day delivery. This is really a price increase, and the USPS didn’t have to go to the Postal Regulatory Commission to get it approved.

Loren Adams,President, Fayetteville , Arkansas Local #667 – Reducing delivery standards is the vehicle the Postal Service plans to use to justify closing 60% of its processing plants and laying off 35,000 employees out of the 250,000 it plans to lay off by 2015. The employees at processing plants, in other words, would be the first to go. And we’re talking MONTHS, not YEARS.

Damage to the Postal Service would be irreparable. Why would a customer pay 44¢ knowing it would take twice as long (or longer, if ever) to arrive at destination? Shouldn’t the price of a stamp be only 22¢ if the letter takes twice as long?

And what would happen to prescriptions sent by mail? The expression “lost in the mail” comes to mind.

However, the Postal Service cannot close, consolidate, and layoff 35,000 UNLESS it’s given the green light to damage the business, cheat customers out of timely, reliable service, and set the business up for absolute insolvency.

NOW is the time to write and email your disapproval of the Postal Service attempts at reducing service standards. I’m asking all of you to write your comments now and send them to the address & email address listed below. Please don’t delay responding to this solicitation.

From USPS own words:


SUMMARY: The Postal Service seeks public comment on a proposal to revise the service standard regulations contained in 39 CFR part 121. Among other things, the proposal involves eliminating the expectation of overnight service for First-Class Mail and Periodicals, and, for each of these classes, narrowing the two-day delivery range and enlarging the three-day delivery range. One major effect of the proposal would be to facilitate a significant consolidation of the Postal Service’s processing and transportation networks.

DATES: Comments must be received on or before October 21, 2011.

ADDRESSES: Written comments should be mailed to Manager, Industry Engagement and Outreach, United States Postal Service, 475 L’Enfant Plaza SW, Room 4617, Washington DC 20260. Comments also may be transmitted via e-mail to Copies of all comments will be available for inspection and photocopying at the Postal Service Headquarters Library, 475 LEnfant Plaza SW, 11th Floor North, Washington DC 20260, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CONTACT: Anthony Frost, Industry Engagement and Outreach, 202-268-8093; or Emily Rosenberg, Network Analytics, 202-268-5585.

18 thoughts on “Protest USPS delivery standard downgrade

  1. Sure we live in a high tech society, but not everyone. I am a USPS employee that lives in a rural area where many people do not have high speed internet or access to 3 and 4G cell. They depend on the mail for banking and information. Many receive their perscriptions through the mail. And yes–one more day makes a difference. How early do you need to pay that bill? How many extra days might you have to wait on that check–personal and business? How many days can you go without your perscription. And what about the enjoyment of have you morning coffee with the day’s newspaper in your hand. How many other jobs (other than the postal employees) will be affected by the changes in the economy in these rural areas? Obama wants to make jobs–how about saving some jobs?

  2. I like how a guy says “save our earth” by doing everything online. You know about all the plastics in your computer, right? How about the power from plants to give you electricity? How earth friendly is all that when you add it up?

  3. I laugh out loud at some of the ignorance on here. Yes..the USPS is in trouble. Sure, close some plants and offices, cut some staff, etc. Work on lean processing. However…they need revenue. Create more products, charge correct costs out. For those who keep harping on about e commerce please get some facts. There are still billions of first class mail pieces handled annually. Also, billions of dollars is moved via the USPS. Volume is dropping but it’s not disappearing. The USPS needs flexibility to control it’s own cost and expenses. If they have that and fail they will jack up costs and ups or fedex will step in. Final thought…there needs to be some consideration to the national service the post office serves. It’s not worth a 5 billion loss, but it does have some value. Thanks

  4. Time of delivery of a message is not a major issue in the age of advanced technology. Individuals and busibess connect and conduct business on line. The use of the USPS as the means of communication is insignifigant inthe day of instant messaging via the INTERNET, TEXTING VIA SMART PHONES AND NEW APPS BEING MADE AVAILABLE. The USPS must insure sale papers that are not placed in newspapers are delivered on time. The advancements in communication technology in the 21st century has eliminated the USPS as a major means of the communication process. The USPS has gone the way of the PONY EXPRESS as it had its time in history but is a relic of the past.

  5. I don’t care about the slower delivery from post office, I put everything online, it is fast, it saves money and trees, save our earth !

  6. The Postal Service is desparate and will stop at nothing to privitize the Post Office. Just so all will know Congress is on board with the privitizing of the Post Office but you all will be the last to know. They will lie and say its not so BUT DON’T BELIEVE THEM IT’S BEEN THE PLAN ALL ALONG good bye to good federal jobs and Hello to private sector jobs and that’s a fact.!!!!!!

  7. It is a real shame that the NALC and APWLU have spent so much time and energy looking to prevent the loss of the union dues of those postal workers being laid off with the new five week delivery. I have yet to find a single article where these “caring” unions offer advice or tips to these carriers as to how they should prepare for the financial impact this change will have on household budgets. How unemployment works, how they go about collecting what is rightfully theirs, how to collect their accrued savings with the difference pensions they had with the USPS, how to get grants to finish their studies now that they have all the time in the world, how to fight and make sure they are on the first hired list post layoffs. The NALC has failed to inform their membership as to the low down and just crude methods postal management is resorting to in order to sabotage or lead carriers to purposeful failure on the job. The next time your union says No! to 5 day delivery remember it’s the dues not you that will be missed. Less dues equals more of them that have to go back to doing actual work to earn their salary and less exciting yearly conventions. Management has failed you miserably in every sence of the word, but so have your unions. I am pro union and would boycott any mail service without it. I hope postal employees focus on doing what’s best for the USPS and take the needs of the company that provides their families income to heart in days to come. The USPS is being bullied by the republican/ tea party remember this in 2012. Speak up against these parties everychance you get.

  8. com on people dis is now the 21 st century! Tym’s r drasticaly changing with all the E-Mail, E-Bankin n E everything! U must be livin in a dream world like Never Never Land….Mak sur u pinch urself now den to bring u bac to reality! Again I say why layoff people wen u could force out dose individuals who have 25 + years n are 55 n older! Dis way the other mployees wil hav a chance to mak it with 25 + years of senority too!

  9. Good REBUTTAL John
    Lowering the standards will pave the way for the closings.
    I don’t think it’s going to happen this contract.
    The USPS will have to rob peter to pay paul for a few years.
    The pre funding is incorporated already in the US Treasury, and it will be impossible to get those funds back. The USPS has been a cash cow for many years, and the party is over.

  10. I agree with you John.The Postmaster tells the public the P. O is going to 5 day delivery then maybe 4 or 3, he is a big help. Why not just tell people not to buy stamps.What CEO tells people the company is going under and there is no hope.

  11. Hey Gary…. What the hell is wrong with you ? Dont you realize how many jobs would be affected by lowering the standard by one day….. Closing 60% of processing facilities….

  12. Adding one day to delivery standard doesn’t seem all that drastic a change. Come on. Does anyone really know how long a piece of mail took to get to their mailbox?
    Just like losing Saturday delivery. After a while no one will even miss it.

  13. Morgan Post Office has a lot of overtime. 2 hours before your tour and 2 hours after. 6 days overtime and sunday premium you name it. There is a lot of money

  14. Morgan Post Office has a lot of overtime. 2 hours before your tour and 2 hours after. 6 days overtime and sunday premium you name it. There is a lot of money

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