Last Minute Preparations Underway For Rallies to Save America’s Postal Service

APWU locals are gearing up for the nationwide day of action to Save America’s Postal Service on Tuesday, Sept. 27, from 4 p.m. – 5:30 p.m., at locations across the country.

Save America's Postal Service
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Pass H.R. 1351

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Sept. 27 Day of Action Get Involved!

Together, the APWU and the National Association of Letter Carriers, the National Postal Mail Handlers Union and the National Rural Letter Carriers Association will rally in every congressional district in the country to tell the real story about the Postal Service’s financial crisis and to build support for legislation that would restore financial stability to the Postal Service.

At the rallies on Sept. 27, the unions will be asking legislators to co-sponsor to H.R. 1351, which was introduced by Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA). Where lawmakers have already signed on, the rallies will thank them for their support and ask them to pledge to do everything in their power to ensure its passage.

The rallies have already garnered press coverage in dozens of locations. In Sarasota, FL, for example, the Brandenton Herald reported that hundreds of local postal workers are expected to take part in the rally. Radio or newspaper interviews have also been conducted in Hattiesburg, MS; Monroe, LA; Fort Smith, AR; and Fort Myers, FL. Coverage is expected in many media markets on Tuesday.

Locals that haven’t already done so are being encouraged to notify the media about the rallies. Sample press releases [PDF] are available on the Save America’s Postal Service’s Web site, which the unions developed to provide information about the events.

To boost attendance at the rallies, locals are urged to reach out to community leaders, small business owners and other allies who rely on the Postal Service, as well as family members, friends, and neighbors.

APWU locals are also encouraged to keep the national union office informed of their participation in the rallies and to send high-resolution photos to

18 thoughts on “Last Minute Preparations Underway For Rallies to Save America’s Postal Service


  2. To Randall from the District of Columbia,
    Your dog must have wrote that for you, because of all the errors and stupidity that just came out of your mouth. Obviously you don’t work that hard on whatever job you have in the Post Office. I wonder how you passed the test to get into the Post Office. To say an employee should get paid for every piece of mail that they touch is about as dumb as you spelling WORK-werk and These-dese and all the other words that spell checker can find and you didn’t use it. Bottom line is that we need our money back for overpayed into prefunded retirement. If you don’t want to support an organization that hired you as a illeterate employee, then find another job.

  3. Bill is the only one that has any sense!With eneducated dopes like the rest of you,it’s no wonder the P.O. is in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. as a former postal employee, i agree and disagree with a lot of the comments that I have read. The first thing that the postal service should do is to stop paying the outrageous bonuses to those in upper management, then denying raises to the people who actually do the work. The upper level managers have longed been hated by the actual workers, and this will never disappear. Upper management has controlled the way that the postal service runs it’s business not really giving a damn about the worker who actually does the work. I feel that if a higher level manager does not meet certain realistic goals( goals have not been realistic in the post office since the 1970’s) then he or she will not get paid. Some of the higher level managers make more than the president of the united states, and that is totally unfair. What about all of the trips that upper level managers take sleeping in $1500 or more suites, while the actual worker has to make the decision of either paying a car or house note, compared to putting food in their family’s mouth, that is totally unfair. The postal service hires people to tell them how to make the postal service more productive and profitable, why not ask the clerk, carrier, mailhandler etc.,.., and you will be surprised at some of the answers. WAKE UP POSTAL SERVICE, YOU HAVE BEEN ASLEEP TOO LONG, TIMES HAVE CHANGED YET YOU HAVEN’T.

  5. @BILL: who do you think made the mathematic mistakes…..a higher ups brother, sister, cousin, uncle, aunt, the person their doin’ on the side??? My dog has more brains and can add better then most of the idiots in high places….the house of cards is crumbling….jackass!!!

  6. As usual the day before this big rally i don’t know anything about it in my area . I am not one of the chosen union members . I have been a dues paying member for over 30 years . What a waste as usual . But i don’t pay for mismanagement . So please tell me again why i pay union dues ? Oh yea so the guy next to me gets the same overtime as me . Boy is that a waste since i am not one of the chosen ones . So i make thousands less than him a year . BLA BLA BLA BLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be gone shortly anyway because i am elligable to retire and Issa says so !

  7. I just read the 5 or so posts above and i am certain i have lost some brain cells due to their stupidity. You are all clueless , abuse / nepotism /excuses that are ridiculous. The government owes the postal service over 100 BILLION DOLLARS IN OVER PAYMENTS TO THE BENEFIT/ RETIREMENT FUNDS. JUST PAY UP !!!!

  8. it would appear that the po mismanagement and apwu union honcho thugs feel threatened with losing their PFP bounus money and Vegas trips.

    hope Goofy/Morris get their PSE’s there to have their backs……..ROFLMFAO!

    good forbid the apwu talk about the real problem…….corrupt, crony based, nepotism riddled, uneducated po mismanagement that gets fradulent PFP bounus based on phony number counts…….the place is in the toilet and trying to maintain the status quo is not the answer.

    let Congress set up a commission and let it be run by the TEA PARTY……..things would sure as heck not be dull!

  9. Do we really want another lynch bill, He was one of the authors of p.o accoutability act. How about early outs until they reach thier magic number and then we will really see how well this idea has been thought out. Smaller network less days to mail!

  10. You are so right about it. Morgan Station in Manhattan has a of overtime. 2 hours back to back 2 hours up front. 6 days overtime. Sunday premiun with overtime paid. They are not broke they are just simply abusing all the surplus money.

  11. In my opinion the USPS shud pay mployees by piece werk! Dat means depending on mail volume and how many pieces are werk in a eight hour day! Dese mployees shud b paid accordinly with how many pieces hav been werk or delivered! There is alot of dead wood in the Post Office today. Not just the carriers, clerks or mailhandlers we r talkin bout Stupidvisors too. I have a Terrier dats smarter den many of dese Stupidvisors!

  12. The USPS keeps saying they are broke.Yet they keep hiring PSE’s.Im sorry they are not broke.Stop hiring people.Stop letting greedy workers who live above their means to just work overtime.Because the supervisor dont make sure they are doing their work in an 8 hr period.Stop getting lazy supervisors whom hide from workers because they dont want to be there either.They just want their check.Its more family working at the post office together.They get their kids on so the kid(young adult) can get out their pocket.So much favoritism and nepotism its sickening.There is nothing done based on skills at the post office.Its either they like you or they dont.Too many clicks on the job.I know first hand how workers come to work and walk around doing nothing.Simply because they are the supervisors pet project.They have abused system too long.

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