Congressman Issa’s Bill Would First Layoff Retirement Eligible Postal Employees

Congressmen Darrell Issa and Dennis Ross’ amendment to its Postal Reform bill will require USPS to “separate”  all retirement eligible employees prior to laying off any workers not yet eligible for a pension, and to “separate” the most senior of them first:

(II) the term ‘‘non-retirement-eligible employee’’ means an employee who is not a retirement-eligible employee.

(ii) GENERAL RULE.—A reduction in force under this subsection shall not result in the separation of any non-retirement-eligible employee before a retirement-eligible

(iii) LENGTH OF SERVICE.—In determining the order for the separation of competing retirement-eligible employees, individuals shall be separated in descending order based on length of service.

(E) SEVERANCE PAY.—A retirement-eligible employee who is separated pursuant to a reduction in force under this subsection shall not, by virtue of that separation, be eligible for any  payment in the nature of severance pay.

(F) LIMITATION ON REEMPLOYMENT.—An employee described in subparagraph (D)(i)(I)  who has been separated pursuant to a reduction  in force under this subsection may not be offered reemployment in any position for which any employee, or former employee, of the Postal Service who is described in subparagraph  (D)(i)(II)—
(i) has applied; and
(ii) is qualified and available.
(4) REGULATIONS.—Any regulations necessary  to carry out this subsection shall be prescribed by  the Office of Personnel Management not later than  90 days after the date of the enactment of this Act.

9-21-2011 “Subcommittee on Federal Workforce & U.S. Postal Service Business Meeting”.

Issa Amendment To Layoff Retirement Eligible Postal Employees

167 thoughts on “Congressman Issa’s Bill Would First Layoff Retirement Eligible Postal Employees

  1. Mr Jim, We all have our reasons for staying or going. No one should be forced out because of age. You chose to have children, and that is fine. But why should older people who still want to work be pushed out the door because you have kids? Makes no sense. Alot of people older than you still need to work for various reasons. It is none of you business why they want to work, it is their right to continue to work if they want to. If you couldn’t afford your children on what you make right now maybe YOU should get another job to pay your bills. Forcing people out who choose not to go is not an option. Not having kids you can’t afford is an option.

  2. Im a 56 year vet with 34 years servive that also have a 10th grader in HS thats on the school varsity baseball team.I plan to enjoy working till im 65.

    Everybody has their own story to tell.

    The truth is its unacceptable… opposed by the White House and Congressional Democrats PERIOD!

    Issa AKA The MAD HATER and his Tea Party are toast.

    Bottom line? scratch & sniff… this aint The Third 3rd Reich.

  3. It’s about time some of these older people got a life and leave the post office so that some of us younger people with small children have a chance to put our children through high school, college etc…

  4. Right the most senior people are the oldest. Which means they have been around the longest and make the most scratch. So if you were running your own business, what would you do? Oh yeah!! lets lay off people who cost less, instead of retirement age employees that can go anyway. Like I said, if these employees had it on the ball they would be looking at about 25,000 to 30,000 plus a thrift for doing nada. Like Mr. Pink and Mr. White showed it’s the professional thing to do.

  5. The post office is not asking for no bailout.They want back the money you stole.The billions overpaid you used to fund benefits with.The post office is self sufficient.There is no federal dollars given by the government.If I dont have a job Congress……..I do want my bailout plan asap.Cut your salaries for making dumb decisions you pencil pushers.

  6. Tell me does it look like i cant cope?

    Tell us postal messiah why dont they just go back to the 6 years and under layoff clause?

    Cause they want to do to you newbies what happened to Butch & Marsellus Wallace down in the basement seen and make you pay more for your benifits while they pay you less salary.

  7. Jack Crap, pardon my stupidty, but isn’t the most senior usually the oldest employees? True, you can have an old employee transfer and his seniortiy starts over again, so he is now junior…so I guess all of us senior employees need to transfer down the street and become junior…what a total waste of time this whole thing is. Offer incentive buy out of 5 years added on to service and 25K and be done with it. Washington morons displaying their finest talents! J.

  8. The senior people are the oldest. What are you talking about. What does “retirement eligible” mean, you have enough years to retire, With 30 years of service you are at the least 48. Collectively most of us are in our 50’s. If they throw out our union agreements it’s a free for all. What about our Vets, this isn’t a RIF it’s BS they will go too.

    From that perspective everybody’s screwed, cause if they’re able to get rid of the senior people then their next move will be to cut the wages and benefits for the ones that are left.

  9. i talked to a lawyer friend, he said its not age discrimination if they lay off by senority. they would take the senior people first not the oldest. we may be screwed

  10. that’s right vol. really !!—– everything happens for a reason, and when a good solid idea like this is put forward dickweeds like you can’t cope. So it must be something else., oh yeah, lets jump on the discrimination bus.
    If you paid attention to your future during your years in the post office you would’nt be crying. How many people on these and other pages pray for an incentive offer. Those people prepared themselves for retirement. Since you didn’t it must be somebodies elses fault. Loser!!!

  11. While everybody’s cussing and name calling, see if you can take an minute to see the big picture.

    1. The postal service is being systematically privatized. From the business prospective, it can still turn a profit if you trim off the dead weight and pay people $8.00 an hour with no benefits. Mail volume began to drop with the fax machine but it was perfectly ok for postal management to sit around and do nothing while collecting six and seven figure salaries.

    2. Issa is simply a representative of of the collective mind of the Republican and Tea Parties. They as rich people don’t see us as deserving of any benefits, wages, or health care. $50.000 is suddenly too much for any working American to make. That’s why our borders are wide open.

    3. Your government is broke. Your tax dollars are pretty much gone. All this double talk about trillion dollar budgets and deficits is a bunch of BS. Give or take there are only 320 million people in this country, half of them don’t work, the rich don’t pay taxes, you do the math.

    4. Your government has been shipping jobs overseas for the last 20 years. Those that are rich got it from foreign investments. Your children’s future is pretty bleak. Don’t count on them leaving home because they won’t have jobs.

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