Issa on President’s Proposed Bailout for Postal Service: “Not what taxpayers or the Postal Service needs”

WASHINGTON– In response to a proposal outlined by President Obama on the United States Postal Service, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which oversees the Postal Service, issued the following statement:

“The President’s proposal is not what taxpayers or the Postal Service needs.  The President’s plan to achieve savings for the Postal Service does so by sticking taxpayers with the tab. Rather than backing an effort to seek fundamental reform, the accounting gimmicks used in the plan are a thinly veiled attempt to offset continued operating losses with a taxpayer funded bailout. The Oversight Committee will move forward and consider a separate proposal Wednesday, the Postal Reform Act, that will produce at least $10.7 billion annually in savings for the Postal Service and doesn’t stick taxpayers with the bill,” Issa said.

Facts about President Obama’s Proposal to Kick the Can down the road for the Postal Service:

  • The numbers do not add up. The Obama proposal will certainly cost taxpayers money.
  • The only proposal put forth by the President that offers clear savings for the Postal Service, without passing the burden on to taxpayers, is giving USPS authority to reduce mail delivery from six days to five days.  The Issa-Ross Postal Reform Act also includes this provision.
  • The Obama proposal fakes its “savings” through an insidious budget gimmick, and must rely on fuzzy accounting in order to “save $10 billion dollars.”
  • There is no surplus to pay for the pension payment “holiday”
    • The Civil Service Retirement Disability Fund, out of which all federal employee pensions benefits are paid, is underfunded for USPS, according to the most recent estimate.
    • The President proposes taking money from one fund, Federal Employee Retirement System, even while the other fund, the Civil Service Retirement System fund, is underfunded.
  • Obama calls for “bold action” and “comprehensive reform” but proposes neither.


12 thoughts on “Issa on President’s Proposed Bailout for Postal Service: “Not what taxpayers or the Postal Service needs”

  1. read some of the same stuff Aaron read, issa is nothing more than a common crook. he’s been arrested 3-4 times in michigan and always seemed to pay or weasel his way out. my guess is that’s why he’s in california. nobody knows him there for what he really is. a low-life piece of shit

  2. Can Issa please explain himself clearly without adding any new misrepresentaions(underfunded Civil Service Retirement Disablity Fund:the key her is disablity fund,not the general retirement fund which is overfunded by billions of dollars that Congress won’t give back to the Post Office). Why is he allowed to continually say “tax payer bailouts” when that is a completely fraudulent statement.

  3. First of all….the taxpayers havent paid anything toward our retirement. Would someone please inform the public…unless of course they think that by purchasing stamps is paying for our retirement then yes ok, but of course taxpayers are paying for every business in the country then as well….USPS gets the rap though. Secondly, Issa needs to get his head out of his #ss and quit looking at the USPS as one of his own companies. He doesnt like unions for that simple reason…businessman hates union. That is his biggest issue and he shouldnt even have say in this matter because he is so bias on the subject. He is all for give to the rich and kick the poor farther down.

  4. Representative Issa is a criminal! I am begging anyone with a few minutes to spare….please look up Issa’s biography on wikipedia. You will be a shocked as I was when I stumbled upon it. How in the name of God did this serial embezzler, Gun Runner, Arsonist sleezball find his way into Congress. He and his jailbird brother are Chicago’s answer to Boston’s Bulger brothers

  5. what ever happens,we will get the short end! They gave the UAW a sweet buyout, and yes some reps. are saying that what needs to happen here. When hell freezes over, remember, we are a government agency, and that my freinds might cost them thier re-election bids!!! We run out of money in 10 days. We will get an increase in our debt limit, so they can debate this delima. All of you are right about Issa, He’s all about the headlines!!! Trying to make a name for himself. Well, he has many names now!!! I’ll add one. “Morron”

  6. The only thing this A – Hole keeps harping on is its going to cost tax payers, the uniformed will hear this and think he is right, hopefully Congress isn’t as transparent as this low life, time to get real and and get rid of these Public Officials that are instigating propaganda about something they know nothing about. This Issa’s only defense is to keep repeating it will cost tax payers, whats going to cost tax payers is the cost that will go up with anything they send thru the mail, whether it be a Parcel or Letter.

  7. vote issa and ross out!!!
    they are millionaires that dont work..
    but complain about postal workers who make 50 K

    bailout?? it’s not a bailout, it was our money!!
    offer early outs…
    $1000. per yr of service, and 6 years added…


  9. Keep voting for Tea Party Republicans like Darrell Issa,(a millionaire) and his side kick, Congressman Ross from Florida and you expect a different outcome? You Idiots that punch a clock everyday and carry a lunch pail to work and (still) vote Republican, you brought about your own demise. What Fools!

  10. People of California NEED TO VOTE ISSA out!!! How did these self serving rat bastards ever get in office?.They lie over and over and over AGAIN….their views are skewed to further reduce the ranks of the Unions and working class people. Wake up people and vote these clowns out. In the meantime Rally on the 27th!!!! SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!!!

  11. How is returning FERS overpayments sticking taxpayers with anything? I am so tired of hearing about ‘bailouts’ for the USPS. The USPS has not received a dime of taxpayer money for years, they only want to use money that they have earned through the selling of postage and mailing supplies/services. If you paid too much to a business and wanted it back, should you be refused because the business has already used your money for other financial dealings? That is the situation the Postal Service is in. And for those of you who would like to see the USPS privatized, say goodbye to 44 cent stamps. Try paying $2 – $3 to send a letter halfway across the country.

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