Rep. Womack’s Statement on USPS Proposed Consolidation Plans in Arkansas

Congressman Steve Womack  (R-Ark) released the following statement regarding the latest announcement by the United States Postal Service affecting the Third District of Arkansas:

“The latest news from USPS is very disturbing and has crossed the boundary of reason.  This is not a study.  It is a “trial balloon” and we don’t need to waste resources on studying an unacceptable course of action.

“The USPS not only has a funding problem; it has a management problem.  And the answer is not to continue to seek relief at the expense of workers, patrons, and service.  Enough already.”

The U.S. Postal Service plans to conduct a study at the Harrison Customer Service Mail Processing Center to examine the feasibility of consolidating its operations into the Little Rock Processing and Distribution Center. Harrison AR USPS Press Release

The U.S. Postal Service plans to conduct a study at the Fayetteville Processing and Distribution Facility to examine the feasibility of consolidating its operations into the Little Rock Processing and Distribution Center. Fayetteville AR USPS Press Release

source Congressman Stephen Womack Press Release

13 thoughts on “Rep. Womack’s Statement on USPS Proposed Consolidation Plans in Arkansas

  1. It’s true Congressman you have no clue how warped USPS management really is. At my facility I’ve witnessed dozens of fellow employees forced to sit in a room 8 hours a day, 5 days a week for MONTHS at a time and do NOTHING all while getting PAID!!! This so they can justify layoffs when there was clearly a lot of work these employees could have been performing. This is how twisted USPS management is.

  2. us army 3 years,25 years in postal ser……vice? Now Damn ,i have to worry about the unempoyment checks,hey,Mr,Fat donahue,before me,I wish you to receive the letters ,You are FIRED,

  3. It is very sad to see how this study is being conducted; There are 7 managers for every 1 person who actually touches the mail. If they closed all the small rural post offices in the entire country it would only comprise 0.7% of the budget. Now do the math; is this going to improve the situation? Please, Representative Womack, help small town America keep our post office; I believe the name is United States Postal Service; it is to provide a service and mandated to break even, not mandated to make a profit.

  4. Finally someone who makes sense. Managment created this mess and they expect to fix it by getting rid of the people who work the mail. When are they going to have their feet held to the fire? Our managers where I work have no idea how to move the mail. Customers come to the window everyday frustrated and demanding to speak to a manager who refuses to come to the window to see what the customer needs. One tour manager will let everyone go home early and the next tour keeps everyone 10 to 12 hours OT. The workers are never questioned about how to do things better or more efficently even though they are the ones working the mail. Mail is delayed because managment has no clue what they are doing and will drive 50 miles to deliver 1 piece of mail.

    Please Congressman, be the sound of reason in congress who actually has a clue about the Post Office and speak up for us!! We are being run by people who want to dismantle the post office with no thought of what the post office was intended for when it was developed. Why are the people who have no clue how to run a business all of a sudden “experts” on fixing a business that they have continued to run into the ground for their own personal gain. Our PMG is very wealthy and so are his many vp’s on down the line, and if I read it correctly, some of these people got 80,000.00 bounus checks this year – for working so hard to destroy a company. This is criminal.

  5. Congressman you have no idea how mismanaged the postal service really is. I will give you one example. If a box is scaned one second to early,and the truck has left managment will send an employee 100 miles with 2 letters, because of a rule they have implimented every peice every day. cost of 2 letters $100.00.

  6. Please Congresswoman… Support H.R. 1351… I see you’re not a co – sponsor yet… You talk the talk but do you walk the walk??? I hope you do what’s right for American workers and jobs and not do what Issa and Ross want … I realize you’re a Republican, which scares the fuck out of me!!! Just use common sense and realize and understand that if the Post Office closes or is Privatized. America will suffer even more into a downward spiral!!!!! Do the right thing Mrs. Womack…..

  7. Instead of closing branches why not ADD services to generate more business.

    In some countries the post office branch would rival the Office Depot.

    Make better use of the space.

    Manage for greater sucess.

  8. With all the problems(?) the Post Office is having, spending money to decide which plant will sell for the most money is not a bussiness plan. Management has to plan for the future, the IG report says that the post office has 7 workers for every supervisor! This is three times the industry standard!

  9. Congressman, I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. I am a Postal employee in the maintenance field over 25 years. I would like to know if there are any other politicians in My area(N.J./N.Y.) that have yours or similar views.I would like to Support them!……..Thank you ….FOR FINALLY GETTING OUT THE TRUTH!!

  10. At last a Congressman who can see through the BS that the USPS is feeding them. Say it loud Congressman Womack!

    I’ve said over and over, if they can’t fix the little things, they will never fix the big things, and they’ve proved it over and over that they can’t. We need to clean out management and all the VPs that Donahoe has in place that don’t even touch the mail. Get a financial advisor and outside management that knows how to run a large agency. We’ve seen them promote the bottom of the barrel types inside the post office and you know over the years some of them have actually made it to the top close to PMG Donahoe. All of them sucked as craft employees so they get sought after to go into management. All they want is “yes”men. And take away the power from the districts. Let the P&DCs operate by themselves and leave the District offices out of decision making. If they aren’t in the same building they shouldn’t be making any decisions for them. Just because something works in your office doesn’t mean it will work in ours.

    Everyone get out and join the Rally on Sept 27th. Our jobs depend upon it!

  11. Management does not know our jobs they do not manage, they try to tell us how to do our jobs.Stick to being a manager. We know our jobs until they get it we are all subject to loosing our jobs.Most managers could not make it in craft do that study and you will then see why the PO has it’s problems.It’s not funding or service or the web it’s MANAGEMENT

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