USPS List Of Mail Processing Facilities For Possible Consolidation

USPS proposes comprehensive network changes- Stand-up talk given to postal employees

The following are excerpts from a letter sent to APWU President Cliff Guffey via  Randy Zelznick, 21st Century Postal Worker

This letter is an Informational notice of the Postal Service’s Intent to conduct Area Mail Processing (AMP) feasibility studies, at the sites listed on the enclosure to this notice, for possible consolidation of some operations as indicated in the listing. Also included, as general information, are sites identified for non-AMP studies that could also result in consolidation of some operations.

An AMP study involves the review of mail processing and transportation operations at a postal facility. The reason for the studies is to review mail volume and determine capacity needs in order to increase efficiency and improve productivity. In doing so, we will be able to continue to provide universal service at a reasonable cost for a long time to come.

The Postal Service is facing one of the most difficult challenges in its history. There has been a continual decline In single-piece, first-class mail volumes over the past decade. Volume was down by more than 9 billion pieces last year. The most recent projections predict volume will continue to decline for the next decade. The Postal Service has to realign Its processing and delivery network to match its resources with mail volume. The reality is we have an excess of equipment, staff and facilities to process a declining volume of mail. Consolidating some postal operations only makes logical business sense given the economic realities. it would be fiscally Irresponsible not to do so. This letter is solely intended to provide you with information that we plan to conduct the studies at the sites listed on the attachment. If the business case ‘supports consolidation, public meetings will be held to allow members of the community to ask questions and provide feedback. Community Input Will be considered before decisions are made as to whether or not the proposed consolidation should be Implemented. This letter Is not Intended as notice of future changes In mall processing and is not a notice of Impact on employees. Appropriate notice will be given, If any Is required, as the decisions on each Individual study are made.

Excerpt of Mandatory Stand-up Talk to Employees
As the PMG explained, the Postal Service has notified Congress and the Postal Regulatory Commission of the need to reduce the network size and change service standards. More information will be given out to them September 15 (tomorrow I today), and to the mailing community as well.

Part of the additional information will be a list of processing and transportation facilities to be studied for possible network adjustments •. Our facility is not on the list to be studied. However. this facility may be reviewed as a possible receiving facility fur others nearby that are on the study list.

In addition to the network changes discussed, the Postal Service also is proposing certain service standard changes. Details of the changes, which will be filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission (the PRC) in October, could have wide-ranging Impacts on all plant processing schedules across the Postal Service. You’ll be hearing more about these possible changes before the PRC filing.

The Postal Service will continue to keep you informed as these initiatives move forward.

USPS List Of Mail Processing Facilities For Possible Closure or Consolidation

30 thoughts on “USPS List Of Mail Processing Facilities For Possible Consolidation

  1. Terry will stop IPDC & SBPDC from this! You voted him in…now ask him bout his plan (or maybe he’s too busy with other things). As the Doors once sang:

    This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end

    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    I’ll never look into your eyes…again

  2. At the top of Donahoes letter to Guffey is a certified letter tracking number.
    Type that number into track and confirm and see what you come up with.

  3. Jake,
    The USPS actually played the negotiations like a snake in the grass that got stepped on. They are getting nowhere with Congress on attempting to get rid of the no layoff clause-hence the PMG comment on his latest video that stated he would honor the labor agreement. Thus, in the end, their ploy backfired and they have to play the hand they have. While the PSE’s will remain, so will the other stuff like the no layoff clause, mileage limit on excessing, etc.



  5. Stop saying the American people don’t want. Just to make yourselves feel better. Everyone knows it’s time to cut the postal service. Long over due. The way you guys talk about each other is beyond belief. To hell with all of you and your sense of entitlement.

  6. It appears the USPS played the APWU negotiations like a fined tuned violin. All they had to do was get an agreement on the cheaper labor PSE’s okay, and Congress will mandate the rest. They knew it going in. NOW..APWU can try to block all of USPS requested demands from Congress, but can they really demand USPS to stop hiring PSE’s, come on….after they agreed to it? In addition, The no layoff clause is all over the media…why hasnt anyone brought up the provision in the contract that states, and I think its article 5…”Management has a right to mis-manage?” Where on earth do you see that anywhere? Because of this it holds management not liable for anything and everything, (not under federal law protections) and do you see where that got us? good luck all USPS employees everywhere! We are a class of our own! If anyone is going to make a difference its us, get out and rally, write your Congressmen, etc. No matter how hard we work, we cannot hold the bow on our own.

  7. Congress and inept board og governors should from an economic standpoint recognize demand for use of USPS HAS DECREASED, This has cost a decrease in revenue and cost control has not been excerised. In order to decrease cost services must be reduced as no new products or services will be introduced to increase revenue. Reducing delivery days for products and services is the common sense approach yet political and union manuvering fail to take necessary action. Sat. street delivery is a wasted cost. Americans could careless as to receiving bulk business advertising junk mail on Sat..
    The USPS is no longer the connector in Americans communicating with each other. Time and communication technology has increased abd the use usps HAS DECREASED. Reality is the USPS can no longer operate at its present level without mounting billions of dollars of debt. Economic of supply and demand must be in harmony to create cash flow to pay for cost rendered. Should the USPS be critical for American communication put it under congress and let tax payer incurr additional debt burden for something that no longer contributes to American life other than a means of employment.

  8. Bay Valley Turban man making huge, 2 brand new BMW 750IL, Big house, wow wife works in finance, Thanks Mr. PMG, keep it up, let me keep on balling with money. If you let me back in to managment and let me hire another 50 trucks, wow I gurantee yaa all. I will buy yaa all Bay Valley. That was call my managment idea.

  9. Donahoe needs to be fired IMMEDIATELY! He was hired to RUN the USPS, not RUN IT INTO THE GROUND!! He is an incompetent fool. Let’s get someone who’s priority is to maintain the finest postal service in the world for the American people. The American public does NOT want to see this vital service dismantled. And, by the way……labor contracts MEAN something……Pres. Obama, friend of organized labor, ought to announce, in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, that he will VETO any legislation that seeks to overturn legal, negotiated in good faith, ratified labor agreements. No union busting on his watch…..period!

  10. They need to get rid of the Post Office’s they rent./ lease. Then move the rest of the people into the empty space to save on money. Why is that so hard to do.
    With the high rent at Union Station in K.C.M.O. $3.5 million a year someone might have common sense. Guess not.

  11. UPS Executive…oops…I mean PMG Donahue is a lying Bastard…PERIOD.

    Fix flawed and outdated accounting methods which could account for an annual savings of between 5 and 10 billion dollars, or destroy the USPS.

    This is our leader and government servant?…This man is a criminal and has no soul…He better NEVER show his cowardly self in Denver.

  12. I’m sure it’s MUCH cheaper to transport the mail hundreds of miles (in some cases) to DPS it and then ship it back the same hundreds of miles to get it to the carriers to deliver, what with gas prices being so darn cheap and all lately. The REAL goal is to force people to retire that don’t want to move hundreds of miles just to keep their job.

    I guess that’s why they’re announcing that the only Superpower left in the world has to downgrade 1st class mail from overnight to 2-3 day delivery (the only way that shipping that mail HUGE distances can even hope to work) and moving to 5 day delivery and cutting business everywhere they can (e.g. removing stamp vending machines because they’re “not profitable” yet apparently selling perishable food items that they throw out half of in the break room IS profitable).

    And of course it makes good business sense to close all the local post offices so no one can buy stamps or ship anything without traveling huge distances. Oh wait! They’re going to let Walgreens and Walmart and everyone BUT the Post Office sell that crap now (full privatization wouldn’t fly since no one wants it, but they realized they can shill off the cream to private business. You HAVE to wonder who’s getting the payola on THAT move because it sure as hell isn’t the average postal worker!

    I’ve been excessed once already from a REC site. I moved and bought a house and now they’re telling me 5 years later that I can do it all again only in a depressed housing market! Management can sell their house to the post office. The rest of us just have to take a big loss and maybe they’ll move us again in a few years. OR I can drive 2 hours a day to the nearest mega P&DC instead (originally they were just going to take outgoing mail and still DPS it locally, but they changed their mind already and now want to move it ALL out).

    Yes, that’s acceptable alright. What’s the union doing about it??? I thought under the new contract they weren’t allowed to excess beyond 50 miles anymore. Well it’s a hell of a lot further than that to the next nearest site. I guess that contract doesn’t mean jack squat, after all. Besides, they’re working hard to nullify the whole thing and arbitration rights as well anyway. I think if they do that, there should be a STRIKE (the agreement not to goes out the door with the arbitration agreement, IMO). Enough is enough! Fix the REAL problem and stop screwing with people’s lives (the savings are miniscule anyway). Get more business. Actually PUSH product instead of taking sales clerks away and stamp machines away and generally doing everything to DISCOURAGE business with the post office!

    This whole mess is caused by that 75 year prefunding requirement the freaking Republicans forced on the Post Office when they had control of both Congress and the Presidency. But the news NEVER mentions that. All they talk about is how e-mail has caused a decline in mail. Donahue goes on and on about how 3rd class mail is our bread and butter and in the very next video he says it’s 1st class mail that’s our break and butter. The guy can’t even make up his mind. I’m sure that warrants $800,000 a year and a future multi-million parachute. I guess government really has started to emulate big business where the top few get massive rewards and everyone else just gets shafted.

  13. Bay Valley has the bunch of knuckle heads and crooks in management. Turban head manager in motor vehicle was double billing the USPS using illegals from India to contract the truck deliveries. Oh, geez, just close the SOB down and give everyone early retirement. Then they can start from scratch and get qualified people to run the mail service. Don-don’t-no is as unfit to be postmaster general as the previous ones. Stupidvisors and stupid-managers ran the place tothe ground. Oh goody, then they all will have no jobs either. No mail, don’t need stupidvisors or managers to run an empty building.

  14. Reduction of 120,000 jobs, reduction of 300 processinhg plants, reduction of 3700 small post offices,in our unions mind =NO Layoffs

  15. To those lazy asses in Cincinnati Oh MVS that milk the clock and say we will always have a job and the corrupt union stewards and Craft Directors that get paid to look the other way and get paid overtime to do so and the supervisors who fix time rings I just have to say ” get a haircut and get a real job Ha Ha you freaking losers”

  16. So far I have to agree with Guffey:
    1-No Cola
    2- Reduction of over 300 plants
    3-Reduction of 120,000 workers
    4-Closing of 3700 post offices
    Yep it’s easy to see how our union president walked away from the contract negotiaions and labeled them a “Win-Win” situation .

  17. Can anyone answer a couple questions. Why did the contract have a clause that said 60 million was being given to the union.
    And are you safe from being excess-ed if a plant is being reduced or closed even tho there are clerks at the plant with more seniority

  18. PMG failing to realize revenue generation will continue to decline with further declines in FIRST CLASS MAIL VOLUME which was the key revenue generator. Loss of demand for postal products and services creates a need to reduce service to reduce present massive losses. The need for 6 day mail delivery to street addresses is a wasted cost. Eliminating Sat. mail delivery would be a cost effective move that would benefit the bottom line as the need for this service is history. Sat. mail delivery had its place in time when connecting by mail via the USPS was critical. The advent of advances in electronic communication processes has made it possible for individuals and businesses to connect immediately without the need to purchase postal postage and await a 1-2 delivery time frame. The INTERNET connects instantly and new electronic apps are becomming available daily. The younger generation is schooled in electronic messaging such as texting and cell phone usage. The USPS was as essential in the past but its revelance has diminished. Eliminating Sat.street mail delivery would save tremendous amount of money in petroleum cost as 292,000 vehicles idle would be cost effective as the only delay would be in delivering advertising or junk mail which has no revealance to any thing of substance.
    The argument by unions and deceiving politicans is rural America must have 6 day mail delivery to be connected to the outside world. A joke as rural America has electric power, electric lights, malls, telephone service, public schools, modern road systems, travel by automobiles, airline service available. The political and union manuvering to deliver mail 6 days a week to connect rural America is past history. Sears, internal revenue, and others that in the past used the mail to connect for sales and service have ceased as the demand and need no longer exist.
    Demand for USPS products and services has declined AS THE NEED NO LONGER EXIST. More important to have a McDonalds or Wendys than a POST A POST OFFICE. A BIG MAC OR WENDYS BURGER MORE IN DEMAND THAN A POSTAGE STAMP. Reality must be recognized and cost effective operation mandated to keep the USPS relic. USPS is an antique that had promience ehen the need existed comparable to a kersoene lamp prior to electrical lighting replacing primitive needs. Same as electronic mail connecting instantly rather than delivery by phyical means to a physical address with a 1-2 delivery time.

  19. Say goodbye Postal Service; say hello UPS. Thank you Mr. Issa may I have another! Thank you Mr. Issa may I have another!

  20. Why don’t Postal Managementstart at the top of the house, instead of excessing the employees who actually get the mail out on a daily basis! Another fact, why have Postal Management continued business as usual, since the finanical situation began, like stopping the movement of management personnel all over the country on details for 3 to 6 or 12 months at a time, paying hotel, motel, per diem, milage, buying houses and selling houses. This has been going on for years! Why don’t they put management personnel in the job and let them pay their own bills like the regular employees do! This is a highly costly bill for the Postal Sertvice on a monthly basis! As we speak, it ‘s still ongoing!! The Postal Service don’;t tell the American people about this facet of the Postal Service! Also Donahoe left out the fact about his $800,000 per year that he received with everything included. The average postal worker makes nowhere close to that figure, so who’s really MAKING THE MONEY!! Union employees get no bonuses either like management personnel do yearly that have not stopped since this finanical crisis began. I am asking Congress not to allow Postsal Managrement to close postal facilities or take away Americans jobs, unless all of us share this burden. Do not let the Postal Service change the service standard for mail delivery. This will not benefit the Postal Service in the long run.

  21. In the video I saw last night at work Donaho-ho-ho was brilliant. He said even though we might be owed 125 billion don’t count on Clawing back (to use a media term)any of it. How come he wasn’t so cavalier with money when it came to our contract? Open your eyes everybody. We supposedly have no money but 125 billion in overpayments isn’t worth fighting for? There wasn’t a penny in the cupboard to give the clerks a 1cent raise the last 3 years but there was an extra 20,000 if a supervisor wanted to retire.
    What is going on here is the systematic dismantling right before our eyes.

  22. will this be like when they got rid of so many management…they are still here, just in different positions. They got rid of postmasters…they are still post office employees but supervisors instead of postmasters. will they keep the plants open but re-name them so they can say they closed all these plants?

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