Postal Clerk Craft Reassignment Opportunities

eReassign 21 Day Posting

The USPS Bay-Valley District released the following information

Clerk Craft Reassignment Opportunities

 The U.S. Postal Service and the American Postal Workers Union have agreed to provide expanded opportunities for clerk craft employees in installations in which there is clerk craft excessing outside of the installation. Full time clerks in those installations which have current impact on full time regular clerks (Traditional and Non Traditional Full Time) will be able to log in to the eReassign system and apply for the residual full time vacancies posted. A Full time clerk may apply for posted vacancies within their entire district, and to those residual vacancies posted in installations within 100 miles of their present installation.  To be able to view vacancies posted from other districts within 100 miles the FTR clerk must select the other districts. The posting will be open from the first day of the each month until the twenty-first day of each month. During the month the full time clerk may make selections in eReassign by entering the position they wish and the preference order for that selection. A preference order must be included. At midnight Central Time on the twenty-first day the system will lock in all selections. An employee may not withdraw or modify their selection after this time.

These selections will be sent to a management official in the requested installation for review. There will be no review of the employee’s attendance ,discipline, safety records or an evaluation report from the employee’s present supervisor. All selections will be made based on the clerk’s seniority ad preference order. There are four reasons for which an employee may be disqualified.

1. If an employee makes a selection outside of their district or 100 miles from their impacted installation they will be disqualified.

2. If an employee receive a higher preference they will not be considered for a lower preference position in their order.

3. If an employee has not qualified on the appropriate entrance examination for the position, e.g. a mail processing clerk applies for a CFS position but has not qualified on the CFS examination.

4. If there is a driver’s license requirement listed on the posted position and tje employee does not possess a valid state driver’s license which meets the EL 312 standards.

The award will be processed and the successful applicant will not be eligible to particpate in the next 21-day posting based on the impact from the original installation. Once the placement to the new installation has been made any future excessing outside the installation will once again allow access to the 21-day posting.

If there is a special requirement, a scheme, window training, bulk mail training attached to the position it will be noted in the posting. The successful applicant must be currently qualified or will be required to qualify at the gaining installation. The requirements must be successfully completed or the Postal Service will begin  the appropriate process to separate the employee for failure to qualify. The successful employee will be reassigned with their current clerk craft seniority and full time status, but will not be eligible for relocation benefits or retreat rights. A residual vacancy will be posted one time in the 21 day posting. There is no pending qualification or next senior bidder option in this posting.

PTF clerks from installations with PTF clerk impacts will apply as usual but receive the highest priority by the selecting official. Selections for PTF clerk reassignment opportunities will only be processed from Day 22 until the end of the month to allow for ranking of priority consideration in eReassign.

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