Ohio Postal Employees picket over process plant closure

Miami Valley post office employees took to the picket line Wednesday afternoon, after learning Dayton’s mail processing plant could soon close in an effort to cut costs. The workers carried signs that read, “SOS. Save our service. Don’t cancel us out”. Jeanette Carlton, President of the Dayton Chapter of the American Postal Workers Union, said they wanted to raise awareness and stop Dayton’s mail processing from moving to Columbus.


2 thoughts on “Ohio Postal Employees picket over process plant closure

  1. It’s too late to be picketing. I’ve got 25 years Postal Service. These steps SHOULD have been taken years ago when we first starting collapsing in a more
    sensible way. Now, drastic consequences have to be taken. Also, the Postal union served a great purpose in keeping wages high but by the same token, the union ALSO done their fair share in shutting us down by protecting the lazy, worthless dead weight employees that have strangled our ability to function. All the overtime used to cover people who won’t come to work, but get to keep their jobs. FMLA also has destroyed our company. Thank you Bill Clinton. FMLA is abused to the max. It’s like trying to put out a fire that has already consumed your house.

  2. You guys wasted your time.. We did the same thing in Lancaster, Pa… it didn’t help any. They are sending all our raw mail to Harrisburg, Pa…. And as of Sept. 15th ( today )… Donahue is going to shut and close up to 300 plants!!! And going to lower our delivery times by up to 3 days ( in some cases )….. Thank you Donahue and Issa… You guys really know how to ruin America!!!! You fucking Republican Teabaggers!!!!!!!! I want to give a shout out to the rest of Congress for letting the U.S. Postal Service get one step closer to PRIVATIZATION!!!!! Thank you for destroying the MIDDLE CLASS!!!! Go ahead a lay us off.. Now the rich can finally pay their fair share while i’m on welfare.. I won’t feel ashame anymore.. I definitely paid plenty of taxes in my lifetime… P.S… Thank you President Obama for saving good paying AMERICAN JOBS!!!!!

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