14 thoughts on “Video: Conan O’Brien – The U.S. Postal Service Is Hip And Kewl!

  1. Verbally attacking our Commander and Chief and the Union is not the answer to economic problems. Only a small minded, ignorant indivdual who refuses to accept the truth even when presented with it would do such a thing. First of all get the hate out of your heart. Those who spoke in support of saving the Postal Service is correct, pre-funding retirement is the biggest issue. And yes it is true the Postal Service Does Not Operate Off Of Tax Payer Dollars…believe it or not it is a FACT!!! What’s so interesting is those who slam Postal workers and envy these jobs, held mostly by U.S. veterans, had the same opportunity to apply for them. This is the USA and everyone is afforded the opportunity to manage their own life and career. Don’t be jealous because some made different life and career choices than others and don’t be angry because someone dared to stand up and fight for better wages and benefits in which big corporations would not have freely given…like Wal-Mart. Everything we have someone sacrificed, bled, or died for: salvation, freedom, civil rights, women rights, voting rights, etc. You name it and someone you know benefited from it whether it was your mother, father, sister, brohter, whomever. Let’s support preserving employment not raising unemployment numbers. God bless us all.

  2. Union grocery clerks make more than I do. My sister is one. But of course they are also the people ruining this country with their rich union pensions and benefits. We should all quit and make the Real American Tea Pot crowd happy and send all our retirement money to Wall St. billionaires. The job growers don’t you know.

  3. We make modest money? We pay Union dues for modest money. What about the poor slug working at The grocery store or the Home inprovement stores. They make modest money 10 to 15 an hour and can’t retire until age 65

  4. Who approved that stupid video? They should be ashamed! Why not get a respectable celebrity to do a “positive” commercial and not some wanna be comedian who isn’t funny.

  5. So Trev,

    what do you think USPS employess make anyway. Most of us make modest $$. It’s the upper management that don’t work the mail or deliver it that make all the money, those are the overpaid idiots. IF most of those jobs were eliminated the USPS would be in the black. They constantly make stupid decisions that cost money, not taxpayer money either as many people are led to believe. The USPS is NOT funded by taxpayers.

  6. Hey Trev….Have another Swig off your Forty Ouncer! Delivered welfare and SSI checks to people like you for years! Oh……another thing….you know what would be real funny? Your Mother!

  7. I watched this Conan video hoping to see something intelligent and witty. Instead I felt like Conan and crew were being lazy and not funny. The video was a COMEDY FAIL except for perhaps Tea Party bigots. Worse it made me wonder why they were promoting a line of persuasion about the Post Office that has been pushed by right-wing extremist groups like ALEC that are funded by the super wealthy Koch Brother BILLIONAIRES.

    Has Conan sold his soul to the right wing zealots in order to get his show back on television? I doubt this is possible but everyone needs to eat including artists like Conan and sometimes in order to put bread on the table an artist needs to perform for his PAYING audience.

    Sometimes Conan can really make some humorous political commentary but in this instance he has simply missed the mark and fallen into serving the agenda of right wing groups like ALEC.

    Additionally, the premise of the video is that the Post Office is a place that is not up to date, used by creepy customers and with overweight weird postal employees. All of these points are clownish, offensive to the truth and serve a right wing agenda. Furthermore the video implies that somehow because the Post Office is not the internet it is less than the internet…less effective, less safe and less mainstream. Look the internet is awesome and while it has diverted mail volume from the Post Office it has not and will not be able to divert all of the volume. Some things that go through the mail just cannot be transmitted through the internet.

    Let’s be clear, the Post Office would not have lost any money in this modern depression we are in if it had not been required by president Bush a Republican Congress to pre-fund its health and pension funds for the next 75 years. No employer in the public sector or private sector is funded this fully and Congress asked the Post Office to do it in perhaps the 10 worst years economically since the Great Depression. If you remove this requirement the Post Office would not be in the mess it is in today.

    And in case there are still doubters out there about the Post Office’s relevance in today’s $14 trillion US economy, the Post Office anchors a nearly $1 trillion US direct mail industry and has annual revenue of nearly $60 billion in customer revenue. Why should we FUCK with a SERVICE that anchors 7% of our economy during an economic depression? Well I can’t speak for Conan. But the right wingers clearly want to break the postal unions and their workplace regulations so the Shock Doctrine Wall St crowd can do one more IPO of a public sector agency to enrich THEMSELVES at America’s expense. We saw how well that worked with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    Beware of Court Jesters and Licensed Fools as they are always slaves to their wealthy masters. Fuck you Conan!

  8. Wow! People have no sense of humor. I thought the video was great and truthful in many ways! This is an outdated business with over paid employees selling “cardboard tubes”, “padded envelopes” and best of all “Garfield stamps”. LOL!!!

  9. I never found conan funny but now i know he’s a total jerkoff. A whole company closing or laying off 200,000 or more people is never funny. But you have to remember they are celebrities the real world never affects them. And remember this country is creating jobs left and right oh no wait they are cutting jobs left and right. Wow that is funny. Bank of america will layoff 40,000 hsbc 13,000 lets see the skits on that.

  10. Maybe Conan would like some pissed off carriers to go postal on his stupid ass…..Our new video would be ………..WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!

  11. who let the people who concocted this video use the USPS logo and uniforms? There should be something said about this!

  12. That video had zero value for this page. Just more lies about the Poastal Service. I would be interested in knowing why this was posted on this page. I found no humor in it at all.

  13. Wow, now even the Hollywood Liberals are beating up on the Middle Class American Worker. Sign of the Times. Politicians = Bulshit

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