USPS Strategic Priorities Of DRIVE, Part One

With the launch of the “Delivering Results, Innovation, Value and Efficiency” (DRIVE) process earlier this week (Link, 9/7), USPS has embarked on an ambitious effort to change the way it manages its business processes.

The DRIVE effort includes eight strategic priorities that aim to position the Postal Service for future success. The first four cover a wide range of activities across USPS and include:

    • Infrastructure and Operations Optimization. A focus on the design and implementation of a more efficient and affordable network, delivery model and retail strategy.


    • Total Labor Cost. The objective is to reduce labor costs through adjustments in workforce structure, improved processes for Human Resources compliance and dispute resolution, and options for the retirement and health care programs.


    • Product and Services Growth. Ways to expand current USPS business and also take steps to improve pricing models and sales force effectiveness.


  • Enabling and Empowering systems. This priority seeks to reduce IT costs through increased automation, improvements in IT center efficiency, the creation of a universal customer payment account, development of processes to increase product visibility, and upgrades in information security.

Administered by the Postal Service’s Strategic Planning department, the DRIVE process is centered on a set of 36 strategic initiatives, each guided by a senior USPS executive and supported by a cross-functional team of subject-expert managers. Click here for more information.

source: USPS News Link

2 thoughts on “USPS Strategic Priorities Of DRIVE, Part One

  1. The 36 Postal Executives mentioned are, of course, my newest 36 VICE PRESIDENTS OF DRIVE US INTO THE F$#KING GROUND!

  2. Infrastructure and Operations Optimization:
    Closing and consolidating as many facilities as possible.

    Total Labor Cost.
    Getting permission from congress to lay off as many career employees as possible and replace with lower paid, benefitless replacements.

    Product and Services Growth
    Continue to drive away customers with poor service and continue to provide mass mailers with ridiculous postage discounts.

    Enabling and Empowering systems.
    Increase automation to further reduce the workforce.

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