Video: Jon Stewart: Layoff 220,000 Postal Workers – What Could Go Wrong With That?

Postbusters| Jon Stewart Daily Show -A hot new trend called bankruptcy has taken America by storm, and it’s now as close as the corner mailbox.

Appearing before Congress on September 6, 2011, PMG Patrick Donahoe proposed massive layoffs of postal workers. Jon Stewart replied, “Oh, you’re just going to layoff 220,000 postal workers? What could go wrong with that? After all, the phrase ‘going postal’ is virtually synonymous with reacting well to bad news.” Stewart also joked about Senator Clair McCaskill’s suggestion that USPS should launch “a marketing campaign for letter writing: “Hey, I have a better idea! Why don’t we just use stamps as adhesive tape! There, look at this! I just fixed this rip and it only cost $5.”

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  1. Of course UPS and FedEx make money. They only deliver packages and at a higher expense than the Post Office. When they want to raise their rates, they do it. The Post Office always has to request a rate increase throught the Postal Rate Commission which drags their ass for a year before approving only a part of the request.

  2. Really Jon? You used the term “Going Postal”? Haven’t these victims rolled in their graves long enough? Haven’t the families, brother and sister postal workers suffered long enough with this insensitive phrase? How about you update your ignorant term to “Going 911”, “Going Ft. Hood”, “Going Katrina”, “Going Holocast”, you get the picture? No? How about this then, real people were brutally gunned down, murdered by mad men, and you choose to honor those killers rather than let the families of their victims rest in peace. Nice job, keep up the good work! Jerk

  3. 1st cav, I couldn’t disgree more. The US post office has been around 200 plus years. Extreme financial problems coincide with failed Bush ear postal “reform”. UPS and FEDEX will never be required to pre-pay 5.5 billion a year for retirees over the next 75 years. Alot of stuff the government does is crap, but have you ever tried dealing with Dish Network or Chase or any of these other “great private concerns” once they have your money? Get off your Rupert Murdoch High Horse.

  4. “joe mama” actually has a good point. Other postal industry providers continue to flourish but the USPS is a dying breed. They could use a little bit more innovation and progressive thinking.

    The USPS has created a postage meter system but does not execute a sufficient marketing plan around it.

    Email is great, but mail is not dead. The more people move to digital marketing the better chance a direct marketing campaign can stand out.

  5. as you can see anything run by the government is a big failure…….even the military is getting more & more like the post office with each passing day.

    UPS & FDX are making money hand over fist………..their management has University trained executives…..not high school drop outs/GED’s

    the post office is run for the 110,000 po mismanagers not the american public……and now they want a bailout to keep their gravy train running…..and to think cliff goofy thought he was set with his dues money from the PSE and forcing them to join the only health plan-apwu….oh well best led plans of mice & men.

  6. Jon, your show is great.. but please give a little consideration when it comes to peoples jobs.. I admit the USPS is RUN BY MORONS, and have NO PLAN to survive but the craft does a great job in spite of this… mail a 2-3lb package to CA taking 2-3 DAYS for $10.95 hand the clerk a $20.00 and get $10.05 change.. go to our competitors and for the same package hand them a $20.00 and see how much change you get..DEDICATION by the CRAFT (clerks, carriers,mail handlers,rural carriers) get this job done inspite of mgmts inability to manage,because we do care..not a put down on ups ,fed-ex,and all private carriers they ALL do a great job..yes we all can be repaced and so can YOU,,by a cartoon character,,I would not want to see this,, thanx,,bob k

  7. Why isn’t FED EX and UPS screaming they are out of money ? Is it their contract time ? Why does this happen every 4 years ? They always seem to find money to pay the stupidvisors .

  8. I can’t think of a more perfect target for Stewart than our beloved PMG. As for McCaskill, I believe she took an IQ challenge against single cell amoeba, and lost.

  9. There is nothing wrong with the postal service! yes maybe if we could get by without mentioning, fraud waste and abuse, postal theft of top flight managers, frivilous EEO’s and abritration, due to manager not adhereing to Postal binding arbitrations. Then maybe if we look at the ongoing partnering bust with large companies over the years, like Emery and other mergers that did’nt work out, or how about the mis-managing of the postal lease agreement with lessor leasing shabby building for $18,000.00 a month on building not worth $1000.00 a month or how about shady deals with contractor for equipment, and contracting agreements. or how about not holding contractor to agree work and not making them fix countless amounts of shaby maintenance agreement, when they have viable maintenance program, but limit maintenance worker to do certain jobs that can be fixed in house. Or maybe just maybe we can speak of the pay for performance of their manager that have did everything short of bankrupt the postal service, or maybe it because they got CEO’s, and managers pushing mops and broom, and manager that need to push mope and broom. Or have I fell short in mention transportation cost and medical, when they should have bids on the carriers, they give the no bidders or the highest bidder the contract. or the willful practice of out sourcing custodial work to contract paying the 4 times the amount per week that one custodian can do with a measily 2 hours extra overtime. all the woes are thei problem,and what about large mailer discount for work that mail processing machine run three pass for even the mail is received from large mailers out of sequence, and then Motorpool maintanenance, and other areas, and I can fix this without going to congress within one year with the proper support. and one year of the frivilous payout of future retirees benefits overpayment, you be the judge if this can be done, and I rest my case.

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