USPS Issued Patent For Business Impact Assessment Process (BIA)

Patented Protection of USPS Data

The U.S. Patent Office has issued a patent for the Postal Service’s “Methods and systems for determining privacy requirements for an information resource,” also known as the Business Impact Assessment — BIA.

The BIA was developed jointly by the Privacy Office and the Corporate Information Security Office (CISO) as a mandatory requirement for all USPS system application resources. The BIA formally records a resource’s data sensitivity, its criticality for USPS operations and the IT security resources required for resource protection. The International Association of Privacy Professionals recognized the BIA in 2004 with the HP/IAPP Privacy Innovation Award.

Inventors listed on the patent are:

  • Zoe Strickland, former Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
  • Pete Stark, former CISO manager
  • Kevin Ryan, former CISO employee
  • Raymond Landolo, CISO
  • Deborah Kendall, Privacy Office
  • Chris Brannigan, Privacy Office

CISO’s manager Chuck McGann and CPO Michele Mulleady, along with their staff, continue to work with resource business owners to complete the BIA rollout. For more information, contact the CISO at 919-501-9414 or the Privacy Office at 202-268-2608

source: USPS News Link

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