USPS: No Excessing for Failure to Bid on NTFT Jobs

The USPS has instructed Area Labor Relations Managers that employees may not be excessed because they fail to bid on Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) duty assignments. The notice [PDF] was sent in response to union allegations that management is trying to force senior employees to resign or retire by threatening to reassign them outside of their bid office if they don’t bid on non-traditional jobs.

In an e-mail message to the field, the Area Manager for Labor Relations wrote, “APWU President Cliff Guffey has informed us that he has received reports from union representatives in the field that some managers have told employees that they will be excessed if they fail to bid on NTFT duty assignments.” NTFT assignments can range from 30 hours per week to 48 hours per week.

“If LR [Labor Relations] becomes aware of situations involving this allegation please ensure they are investigated and properly handled,” the message continued. “We have advised Mr. Guffey [PDF] that of course, employees have the right to bid on posted duty assignments of their choosing and no employee may be excessed for failing to bid on any NTFT job.”

An article on the union’s Web site on Aug. 25, said Guffey believes management is trying to force senior employees to resign or retire by threatening to excess them. “If you work in an office with junior employees, they must be excessed from the office before you, whether or not they occupy non-traditional schedules,” he said.

“So don’t be intimidated to quit, and don’t be coerced into bidding on a non-traditional assignment unless you want it,” Guffey advised.

“I am pleased with management’s written response,” the union president said. “I look forward to hearing from our members that it is being adhered to in the field.”

APWU:  USPS: No Excessing for failure to bid on NTFT Jobs

12 thoughts on “USPS: No Excessing for Failure to Bid on NTFT Jobs

  1. You talk big on the internet but I bet you pee your pants everytime your fat little stupidvisor looks your way!

  2. Lol, you pathetic twats. This is business as usual with the PO. Doesnt matter how this contract came into being. THE PO WILL ALWAYS VIOLATE ANYWAY THEY CAN. SO STOP YOUR PUSSY WHINING AND ACT LIKE ADULTS AND FIGHT BACK YOU LITTLE BITTY BABIES.

  3. This is just more spin from the idiot from Oklahoma and his bufoon friend from Alabama. Read the e-mail real close. Management will not “threaten” employees with excessing. Excessing has always required notification at the Area Level, not a half-wit supervisor running there mouth oin the workroom floor.

    When there are no longer 30 hour regular jobs available, there very same employees complaining about being threatened will be shown the door. Guffey $#^&%@ us all, and he is still trying to spin the b.s. Watch Guffey video on the APWU web page. “Employees have a choice, accept the NTFT jobn or be excessed out of the office to another 40 hour job, and a junior employee will then be converted into the vacant NTFT job.”

    Guffey should show some dignity and resign.

  4. OK You knuckleheads voted fot this dam agreement with the pressure of Union Officals. I voted NO. So all you jerks who voted for this agreement I hope you get what you deserve. Maybe next time you will read it. Its only just begun. Guffey got us into this lets see if he can get us of of it, or he he just going to take the low road and run and retire……

  5. Amazing! Goofy and his lemmings negotiate this piece of a garbage contract and didn’t bother to get language that woud make it clear that if regulars did not bid on NTFT positions they would not be excessed? Go figure. Goofy took a knife to a gunfight.
    Mgmt. waited in the weeds for the uninformed or self serving members to vote this garbage in and then started their Blitzkrieg. Now they want to petition Congress to disband the union thus rendering the agreement that they just negotiated null and void, (2) replace the current pension system with their own(you know they will have their members welfare in mind) and, (3) replace the current FEHBA healthcare plan with their own. All this after the union agrees to give them up to 50% NFTF positions along with the glorified casuals (PSE’s) thanks to Goofy and the me first membership.
    What do you expect whenever you make a deal with the devil.

  6. hey.. off this subject.. but this needs to be known…. 4 supv.. fired.. from scranton po… a few years ago…. 3 reinstated….. one as pm… one as clerk….. one as supv in mail processing.. .. one lost his case..cause he was stupid…. sorry frank…
    one was a friend on fb.. till i told him how i really feel about him…. . then he just fled…. like the pussys they all are…..i am tough old clerk.. who came up thru the ranks…. record clean….. screw them all..every chance u get….

  7. just remember – this is what union members voted on. looks like most union members failed to read the contract proposal thouroughly before voting .

  8. Local managers often do as they please regardless of statements such as this from HQ. Donahoe himself has directed that redundant reports be eliminated; Instead, Area and District managers have only increased the number of reports the field is required to complete. Donahoe, while DPMG, wrote at least 2 policy letters prohibiting involuntary reassignment of EAS supervisors without written explanation of the service needs that necessitate such a change. This too is routinely ignored, as is the directive stating that managers and supervisors cannot be ordered to use their personal vehicles for Postal business. I could list many more examples of HQ directives that are ignored, but so can every other Postal supervisor or lower level manager.

  9. just think how this would be if we didn’t have professionals negotiate the new contracts. Clear as mud. what is the next section of the contract to be re re re re re negotiated?

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