PMG Provides More Detail On Plan For Solvency

In the second segment of his video series on the “State of Our Business,” PMG Pat Donahoe offers additional details on the Postal Service’s serious financial issues. He also discusses operational changes and other steps the Postal Service and Congress must take to address these issues.

Donahoe has recorded a message in video and audio formats so every facility can access it. It’s available on the Postmaster General’s page on Blue, and he’s asking all employees to view or listen to the message by Sept. 7. Managers and Postmasters will facilitate employee access where necessary.

In his message, Donahoe reminds viewers USPS must overcome the consequences of declining First-Class Mail volume. He says the Postal Service — on its own and with Congress — can act now to restore stability. He calls on Congress to relieve USPS of its burdensome retiree health insurance payment schedule, to refund overpayments to FERS and to allow USPS to move from a 6- to 5-day delivery week.

USPS must meet the reality of lower First-Class Mail volume head-on, says the PMG. As volume shrinks, so too must the network that collects, processes and delivers the nation’s mail. Donahoe restates the Postal Service’s plans to:

■Consolidate the number of plants throughout the U.S.
■Review the operations of up to 3,700 Post Offices, stations and branches
■Continue consolidating delivery routes

Donahoe says the Postal Service has to make sure it “solidifies and stabilizes Postal Service finances going forward,” concluding that “the responsible thing to do is to act now, not wait until it’s too late.”

Click here to view PMG Donahoe’s latest video to employees. (internal)

source: USPS News Link

15 thoughts on “PMG Provides More Detail On Plan For Solvency

  1. This A$$ hole has the audacity to lobby Congress about cutting CSRS, FERS, TSP, and FEHBP. This jack A$$ is pulling down 245K. The only cutting that should be going on is all the useless management starting with him, then the postmasters, management (supervisors), and the big waste of time personnel offices in each major city. Craft employees have had thier share of losses the past few years. Now its thier time. This happens in all industries, including the military. When the military had too many Chiefs, they enacted a reduction in force to remove them. Now this A$$ hole needs to step up to the plate and make a hard decision for all his useless management types. RIF!!!! Especially you A$$ hole

  2. Notice that the PMG does not mention overpayment to the CSRS fund. Overpayments of $50 – $75 Billion as determined by independent audits commissioned by the Office of the Inspector General and the Postal Regulatory Commission. HR 1351, now with 185 co-sponsors, would transfer this CSRS surplus to meet the retiree healthcare pre-funding requirements and put the USPS in the black. 100% of the USPS losses over the past four years are due to this onerous pre-funding mandate. We must concentrate our efforts on convincing those members in the House of Representatives who are not yet co-sponsors. Sept. 30th is only a month away.

  3. Right on Eddie m. These young bucks that are telling people to retire will learn one of these days. I have my retirement date, but that’s my choice. I’m moving on to new adventures. But it’s been kinda fun until APWU President GUPPY arrived. Add that to a company that even if congress does’nt give their blessing to crawfish out of a contract, agreed to in [good] faith, the intent is still there. The Postal Service used to be an eight hour comedy show and we got paid to watch, but it’s not funny anymore.

  4. The idea of forcing craft to retire and save those 110,00 manager support jobs is a great idea. Oh wait how many of those 110,00 are also eligible for that great retirement package?

  5. Everyone is right about moron managers. One thing I never hear brought up is doing away with “park and loop” delivery. I work in little shit-kicker offices in the mid-west.. We spoon-feed the customers, up the stairs, through the slot, down the driveway. Make them put up curbside boxes. We could eliminate half of our carriers. I want my VERA.

  6. If the post office wants to lay off personnel, they should focus on changing the layoff procedure for those who are eligible for immediate retirement(these people would not be eligible for severance pay). Stop hanging around for an incentive, and retire e with one of the best civil service retirement package. RIF these people and save the post office, sucka!

  7. make all routes a true 8 hours. I know of some that my 100 year old grandfather could do in less than 8 hours.and he is as slow as molasses in the winter time.

  8. Does it really take two managers to count flats then tell you that mail is light. One gives you one set of orders then another gives you a different set. They cut routes but instead of saving money they are getting banged out on ot. Because the so called pivot is now overtime. In my station there are three managers in the morning two at computers and one walking around drinking coffee. Then at night the number of managers grow to four or five. One manager gets paid to stand by the 3m case and watch you put letters into three different slots. So they can send someone out to do hot pieces mail that could just be delivered the next day. Oh wait i forgot they get a bonus for that. Even with all this i like this job and am proud to do it too bad these moron managers are ruining it.

  9. I do believe that if you have 30 years of service or more you need to go. This way the boat won’t sink with all of us. This is if your craft or management.

  10. 110, 000 management/’support’ jobs and 465,000 clerk/carrier jobs. PMG always forgets to mention that manager/worker ratio of 1:4.5. Maybe management could do the jobs they were paid to do without all the ‘support’.

  11. Why would the RAT BASTARD Donawhore need to come out with another video

    explaining how he wants to SCREW ALL THE CRAFT WORKERS EVERY WAY

    POSSIBLE??? He has said it all already.




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