APWU Says USPS trying to force senior employees to resign or retire

Thousands of Part-Timers to Be Converted Aug. 27

Thousands of Part-Time Flexibles and Part-Time Regulars in the Clerk and Motor Vehicle Crafts will be converted to regular Aug. 27 under the terms of the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement. “This is an important achievement of our contract,” Director of Industrial Relations Mike Morris said, “although we are continuing to battle with the Postal Service to ensure that management adheres to the rules we agreed upon during negotiations.”

All Clerk Craft Part-Time Flexibles (PTFs) in Level 21-and-above offices will be converted to regular at the start of pay period 19-2011. All Part-Time Regulars (PTRs) — regardless of the size of the office they work in — also will be converted.

In the Motor Vehicle Service Craft, all PTFs and Part-Time Regulars (PTRs) will be converted to regular.

The newly converted regulars should be assigned to residual full-time assignments — with either traditional schedules or non-traditional schedules. However, there are no residual Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) vacancies, because management failed to allow proper opportunities for union input, and failed to post NTFT positions for bid by regulars. Rumors have been swirling, however, that management plans to assign the newly converted regulars non-traditional schedules.

Controversy over the conversions deepened when the union learned that postal officials at the national level had notified managers in the field that the new regulars could be designated as unencumbered and/or unassigned employees with non-traditional schedules — even though the duty assignments had not been posted for bid.

The APWU filed a Step 4 Interpretive Dispute on Aug. 17 [PDF], pointing out that the Memorandum of Understanding [PDF] that established the rules governing NTFT duty assignments does not provide for unencumbered or unassigned schedules.

APWU President Cliff Guffey said he believes management is trying to force senior employees to resign or retire by threatening to excess them. “If you work in an office with junior employees, they must be excessed from the office before you, whether or not they occupy non-traditional schedules,” he said.

“So don’t be intimidated to quit, and don’t be coerced into bidding on a non-traditional assignment unless you want it,” he advised.

In addition to the conversion of the Clerk Craft PTRs and PTFs in Level 21-and-above offices, the contract states that in Level 20-and-below offices, wherever the union can demonstrate the existence of duty assignments of 30 hours or more per week, management must create them. PTFs in larger offices were converted to regular under the terms of the 2006-2010 contract.

source: APWU

23 thoughts on “APWU Says USPS trying to force senior employees to resign or retire

  1. I’m with you Jack. My 1188 is already to go, just got to wait for anniversary date. I’ve been paying dues for 23 years and will only be union free for a short time before I retire. But it’s the point I want to make before I leave.

  2. I have read most post on various websites. All members regardless of their craft appear to be dissapointed with their union representation. I was a union meber for 25 years and I have now decided to leave the Union. For those of you that are thinking about leaving the union, its easy, contact the Greensboro Personel Office at the same number you call for sick leave and listen to the menu. They will advise you of your anniversary date and a very small window of dates that you can quit. Ask your supervisor to print you a copy of PS Form 1188 or ask Greensboro to send it to you. If more of us quit the Union then maybe they will listen to our complaints and stop making deals with management.

  3. I agree Sue V. Wonder of wonders, The majority of the time , managers take the laziest, most sick leave abusing, disgruntled, worst attitude, most disagreeable, worthless pieces of human excrement they can find and make 204B’s out of them ,to get them on their way to supervisors. Mmmm. I wonder how APWU El Presidente GUPPY got his start. Whatever happened to the principal I was raised under; Manage as if it is your own business. Oh well, we are as close to the good ‘ole days as we will ever be.

  4. Oh, I forgot, why are managers always the crappiest workers that we had on the work room floor? We always had to pull their dead weight around while getting the mail done now they are the ones telling to good workers what to do. something is way wrong with this picture. Being lazy should not be a requirement to being management. But with the PO it is required.

  5. I think there needs to be more management cutbacks. Start at the very top with the Post Master General and go down the chain. The workers who actually”touch” the mail to get it delivered has suffered enough with jobs gone. Several of the PMGs Vice Presidents actually got 80,000.00 bonus checks for running this business into the ground. Window clerks are being forced to do other jobs because jobs have been eliminated. All workers are stressed out and angry. Management is so poor that workers have no respect for them at all because they do not know what they are doing. Customers are angry because they have to wait in lines that go out the front door because ” customer service” is a thing of the past. I actually believe that if the PMG had it his way we all would make 8.00 an hour with no benefits and he would continue to be paid an unbelievable wage along with all of his cronies.

  6. LV Carrier, Reducing days of delivery from 6 to 4 or 5 days instead (Tues & or Thursdays off would help) because carriers are spending money doing so, more than they make. Retailing out more clerk work to other companies like Target, Walmart is a good idea, contracting out. Will that happen, no because that is how stupid our government and congress is, they cannot pass anything, anything that makes sense that is. All union cares about is how many people can work so they can continue paying them dues @ 23 dollars plus bi weekly. Union would not be so ballsy about trying to have employees work if they owned the company themselves and had to pay the money out of their own pockets for extra losses as we all know. Being a union member anymore is not as good as what it used to be when there were more protections, better economy for us to benefit and USPS/gov was more generous and giving towards us. Now we are having better prospective about how things are changing. Union is not that great and not as good as they were before due to economy changing and maybe perhaps poor leadership skills in that Union Pres on top gave too much away without holding on more better to more things we could have kept. Everyone has to do what is best for them as far as retiring, especially when not much to retire to. You know back in the 80’s, government found a way to save billions or millions of dollars by paying alot less in retirement. That is why paying are holding out alot longer which sucks.

  7. If the postal Service wants to cut jobs why are the hiring so many PSE’s. We are scheduled now on this 30 hour work week. PSE’s are scheduled 48 hrs a week. We are not full time employees! We are all part time employees. The PSE’s have the full time jobs now. Is this fair? I voted no on this contract so i have the right to complain. You that voted yes just sit back and take it in the (0) and enjoy it.

    We need to pull all crafts together to one body. We all work for the postal service. So let’s have one union with new leadership. We are stronger in numbers.

  8. You want people to retire, allow them to transfer funds directly from their TSP accounts directly to their Mortgage, without penalty or tax. Most people cannot retire because of the size of their mortgage and cannot refinance because of the drop in value. This would help a lot of people and would put the money back into the economy and no doubt would prevent a lot of folks from losing their homes to foreclosure. FIRE IT UP. You would create jobs, by people retiring, you would boost the economy with those funds pumped back in etc. FIRE IT UP.

  9. Excellent stratergy. Must reduce employees. Employees eligible to retire but continue to work awaiting a monatary payment to retire should be automatically retired. OPM should process paperwork notify employee of options available as to life insurance and other options. NOTIFY AS TO DATE OF RETIREMENT and amount of annunity. Employees age 50 and 25 years service retire at no penalty.
    Headquarters STAPH must be drastically reduced as in many cases no return on salary paid. Salaries must be reduced for high level management as salaries are for Federal Employment not in competieve Corporate delivery or air freight business. Pay for Performance in USPS is not feasible as money is wasted to create a number for management levels.
    Congress must take steps to insure steps are taken to reduce cost as revenue generation will continue to decline under present business model. COST WILL CONTINUE TO INCREASE AS OPERATIONS UNDER EXISTING MODE ARE NOT COST EFFECTIVE AS PRESENT BOTTOMLINE IS COLOR RED.
    Delivery days must be reduced as US MAIL is nonessential in daily communication for individuals and businesses. The INTERNET connects both individual and businesses for communication needs instantly not a 1-2 timeframe via the cost of postage tn using the obsolete USPSS.
    CONGRESS must do what it has to do; Retire employees, reduces services such as closing offices and eliminating Sat. street address delivery.

  10. This is what happens when YOUR union, just like OURS becomes more involved in politics than looking out for what is happening from within. It is so sad to see all the political propaganda being sent to our mailbox from our unions, while virtually ignoring what is happening with the destruction of the USPS from within. There are some really DUMB things happening and so much waste in O/T, mandating O/T, way oversized routes w/O/t built in etc. The Union just turns their heads the other way. We, the carriers pay them approximately $5 million, yest MILLION every pay period, FOR WHAT. Not even a free picnic. They spend it all on photo ops with the Washington folks, so they can put their pictures on the front of the crap they mail to us. Unions should be paying taxes on that $5 million.

  11. Don’t roll over and play dead ! Make ’em earn whatever they do to you and never miss the mark , as they WILL do it fair or unfair , they have no scruples . This includes management AND Congress ! !

  12. Go back and find the video of Guffey explaining excessing. He said that if a full-time position was made into a non-traditional job, and the employee at that office did not take it, that they would be excessed and the PTF preferencing for the job would get the job (he was speaking of small offices)

    So which is it Guff?

  13. What a mess, the whole thing is. People thinking that full time regulars would go before nifties and then other people thinking nifties are being excessed before full time regulars. Whole contract seems hard to read and not in lamens terms. If APWU can break down a lot of terminology in their books better, it would make things more simple.

  14. Seems to make sense to excess junior regulars. I remember one ptf voted yes to the contract to save her job, for no other reason. She was a bit snarly. I hope if anyone in my New York office goes, she wlll be one of them.

  15. It isso sad what is happening at the Post Office…what i have experianced is the junior employees harrassing the older employees telling us to get out and retire so they will have a job. Thanks APWU for nothing!!!

  16. After reading about all the unhappy workers and the turmoil I am so glad I walked away from the Postal Service in 2009 and took my retirement after 30 years and never looked back. The APWU is a shell of its former self now! I pity all the people still working at the Postal Service who have to take all the crap from management on daily basis and really don’t have a union to represent them anymore.

  17. dont worry cliff goofy & mike morris you do not scare me….we know you sold us out with PMG Don-the-Hoe you Judas goats…..only he knows the saying 3 can keep a secret as long as two are dead.

    looks like you two dopes should be the ones to worry……..I don’t think Donny boy really like you two a**holes!

    I also want you two bums to cough up my $980 COLA. to show you you dont scare me I sent in my 1188 form….not paying you lowlifes one more penney for nonrepresentation- no more union dues as of pp18. I my be old but I still have a brain….in some ways I like the VC better than you 2 bums…..they came at me from the front, didnt come from behind and stab me in the back like you two scum.

  18. 110,0000 management/’support’ jobs and 465,000 clerk and carrier jobs. A 1:4.5 manager/worker ratio is INSANE. Management will not cut from their own ranks, so they bully and harass craft employees. Such fine ‘civil’ servants in management (hahahahahaha).

  19. Is the APWU asleep behind the wheel? I have been on tour 1(midnights) for 31/2 years already after being on the day tour for 20 years because the Postal service called it a cost cutting measure.Bullshit all it was ,was a ploy to get senior people to resign or retire.Come on APWU wake up you are only at least 3 years late

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