Customer survey says USPS employees providing better service

How USPS treats its customers does matter. Every quarter the CEM survey asks for feedback from customers on their experience with receiving and sending mail, the Post Office they most frequently visit, their most recent experience with contacting USPS and their overall experience.

Customers are saying USPS employees are providing better service. Nearly all of the key CEM metrics — including the likelihood to recommend USPS, experience with receiving and sending, experience with most frequently visited Post Office and overall experience — increased in Q3 among residential and small-to-medium business customers.

Customers’ sending experience and tracking effectiveness improved to 90 percent and almost 83 percent respectively in Q3. Tracking effectiveness has consistently improved throughout the current fiscal year. The Postal Service’s scanning campaign also is delivering results.

Residential contact experience also increased in the third quarter, driven by improvements in “resolving the issue promptly.” Improvement also was seen in other aspects of contact experience: “providing the information I needed,” “easy to reach,” and “available at a convenient time.”

“We must continue to focus on our customers,” said Consumer and Industry Affairs Vice President Susan LaChance. “Providing a positive customer experience will improve our chances for repeat customers and they will grow our revenue.”

According to CEM data, USPS has an opportunity to make the customer experience even better by focusing on employee efficiency, attentiveness, courtesy and USPS valuing their business. Delivery consistency remains important. Incorrect mail delivery decreases the perception of mail safety and trust in USPS, and lowers customer evaluations of the most important driver of the receiving experience — delivering the mail to the right place.

Click here to see the Q3 CEM report and to learn more about what customers are saying about their experiences with postal services and products.

source: USPS News Link

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  1. The Postal Service brags on the use of their boxes for shipping at a low price but I used this service and am not pleased with the results. It took 18 days for a package to be delivered and part the contents had been lost due to mishandling of the package. I understand the amount of mail that is send everyday but I will use an alternate company for mailing packages in the future. This is one of the reasons that UPS and Fedex has a thriving business. They care about the packages intrusted to their care.

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