PMG Names Cliff Rucker as Vice President, Sales

PMG Pat Donahoe has named Cliff Rucker vice president, Sales. Rucker had been acting vice president since May 31.

A 29-year veteran of the Postal Service, Rucker began his career as a part-time letter carrier in Anaheim, CA. He is a former manager, Operations Support for the Southwest Area. While in that position, Rucker was part of the leadership team responsible for the Southwest Area’s top ranking in national performance assessment for three years in a row. He is also a former district manager of the Houston and Oklahoma districts and was a PCES Postmaster.

Rucker was the recipient of the Chief Operating Officer Award in 2010 and has won three Vice Presidents Awards during his career. He has completed executive training programs at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and at Columbia University.

As vice president, Sales, Rucker is responsible for the direction and management of the Sales organization, including market competitiveness, distribution and business development. He also is primarily responsible for meeting the Postal Service’s customer acquisition and revenue goals.

source: USPS News Link – August 18, 2011

6 thoughts on “PMG Names Cliff Rucker as Vice President, Sales

  1. These guys make a MINIMUM of 200 G’s. Plus their big bloated staffs. F**K YOU, F**KING PIECE OF SH*T DONAHOO FAT BASTARD!!!!

  2. Way to go Cliff. I knew that hair was gonna take you far. Please don’t forget your award losing Houston District. Still smoking?

  3. His job would probably pay for 3 clerk jobs thru their retirement. We’re losing money because of all the money we’re wasting on management and their petty perks.

  4. Great another VP. Get real Donahue. When a craft job is vacated it is eliminated. It is amazing how you do not have a clue what you are doing and the harm you are causing. You need to start by eliminating relocation benefits for upper management when they choose to take another job in another state. Stop allowing management to go on detail assignments in other states just to get rich off per diem, room and board. For God sakes stop buying their houses for some unreasonable price. If a craft employees choosing to transfer to another state they receive no benefit in fact they lose their seniority. If upper management wants to apply for a job in Denver and they live in Iowa why is their moving expenses including possibly purchasing their house paid for by USPS so therefore the public. If they choose to relocate that should be their expense not the USPS. If this isn’t a misuse of public funds. I ask what is? Stop acting like the crooks on Wall Street.

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