NALC to defend members, America’s Postal Service in 2011 contract talks

Washington — The National Association of Letter Carriers promised to vigorously represent the country’s most trusted federal employees and to defend the long-term viability of America’s most trusted federal agency, the United States Postal Service, in negotiations for a new labor contract that commenced here today.

NALC President Fredric V. Rolando called on Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe to bargain in good faith and to disavow the regressive and destructive path unveiled last week when the Postal Service unleashed a lobbying campaign to convince Congress to reduce postal services to the nation, to slash the postal workforce by 220,000 employees and to attack the collective-bargaining rights of America’s hard-working letter carriers.

“Despite the Postal Service’s outrageous show of bad faith at the start of these negotiations, we are prepared to negotiate a fair, responsible and innovative labor agreement to reward our members and to position the Postal Service for a stronger and better future,” Rolando said.

“Letter carriers and NALC have worked tirelessly over the past four years to help the USPS overcome the impact of the Great Recession, helping to maintain high-quality service at the most affordable postage rates in the world,” he said. “Even as we press Congress and the administration to reform the crushing retiree health pre-funding mandate that accounts for 100 percent of the Postal Service’s losses over the past four years, we are ready to roll-up our sleeves at the bargaining table to creatively negotiate a contract that helps the USPS better serve the American people and the $1.2 trillion industry it supports—we are not prepared to shut out the lights on one of America’s greatest institutions.”

“We need to strengthen our nation’s only truly universal communications network, not dismantle it,” Rolando said. “We want to work with management to restore the Postal Service to health and to help it grow, offer new services and evolve to meet the changing needs of the country and the American economy.”

15 thoughts on “NALC to defend members, America’s Postal Service in 2011 contract talks

  1. Don’t waste time talking to usps…they will not give an inch….
    jump over the normal procedures and go directly to ARBITRATION….



  2. There is only one fix for this sky is falling scam implemented by management. A nationwide lock-out of every weasel manager that slithers to work every day to pretend that they actually do or micro-manage anything. The 6 most senior WORKERS would rotate daily operations at plants and stations Monday to Saturday. All you little kiss asses in this forum that want to hand over all your union negotiated BENEFITS and bad mouth all the union workers while sucking up to management to make yourself appear somehow better than the regulars can eat shit and die!!!!! The squeaky wheel doesn’t get the grease anymore. With Donahoe’s new plan the low seniority kiss-asses are the first to go. BYE BYE

  3. The post office is the last source of true privacy. We have the right to privacy, or do we? The internet, facebook, banks, and gps know where you are and what transactions you make at any given time. Good citizens have nothing to worry about or do they? In the wrong hands unscrupulous people know what you have and where you are too. Hmmmmmmm something to think about. PRIVACY

  4. Be Real eliminate sick leave. Right have a bunch of sick people come to work and get everybody else sick. You will always have abuse at work when it comes to sick leave. The Postal Service needs to offer a real early out. The next thing the postal service can do to stay around is to find more ways to generate revenue, such as delivering groceries using the networks we already have in place and on the routes we are already using. We do need better management that’s obvious. The next thing is to get rid of those !!!!!!!!!! idiots not letting the postal service operate like a real bussiness then expecting them (USPS) to make a profit like UPS, etc, so they (Congress) can use the money they say is being held for EMPLOYEES retirement and health benefits. Lastly stop all those crooked contracts and kickbacks.

  5. I agree with LV Carrier. There are way too many deadbeats dragging down the postal service. You can’t make them work. They have the “go slow to make more dough” mentality.

  6. If the post office eliminates the “no lay-off clause”, they would/should go after people who are eligible for (1) civil service retirement, (2) FERS retirement.. These people are just bleeding the post office and would allow younger employees to keep their jobs.

  7. You have to wonder why NALC execs are not spreading the word about hr1351 on a national media level.Maybe they should think outside the box and spread the the facts to the public Expecting the rank and file to this is mediocre however optimistic.We need to explore other ways to inform the citizens on vital issues concerning the NALC

  8. Do not expect the union to defend you or back you up or accomplish much of anything unless you are a dead beat or constantly screwing up and just plain doing stupid stuff. The union has their heads so far up the politicians arses in Washington and the only requirement is they have a ‘D’ after their name. I wonder why we don’t get much support from the other side.The ‘D’ folks are convincing you to do all the things that are bankrupting the USPS and the country as well. and you nod in agreement and hand them a big check so you can get photographed with them to put on the front pages of the propaganda you send to our house. Virtually every publication or mailing I get is all about politics. Try keeping our dirty laundry in our house(the USPS) and solve our own problems realistically. All congress is going to do is take our money and make false promises.

    There are approximately 203,000 carriers in the USPS and granted, not all are union members, but most are. I would venture to say close to 90% are dues paying members. Those dues are close to $26 every 2 weeks. Do you realize our NALC Union takes in approximately $5 MILLION, yes 5 MILLION dollars every 2 weeks. Where does it go, what do we get for it, not even a free picnic. You talk about Jack Potters salary, maybe we need to look at some union salaries, rent, travel expenses, political donations etc, etc, etc.

  9. Did anyone else notice how the Pay-For-Performance psuedo-bonuses didn’t get taken away until just awhile back? Management was too happy to reduce staffing, eliminate post offices, and cut jobs all this time..but still keep it’s bonuses. And it wasn’t a voluntary thing by the execs. It was forcibly taken away as i understand it *snicker*. Which means they still might’ve gone to Congress to force layoffs and such and still kept the bonuses. So don’t be too willing to take a pay cut or accept layoffs and believe the doom and gloom. Stay vigilant.

  10. I say eliminate sick leave and you will see a lot of people who constantly call in sick actually come to work

  11. hey kemp…in all this mess building up over the last 5 years, mismanagent has not put one dime of concession into the pot. if you want to save the PO $400 bucks on uniform allowence- than don’t use it.

    this year the mismanagement gave themselves a 5% raise, PFP bounus money of 10% of base pay, and not one mismanagement position has been eliminated………..I will not give one penney of concession money until the mismanagement losers who have shown no profit since 2006 and are losing 1 billion a month get rid of 20% of the bloated 110,000 mismgt positions.

    the pre-funding money is a red herring…….mismanagement corruption is the reason for the red ink. the union management only wants to keep the status-quo so they can keep those parties in Vegas going.

  12. negotiate with the devil in good faith….are these NALC clowns on crack. bypass the criminal mismanagement and go straight to Congress and tell them you cannot bargin with the criminals who ran the place into the iceberg.

    we need new management. there has to be retired Fortune 500 executives that could come in and right size current po mismanagement.

    my vote…retired Chairman & CEO Robert Crandall of American Airlines Corporation legend in Finance and fixing broken Fortune 500 companies.

  13. I think to cut down on postal debt would be to eliminate the money the postal service gives us for postal clothing. As a carrier i recieve close to 400 dollars a year for clothing it adds up i think if the postal service pays their employees postal clothing allowance it should only be every other year or nothing at all. I think that the 400 dollars a year that they spend on each of us is way to much. Every little bit counts in this hard time ahead

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