Postmaster Vacancy Closes Rural Post Office in Kansas

Marienthal, Kansas customers were told their post office boxes can be transferred to either Scott City (16 miles away)  or Leoti (8 miles away).

“It is due to a lack of qualified personnel,” said Brian Sperry, a Denver-based spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service. “The review still is in progress at Marienthal. In fact, it hasn’t even started.”Sperry was referring to a review of the Marienthal post office for possible permanent closure. “It is an emergency suspension of operations,” Sperry said about the planned Marienthal closure on Aug. 20. “No final decision has been made.” He said the former postmaster was transferred to Leoti, leaving Marenthal with no worker. “Sonja Baker is the postmaster in Marienthal,” Sperry said. “However, she is going to the Leoti Post Office to be the officer-in-charge, and there was no one to replace her in Marienthal.”Marienthal’s post office will close Aug. 20.”