Postal Watchdog Issa Is In Congress Helping His District, and Himself

Most wealthy members of Congress push their financial activities to the side, with many even placing them in blind trusts to avoid appearances of conflicts of interest. But Mr. Issa (pronounced EYE-suh), one of Washington’s richest lawmakers, may be alone in the hands-on role he has played in overseeing a remarkable array of outside business interests since his election in 2000.

Even as he has built a reputation as a forceful Congressional advocate for business, Mr. Issa has bought up office buildings, split a holding company into separate multibillion-dollar businesses, started an insurance company, traded hundreds of millions of dollars in securities, invested in overseas funds, retained an interest in his auto-alarm company and built up a family foundation.

As his private wealth and public power have grown, so too has the overlap between his private and business lives, with at least some of the congressman’s government actions helping to make a rich man even richer and raising the potential for conflicts.

source: New York Times

9 thoughts on “Postal Watchdog Issa Is In Congress Helping His District, and Himself

  1. I wish he would go into the piece of crap USPS Bell facility and knock some heads around. That place is pathetic. I’ve lost count the number of packages that have been lost in that postal black hole. Someone needs fired there. Actually A LOT of people need to be fired there. They should move the entire facility somewhere else where people know how to do their jobs. Check it out Darrell Issa!

  2. Nice choice of words Tuna Salad. You sound like an ignorant fool. If I were to say that many of your relatives or people you associate with receive governmental assistance, would that be on par with your ramblings? Get educated, stop watching TV and think for yourself

  3. Most of the “Tea Party” is a bunch of old white fools that hate niggers. And the whole “movement” was started by billionaires like the Koch Brothers and heavily invested in and promoted by Rupert’s Fake News.

  4. You need to do some research outside of the system if you want to have a valid opinion.
    EX= PREfunded Retirement scam.
    In 1971 the post office was legally bound to a Fully Funded retirement system for both pension and medical. Why? There was becoming a problem that later Pres J Carter fully supported, to only have a small fraction of money actually in retirement accounts. So the companies were using most of the employee and matching funds as they felt year by year. GAO went after the post office after 2k because they were renigging on on their contractual obligation. Now even our own unions believe that the mandatory payments by the PO are some “new” thing that isn’t necessary.
    I want to continue to know that ALL of my retirement benies are actually waiting for me, not the as little as 10% that most co.’s have. As the downsizing occurs this is more crucial because LESS people are avail to maintain the system.

  5. Most of the teaparty is wide assortment of groups that existed b4 the tea party and they are not big buisness supporters. they are constitutionalists who know that the gubmint we have now is totally corrupt and ANTI CONSTITUTIONAL, and in fact is completely ILLEGAL. The main stream,owned by these same illegal people posing as gubmint, lies about everything as do both,(what’s the diff btw them?) repub & dem.

  6. Rich people do not belong in gov., his greed is getting in the way of good thinking. Maybe he wants to buy the post office too!!

  7. This man shouldn’t be a part of any government or fedreal agency. He shouldn’t have anything to do with the postal service.

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