Man Says Mailman Was Sleeping On The Job

.. one local man says instead of hard work, he saw a postal worker sleeping in an empty field. In a picture taken by Sam Bowersox, he says a postal worker was taking a snooze in a field in the middle of the day.

“It’s obvious that he’s sound asleep,” Bowersox said.

So Bowersox took some pictures as proof, hoping the postal service could do something.  full story from KRIS.TV – CORPUS CHRISTI


16 thoughts on “Man Says Mailman Was Sleeping On The Job

  1. Hey Bowersox, get a life, The Carrier is allowed a 30 minute lunch. If he decides to nap under a tree, GREAT! Glad you know all, see all, and tell all, without a single fact. Typical Tea-party Texas loser!!!

  2. this guy is a loser !!! just like the media that wasted its time reporting it.. you just wasted your 15 minute of fame..looooser

  3. Huuum, interesting. did the man bother to go wake up the carrier and see if he was on his lunch break??? Of course he didn’t. Guess what, sometimes on my lunch break (that I’m NOT paid for.) I will set an alarm on my cell phone and take a nap at a park that is on my route. This is MY time, I can do that. And so can that carrier in the field. Wish people would at least get all the facts in before they start making waves over nothing.

  4. Sam Bowersox mail was just put on hold….by me!

    Take that Sammy! You are gonna get dog sprayed.

  5. 100% agree with Terrance walker…I had mandatory one hour lunch but i only needed about 20 minutes for lunch…. I used to social with coworkers during lunch hours but found mentally struggling with afternoon tasks. Therefore, I decided to use the first few minutes to continue finishing morning requests and then take lunch with remaining time for my beauty rest, so I can give 100% to afternoon demands. Americans look at power nap as a weakness but brain needs that mid-day10 minutes rest to be recharged/mental productive.

  6. i used to be a mailman, i also slept during my lunch break. we were not paid during lunch so its our own time.

  7. I carried mail over thirty years. as I aged I would take a catnap in my truck during my lunch which we must take by orders of the new postmaster. we get two 10 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch.Prople who were concerned would usually walk up to the truck and ask if I was OK. the man doesnt say how long he observed this carrier napping . but he should get a life . carrying mail in the het and cold can be quit tiresome. I wonder what Sam did for a living apparently he doesnt have a life or caring to see if the carrier was OK.

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