USPS Ends National Reassessment Process (NRP) For Injured On Duty Postal Employees

From reader: National Reassessment Process is Dead! Finally!  The attached notice is all we’re going to get?  Note that the phrase “adequate work” has replaced NRP’s “necessary work.”  This is consistent with ELM 546.  The MSPB picked up on that.

As reported several months ago, USPS is referring to NRP as ELM 546.


Here is the text of USPS notice:
July 1, 2011


SUBJECT: Modified Assignment Process for Limited Duty and Rehabilitation Employees

The reassessment of Limited Duty and Rehabilitation employees, referred to as the National Reassessment Process (NRP), concluded on January 31, 2011.

Assignment of Limited Duty and Rehabilitation employees will continue to be made in compliance with Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM) Section 546, Handbook EL 505, all applicable federal laws and regulations, and our collective bargaining agreements. And the attached Guidelines for Assignment should be used when trying to identify adequate work for limited duty and rehabilitation employees.

As questions arise, managers and supervisors should work closely with Health and Resource Management, Labor Relations, the Human Resources Manager, and the Law Department in order to clarify the issues presented and to ensure compliance with both Postal Service and federal regulations.

We will appreciate your support and assistance to ensure these guidelines are met.

Deborah Giannoni-Jackson

Vice President

Employee Resource Management

USPS National Reassessment Process (NRP) Notice

6 thoughts on “USPS Ends National Reassessment Process (NRP) For Injured On Duty Postal Employees

  1. To: Postal Victim (and others) Do not be a victim twice. #1 As soon as you received a letter that you were terminated you should have filed for unemployment. #2. Contact a lawyer that specializes in Wrongful Termination. Do not get caught up wasting time to fight the USPS internally. #3 File the Union Grievance. #4 File the EEO and do not forget as a remedy “to be made whole” and you want reasonable Atty Fee’s.. #5 Since you were a Steward, File with the NLRB. Once you have completed #’s 1-5 then you get witness statement’s. Be sure to keep all your Steward Files. They will come in handy to show the various Agency’s the retaliation. If you file OSHA Complaints, file a retaliation charge with the OSHA. You have to go the extra mile. Lawyers do not want a lazy ass disgruntled ex-employee in their office. God helps those who help themselves. Take control and keep in control. You will prevail but you have to understand it takes time. e-me if you need help.

  2. True story: Last year, I was removed by the USPS (agency) from my job of nearly 16 years for absolutely no fault, no wrongdoings and no crime committed. I had perfect attendance and above average work performance. I earned several awards for catching fake money orders too many times. I went by the book and followed the laws.

    You may wonder than why I was removed? Well, I was a union steward. We had too many CBA violations. The agency refused to provide me documents. I filed several unfair labor practice (ULP) charges. Trust me, NLRB is a joke. They have no back bone. They lack will to pursue and have no guts to investigate. They did absolutely nothing to help me. How about APWU local? Give me a break. Local President withdrew removal grievances at step 2 and killed it. He allegedly stole union funds and is DOL radar. He was agency’s mole and colluded with them to fire me.

    Local management started harassing me and issued me false disciplines. I filed EEO. Agency retaliated. They hatched a plot to remove me and issued me notice of removal and removed me. I hired a lawyer. During discovery, we requested each and every e-mail and each and every document with my name on all over the agency. They provided us several hundred e-mails. Boy, you would not believe me. It was a setup, a clear conspiracy and a plot with several actors. My removal was a pretext.

    I prevailed in the EEOC and the judge asked us to submit damages. The agency is now objecting to our damages I suffered. I expect to go back to work when the dirt is settled.

    I knocked on each and every door you could think of seeking justice and intervention at all levels.I pleaded several times at each step of the way to resolve my unlawful removal and begged to serve me justice.

    The agency just shut the door. They poke fun at me and enjoyed my removal clearly seen in their e-mails. No one at the agency, I repeat no one at the agency even bothered to listen to my pleadings and investigate the issues.

    My damages are enormous and countless. I suffered so much physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and financially that no monetary award can compensate me.

    Severe depression
    Marital problems and loss of pleasure of pleasure of life
    Emotional distress
    Loss of standing in the community and family
    Moody, angry, unhappy and full of anxiety
    Isolation and social withdrawal
    Loss of self esteem
    Memory loss
    Inability to concentrate
    Strained relationship with loved ones
    Extreme stressful
    Financial loss and loss of assets
    Unnecessary legal and other related expenses
    Buried under debt
    Depletion of financial resources
    Loss of income and all benefits, retirement, leave etc.

    I suffered all of these for absolutely no fault of mine, no wrongdoings and no crime committed while the agency officials lied under oath and committed perjury several times.

    Bottom line: If you are discriminated against, retaliated against and removed, , file EEO and request each and every document, e-mails that has your name on it in discovery and of course hire a lawyer who is labor-employment law specialist.

    I may have a case against the union and the agency for “Wrongful Termination”. See Bowen V. USPS. My case is pretty much similar except Bowen had an altercation while I committed no crime.

  3. Greetings all on this very helpful site..

    To all interested. I got in touch with a representative of the lawyers that are involved in the NRP class action to verify if I have a claim number.

    According to them.. there are 120,000 class members!

    Now I asked how in the world they if they would win this class action, be able to gain equitable compensation for this many class members?

    I was told that IF they were to win this class action.. they dont even know if there can even be compensation.. that is down the road!

    Now the USPS is using the NRP class action against others filing EEOC against them. They are having their cases chopped or dismissed due to the NRP class action.

    I feel this is just another tool by the USPS to get around the direct discriminatory actions they used against their employees.

    We were not given the option to opt out of this class action.. we were merely told we were in it.

    If in fact it is true that there are that many– we have a slim to none chance of even gaining any equitable compensation for the damages they caused us.

    I need feedback .. If the USPS is using the NRP class action as a tool to buffer themselves in other EEOC cases knowing that the Class action itself is going to be to their benefit I would say that again we are being wronged.

    If any can find out more information .. please post … and thank you.

  4. Now the real LAZIES will have to find another way to justify their management positions. 110,000 management/’support’ jobs and 465,000 clerk/carrier jobs: any 5th grader could tell you that is a system with too many managers; and, they need ‘support’ to do their jobs. What a joke. And they must be proud to tell their children that they harass injured workers and employees with 25 yrs or more od dedicated service.

  5. We lost enough money trying to screw the employees. I tells ’em, “$#$%@# it, we can’t win” sews dey listen ta meese dis dime.

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