Issa: USPS $3.1B Loss Means Reforms Needed to avoid Taxpayer-funded Bailout

Issa Statement on Postal Service Losses

WASHINGTON- Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., issued the following statement today as the United States Postal Service announced its third quarter losses for the current fiscal year. First-Class Mail volume was down over 6 percent compared to the same quarter last year.

“The Postal Service’s announcement of yet another multi-billion dollar loss underscores the need to enact meaningful reforms in order to avoid a taxpayer-funded bailout. These deficits clearly cannot be closed by bailing out the Postal Service with taxpayer money or allowing the postal service to amass obligations to employees, retirees, and taxpayers that are unlikely to be fully met in the future.

“The increasing use of electronic, paper-free technology has caused a permanent decline in mail usage and the Postal Service must adapt its outdated brick-and-mortar model to meet current customer needs. Only serious cost-cutting structural reforms that reduce workforce costs and rightsize infrastructure can save the Postal Service and prevent a multi-billion taxpayer funded bailout.”

H.R. 2309, the Postal Reform Act of 2011, introduced by Chairman Issa and Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Fla., is the only legislation introduced this Congress that will return the Postal Service to solvency and avoid a multi-billion taxpayer funded bailout. Click here for more information about the Postal Reform Act. Copies of the third quarter financial results will be available later today on the Postal Service website:

16 thoughts on “Issa: USPS $3.1B Loss Means Reforms Needed to avoid Taxpayer-funded Bailout

  1. Its time to remind the people that represent us in Congress and The Senate, That the people come first. This Issa ,thief/ liar/ has to be voted out of his position. The Unions need to step to the plate in his region and assure he is not in his seat come next election. Also its time for the upper management of this company to fight for its number 1 resource , the Employees. Streamline yes, destroy and crush the whole service absolutly not !!!

  2. All you idiots that claim that the USPS is not used anymore because of electronic bill pay etc. Listen up. You step back and listen to what you said when it’s time for elections. All you idiots use the USPS to send your campaign crap to every registered voter. Now, how about you not “take advantage” of getting a steal with your discount/standard postage, and send all that crap 1st class mail. I for one who work for the USPS look at the corner of my mail when I get it and if it has Standard postage or stamp stating anything other than 1st class, I usually don’t look at it. I rip it up and toss it. If it has 1st class postage I figure someone thought enough about it’s value and must really want me to see it. I will open anything 1st class.

    Now as far as this Issa character goes, how in the hell did he ever get elected to office? And how is it that he’s been able to “brainwash” a bunch of people about the USPS? Listen up APWU, NALC, etc. It’s time you start speaking up….LOUDLY! Time to let the American public know how the USPS really operates and how ignorant our “leaders” are about it.

  3. We are all doomed unless we get the Teabag f**knuts out of Congress. These f**king Rethuglikkkans will never compromise. And that is the nature of politics. They will never give up tax payer give-aways to billionaires and corporations.

  4. Who is issa to whine about postal employee pay? congress is $14 trillion in the hole. do the math what is 3 billion compared to that? maybe issa and his tea party buddies should take a pay cut! better yet. downsize them in 2012.

  5. Someone needs to ask issa when has the postal service ever received a bailout. These deficits were manufactured by him and his repugnicant twisted sisters under the bush administration. The postal service has always paid her bills without the help of tax payer dollars so for him to ignore the pre-funding mandate legislated by them (repugnicants) leading to these deficits is the height of hypocracy. Unlike him and his twisted repugnicants legislatures that voted for two unfunded wars, unfunded tax cuts and a prescription drug bill that lead to the massive deficits confronting our nation today our CBA is fully funded. As a matter of fact thus the term PRE-FUNDING. This RAT (issa) chairs the congressional oversight committee whose investigative arm for the postal service is the Office Inspector General. However, because he refuses to accept the OIG overpayment findings his bill would create a committee that would effectively override their investigative authority. I bet this twisted sister has tracks in front of his boxers.

  6. Issa,What a complete Moron!He has no clue how to fix the USPS and he should just go back into that hole He crawled out of.

  7. Yeah Issa the liar, you bailed out wall street, so even if you want to call it a bailout, it should be done. You and your croonies have destroyed the USA credit rating, so why would you stop there? You want to destroy the USA and make sure the rich stay rich while the rest of us are treated like slaves and have our rates increased.

    You Issa should go away, go away and die.

  8. Issa is a f$#king crook. And this whole system is idiotic. The PO (fed) is losing money because it has to pay the fed.

  9. The Postal Service has 37 BILLION dollars in the bank and we are screaming about reforms? Why are we borrowing money to put money in the bank? This is so ridiculous. Issa should be Returned to Sender!

  10. Rep Issa need to go back to Califortnia and stay there! Why is it always a negative comment! Why don’t Issa talk about the overpayment Congress need to pay the Postal Service back for the $50 to $70 billion overpayment paid to the retiree pre- fund program? The only federal agency that Bush put this stipoulation on before he wnt out of office in 2009? It was being set in place then for the Postal Service to fail and men like him and Issa privitize the Postal Service and open their own mail company and pay minimun wages and keep the people barely making it! They want to fatten their pockets some more!! Then then on top of that, the country will have 400,000 more taxpaying citizens out of work and on the street looking for jobs! Also drawing unemployment! Is this what America wants. Do we have any body in congress brave enough to speak up to this man Issa! What are you congressmen doing, just playing games with all of us! Another election is coming up and I hope all of you lose your seat! You don’t seem to care about anybody or anything that’s important to this country, but your own selfish selves. The Postal Service need to be saved. Your mail cannot and will not be delivered daily for 44 cent a letter. UPS and Fed Ex will not do it.

  11. First class mail volume is down. Issa always forgets to mention that parcels, advertising are as high as ever. And that postage rates are the lowest of any nation in the world. The next cheapest first class postage is 11 cents higher than the USA.

  12. Watch Out !! Here come the Robber Barons! Trying to privatize the PO! I looked at the video of him, to paraphrase my Grandma ” He’s so full of S__T his eyes are brown. True.

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