USPS Moving 4 Wyoming Mail Processing Operations to Casper Postal Center

As a result of a study begun on Feb. 10, 2011, the Postal Service has made the decision to move mail processing operations from the Worland, Gillette, RIVERTON and Sheridan Wyoming Customer Service Mail Processing Centers to the Casper, WY, Processing & Distribution Facility.
Colorado/Wyoming District Manager Selwyn Epperson said, “Given the drastic 20 percent decline in mail volume the Postal Service has experienced since 2007, we must take action to reduce the size of our mail processing network. Consolidating operations and placing our people where we need them is necessary if the Postal Service is to remain viable to provide mail service to the nation.”

“I understand our employees’ concern over this move,” Epperson added, ”but the consolidation makes sense given the fiscal realities. The Casper, WY, Processing & Distribution Facility has the capacity to handle the additional workload and we can realize significant savings by shifting operations there.”

The transition is expected to be completed by October, 2011. Affected career employees will be reassigned to other vacant positions.

“This move will not cause any changes in local mail delivery,” said Epperson. “Letters mailed to local addresses will be delivered the next day, the same as before. I am confident the transition will be smooth and transparent to our customers and they will continue to receive the same excellent service they always have.”

There will be no change in current delivery service standards for 97 percent of the mail and with service standards to be upgraded for the remaining 3 percent. Service to ZIP Codes areas 820 to 822-828 will improve from 2-day to overnight. “The significant cost savings and productivity gains expected from this consolidation were deciding factors in making this very difficult decision,” said Epperson.

Full retail services for customers will still be available at the

  • Worland Post Office at 119 N. 7th St., Worland, WY 82401-9997.
  • Gillette Main Post Office at 311 S. Kendrick Ave., Gillette, WY 82716-9997
  • Riverton Main Post Office at 501 E. Main St., Riverton, WY 82501-9997
  • Sheridan Main Post Office at 101 E. Loucks St, Sheridan, WY 82801-9997

4 thoughts on “USPS Moving 4 Wyoming Mail Processing Operations to Casper Postal Center

  1. I do not understand the reasoning behind closing offices and putting carriers, mostly the rural carrier craft, into a different office, makes no sense, going to pay out more money on mileage, so where is the savings in that?? Poor management is to blame for so many things going wrong in the Postal Service, Cut out the managements bonuses, hire them at a lower pay, just like you will do for carriers, take away the cars that is used for MPOs to run around in, let them use their own cars, just like most rural carriers has to do when delivering mail. What is fair for one should be fair for all, and get rid of all the bosses to make the same decision, don’t need a boss to tell another boss to tell another boss what to do. All the poor management needs to stop, get the USPS back to where it should be.

  2. don’t believe anything that is promised in the APWU contract.
    the contract is a dud, and the union will not try to enforce anything when management comes to harass you!!!!
    the 50 miles radius limit is a big joke on the employees.
    just hope you are old enough and have enough years to retire soon.
    now, as for the management, they too are in the same boat – finally what goes around, comes around.
    when the USPS finally runs itself into the ground with poor management – those big mouth brown nosers will be out of a job too.
    then they can get up in the mornings and look in the mirror and harass that person – LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!!!!

  3. excessing employees is covered very clearly by labor agreements. The 50 mile radius is the new APWU limit HOWEVER what if no jobs exist within 50 miles?…then the distance can increase and the postal service is required to pay some relocation benefits.

  4. can anybody tell me what is going on with the 50 mile limit for transfers, or are the four affected facilities within 50 miles of Casper?

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