USPS Identifies First 100 Sites To Utilize Non-Traditional Assignments

From the American Postal Workers Union:

The Postal Service has provided the APWU with a list of the first 100 mail processing sites that will utilize Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) duty assignments [PDF], as well as computer models showing proposed schedules for three of the sites: the Boston Processing and Distribution Center, the Central Mass P&DC, and the Delaware P&DC.

Officers of the locals that represent the three facilities reviewed the plans with Clerk Division officers and others on July 26, 2011, at the union’s national headquarters. “The local officers provided valuable input,” said Clerk Craft Director Rob Strunk. “We will discuss their concerns with postal management at a meeting later in the week.”

The Postal Service also is expected to provide the APWU with model schedules for the remaining 97 identified offices at the meeting. All 100 proposed mail processing NTFT models are set to be released to local management on or about Aug. 2.

Under the terms of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, local management is required to meet with the local union and provide an opportunity to review the proposed schedules, as well as an opportunity to offer input, propose suggestions, and/or offer alternative schedules before any of the assignments can be posted for bid.

The computer models were developed by a private contractor and, while most of the schedules reflected either eight or 10 hours days, they will require significant adjustments in order to comply with the posting and bidding requirements in Article 37 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and in each office’s Local Memorandum of Understanding, Strunk said.

A list of sites and models for Customer Services (frequently referred to as “matrices” or USPS Form 1994), have not yet been shared with the union, but are expected shortly. When they are provided, the union will share the information with affected locals.

Locals are encouraged to review all proposals carefully and to work with management to fulfill the requirement of Article 37.3.A.1 to “create desirable duty assignments from all available work hours for career employees to bid.”

If concerns or disputes about proposed NTFT schedules arise, they will be referred to the appropriate Clerk Craft National Business Agent for timely processing through the Alternative Dispute Resolution Process outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

USPS Non Traditonal Positions-First 100 Sites

8 thoughts on “USPS Identifies First 100 Sites To Utilize Non-Traditional Assignments

  1. Who wants to work 6 days a week for 6 hours, a 6 hour shift r u kidding me. Working an n/s day and 4 tens and 1 eight hour shift to 36 hours if not on the ot list in 3 months. How is the work going to get done. Can”t get a vacant position filled in 6 months, where is the Golden Rule of putting back what is missing. Why don’t u just kill the working cogs that know one ever see’s that gets the mail to its destination. Might as well use a temporary hiring service to cut costs also because every PTF that has given all of there sweat every 12 hour shift now is going to have to wait even longer to get what they deserve and have less earning potential. Better yet define that path that the new work force (PSE) is going to have to take to get any where near a FTR position. Does not look like any potential of retiring, let alone obtaining a “regular job at the USPS” you can only get unleaded.

  2. It has been a hostile work environment for years, management will use this contract to make working conditions even worse. I don’t believe for a minute that management will work with the union to create “desirable duty assignments”. They (management) can’t force you into a bid of less than 40 hours but, they can make your choices awful… want 40 hours? Those bids are only on Tour 1. If you want to stay on Tour 3, you will have to take a 30 hour bid. And the 10 hour days? Great for those who want the OT. In 18 years, I’ve never signed the OTDL. I have no desire to work beyond 8 hours. Now I’ll be on a DBCS for 10 hours instead of 8 and it will place even more wear and tear on an aging body! This contract basically gave management the ability to do whatever they want and I’m tired of the APWU bragging about how the union negotiated the best contract ever. The APWU is happy with the contract because they can now get union dues from what will still be basically a casual.

  3. Anyone but me notice that the first 100 ( and last count they had 258-260 processing plants ) are in union strong states??????

    Better grow a pair folks.

  4. Funny….

    the ballots for ratification…..always get MAILED…

    and the NEW CBA CHANGES…..always cum later…


  5. well the clerks voted YES on cliff goofy’s sh** contract so they shoulder the blame…..even though 99.9% did not even bother to read the sellout rag sheet.

    no raise(when you factor in yearly inflation) no COLA,no Clerk job, now goodbye OT (some clerks are being transfered to letter carrier jobs-I give most of them less than 6 months before they get fired in their “new assignment”.)

    being stupid and gutless does have its consequences…….but they still have their baseball, football, gambling, drugs, booze,shopping, bimbos and all the other real important things in life……read a stupid collective-barginning agreement that will effect my economic well-being for years to come- who has the time or effort for that. lol.

    stupid is as stupid does. what is next walking into an oven without a peep?

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