National Association of Presort Mailers Hires Retired USPS Manager as Executive Director

The National Association of Presort Mailers announced today that Robert Galaher has accepted the position of Executive Director for the association starting August 1, 2011. Bob recently retired from the United States Postal Service after 37 years of dedicated service. Bob has always been a change agent for the Postal Service. Starting out as distribution clerk, Bob moved up the ranks to Manager of Business Mail Acceptance, where he was responsible for the oversight of the national acceptance network processing approximately 12 million mailings yearly with $36 billion in annual revenue. Most recently Bob worked as Manager of Special Projects responsible for developing a plan to identify business and technical solutions to modernize the mail acceptance process, and develop a strategic vision and tactical roadmap for the Mail Entry and Payment Technology organization.

Rich Gebbie, President of NAPM said “Bob brings an invaluable set of skills and experience with business mail acceptance along with a real passion. Bob’s knowledge and experience will be a great asset as NAPM continues to work actively with the USPS and the mailing industry to develop a new intelligent Streamlined Acceptance process.”

The current NAPM Executive Director Joel Thomas will be retiring after many years of dedicated service. Rich said “NAPM thanks Joel for his leadership and guidance and we wish him the best in the years to come.”

source: National Association of Presort Mailers

7 thoughts on “National Association of Presort Mailers Hires Retired USPS Manager as Executive Director

  1. Presorted mail??? Still has to be sorted…. Full price is the only way… If they don’t like it then let them go to fed ex… It costs more….

  2. I was privy to hearing him on a conference call once a few years ago he couldnt recognize talent if it bit him on his ass.

    He was a change agent all right give as many discounts to business mail customers even if it broke the USPS financials

  3. Is he the one that let’s mailers wrap bulk mail with string and rubber bands that jam up the APPS ? If he is it looks like the practice will just keep going on. More over time,delayed mail,and destroyed mail. He needs to move into the 21 century.

  4. this is the same type of instutitionalized corruption that has destroyed the post office. same type of thing congressman do becoming lobbists and generals going to work for defense contractors. the tail wags the dog.

    greed & corruption by these types has its fair share of blame in the rise, fall. and decline of the United States of America. hope this bum falls on his face.

    5 year rule should apply…..can not work for any private mailing house that you had contact with if you were a postal mismanager after retirement. conflict of interest. we all know of the mismanagers who got caught by usps postal inspectors for taking bribes of all sourts from private mailing houses….and there were plenty through the years….because after all it would be the right thing to do!

  5. This is exactly what is wrong in government. These carpetbaggers who are in the management positions of power are all for themselves. Decisions that are made to supposedly help the US Postal Service and be in the best interest of the USPS usually is not. To much money and greed in them there hills. So next time you hear about how much money is spent on Labor Cost you would be wise to re-search your facts and separate the cost to the Bargaining Unit Employees versus the expense and cost to PCES and EAS Management positions. The few in management receive more compensation in wages and bonuses then the larger number of employees who are responsible for the processing and delivery of the mail.


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