NAPUS: Postal and Fed Employees Will Be ‘Collateral Damage’ in Debt Ceiling Budget Deal

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Next week, the USPS is expected to ask that the Postal Regulatory Commission issue an “Advisory Opinion” relating to the potential closure of 3,600 postal retail facilities, including approximately 2,800 Post Offices.  This week’s eNAPUS Bulletin explains how the advisory opinion process works and how the USPS is attempting to placate Congress. In addition, the newsletter has information about how the national debt ceiling discussion could impact NAPUS members. Finally, the Bulletin reports on next week’s Senate PRC  confirmation hearing.

Preparing For the Uproar
USPS officials have conducted two Hill briefings on its new regulations, and plan for a webinar next week. Congressional staff have contacted NAPUS, concerned about the USPS presentation and suggested that we debunk misleading information disseminated at the briefings.

Debt Ceiling Blackmail
It appears highly likely that postal and federal employees will be collateral damage in an expected budget deal being negotiated by the White House and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), over raising the debt ceiling.

Senate to Hold PRC Confirmation Hearings
On Thursday, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs will conduct a confirmation hearing for Robert Taub, who would replace Commissioner Tony Hammond on the Postal Regulatory Commission, and Commissioner Mark Acton who has been renominated to his PRC post. It should be noted that there is presently one vacancy on the USPS Board of Governors; Governor Alan Kessler will resign his position at the end of July,providing another vacancy; and, unless Governor James Miller III is renominated, his position will be vacant in December.

NAPUS: Preparing For the UpRoar

7 thoughts on “NAPUS: Postal and Fed Employees Will Be ‘Collateral Damage’ in Debt Ceiling Budget Deal

  1. The band keeps on playing as the USS POSTAL SERVICE continues to fill with stupidvisors! They are jumping into lifeboats as the carriers stay on board!

  2. its like being on the titanic…a huge sinking bailout here we’re going down…save yourself people

  3. Yes, the USPS has been allowed to run amok by all of the government watch dog agencies who could have helped in the oversight of rogue supervision. I for one have received harassment and retaliation from individuals who were and are in position of authority. Even if grievances and EEO claims are filed by an employee who is seeking to correct any wrong doing by supervision the individuals who have practiced any wrong doing iare never reprimanded. Usually these individuals are placed in other offices and allowed to continue these questionable practices. I wish to express how many good people work for the USPS, but so many of these good people will keep quite so negative actions by management will not be directed at them. This organization is a sham!!!

  4. I retired from the USPS in Oct., 2009. The timing was just right to avoid the very real demise of the USPS as we know it. Layer upon layer of arrogant and abusive Supervisors and Managers (?) whose sole purpose was to make themselves look good and get their bonus, during a time of billions in losses. Bonus for what? They were losing money hand over fist, and get a bonus? Employees were routinely criticized and abused. Contract provisions were universally ignored. Contract Grievance’s and EEO’s filed and won by the employee, and then the employee was labeled as a troublemaker because of it with nothing done to the Supervisor. I feel no sympathy for its (USPS) demise and think that a reorganization is the real answer. Change the entire corporate leadership and start over. Either that, or privatization. As it exists today, it is a failure.

  5. Layer upon layer of stupidvisors brings forth the death knell. Like watching an elephant dropped from a plane coming in for a landing.

  6. the post office is done….put a fork in it already! 110,000 mismanagers vs 469,000 workers ratio of 1 to 4.7 in private industry ratio is 1 to 30-40.
    post office is run by dopes who only have a high school education……running a 58 billion revenue company is over their heads…..proof is losing 1 billion per month.

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