USPS To Hold Briefings, Webinar To Explain New Post Office Closings Process

The National League Of Postmasters :

The Postal Service has published in the Federal Register its Final Rule, 39 CFR Part 2411; the Final Rule takes effect immediately. Temporarily, the Postal Service has excluded from its Final Rule the portions it believes are subject to consultation under 39 U.S.C. §1004(b) and (d).

The Postal Service has scheduled briefings and a webinar on Capitol Hill in the next two weeks to explain its new discontinuance process, including an upcoming “comprehensive review of its retail network” to “examine Post Offices nationwide to determine which offices should be discontinued,” as well as their “new [standardized] process” for discontinuances.

…the Postal Service is continuing to proceed forward with the implementation of its Proposed Rule as though it has already made its decision, and clearly have determined to effect a nationwide change in service.

The League of Postmasters received the following message from Sandra Calos, USPS Government Relations Representative:

In the coming weeks, the Postal Service will begin a comprehensive review of its retail network. The review will examine Post Offices nationwide to determine which offices should be discontinued in view of workload, customer demand, or the proximity of alternate postal products and services in the surrounding area.

The USPS is working on improving our’process for studying the need for postal operated retail services. Our new process is standardized and requires examination of the effects of a proposed discontinuance on the community and postal employees, along with the ability to provide a maximum degree of effective and regular postal services to the affected community and economic savings.Factors that changed include the procedures surrounding how a Post Office begins to be studied for reviewj the criteria used in studying an office-such as an office’s workload, customer usage and alternate ccess-streamlining the closing process and improving the community input process.

The Postal Service will hold a briefing and a webinar regarding the aforementioned changes and the process that will be used to study Post Offices.
A briefing will be held on Tuesday, July 19 at 2:88 p.m. in Room 2154 of the Rayburn House Office Building.

Additionally, a webinar is scheduled for Thursday, July 28 at 4:88 p.m.

6 thoughts on “USPS To Hold Briefings, Webinar To Explain New Post Office Closings Process

  1. Need to start Rolling Post Officies to make weekly trips to nursing homes, assisted living homes, jails, prisons, state hospitals, to insure that all confined humans have opportunity to use Postal system as this is about the only market left for their products and services. MPS (MOBILE POSTAL SERVICE) . HEADQUARTERS will need to name a new Deputy PMG for MPS Unit. Congress will support as it would add cost.

  2. Don’t forget about the seniors who can’t get around If you are closing retail offices many seniors don’t have computers and don’t travel long distrances so bring the PO to them via the Mobile PO Our senior citizens still like to mail letters and buy stamps and they love the little gifts to give their grand kids that the PO offers So please visit the Assisted Living homes and Nursing homes and Elderly living places to continue on the revenue path and use other sources
    The Mobile PO is an ideal tool and also seminars in each area to help the seniors understand how to mail priority and express mail and how to get passports too Seniors spend money too. Some are wheel chair bound and oxygen bound in their homes but a community area at the living or retirement home is a wonderful place to advertise the PO advantages.

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