NALC: Issa Attempting To Remove 6-day Mail Delivery language from Appropriations Bill

UPDATED: 07/13/2011 at 3:15 p.m.
Meeting Time:  This hearing has been postponed subject to the call of the Chair.

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From NALC eActivist Network:

Today, the Rules Committee in the House of Representatives will make a decision that could determine the fate of six-day mail delivery service.

Rep. Darryl Issa (R-CA) has requested that the provision preserving six-day delivery be stripped from the Financial Service Appropriations bill. Removing this language would break a bipartisan, 30-year history and tradition of Congress maintaining six-day delivery.

In the 112th Congress, six-day delivery has bipartisan support, as demonstrated by the 171 co-sponsors of H. Res. 137, a sense-of-the-House resolution “that the United States Postal Service should take all appropriate measures to ensure the continuation of its 6-day mail delivery service.” Additionally, on July 7, the six-day rider was reported out of the full Appropriations Committee as part of H.R. 2434 with no objections.

The presidents of the three other postal unions and I have sent a letter to the members of both the Appropriations and Rules committees, saying, in part, that “there will be a loss of 80,000 or more jobs if Saturday delivery is eliminated…tens of millions of businesses and constituents will be disadvantaged by the loss of Saturday delivery.”

The NALC is currently working with the legislative staffs of our friends on the Hill and with NALC activists whose representatives serve on the Rules and Appropriations committees to protect the six-day reliable mail service Americans have come to expect from their letter carriers. I will continue to update you as information becomes available, and I may call on you within the next few days to take action.

Thank you for your continued efforts to protect six-day delivery.

In Solidarity,

Fredric V. Rolando, President
National Association of Letter Carriers

NALC eActivist Network

14 thoughts on “NALC: Issa Attempting To Remove 6-day Mail Delivery language from Appropriations Bill

  1. Darryl Issa; the wealthiest convicted felon currently serving in the United States Congress. What a country.

  2. I’d say tax churches before unions. Talk about political. And most of them are phoney millionaire making machines.

  3. 6 day delivery should become history. It is no longer needed. Volume has dropped so much. The rest of the country operates on a 5day workweek. With 2days off, in a row. Why not the PO? We are losing money big time and we need to face it and begin the sensible things and that is cut Saturday. I don’t buy that bs about needing medicine etc. I order by mailand heve never even considered Saturday delivery in the equation. I order in sufficient time to receive it way before I run out. Lack of planning on your part should not constitute an emergency on the USPS. You want to see how important Saurday delivery is, walk in to any LV PO back door and look at all the carts of medicine left for Monday delivery. The managers tell clerks to curtail, so the carriers don’t even get it. Also while you are there, take a look at all the business routes with mail in the cases with tags that say “CLOSED SATURDAY.” No I don,t buy that one bit. It is all about union dues, plain and simple. they say 80,000 less jobs. What they mean is 80,000 times $26 a pay period, so every 2 weeks the union would NOT get $2 Million+ dollars. That is TWO MILLION. I think it is time to start taxing unions. They have become so political. We don.t even get a free picnic.

  4. wikpedia this issa cat and you will find out all you need to know about most of the politicians in our nations capitol!

  5. Why wait until Saturday to call anybody? Call while your on your route. Take a break from reading the paper or talking on your cell to other carriers. Speaking of politicians…… they make lousy pets, very seldom do they obey their masters, the taxpayers.

  6. can six day and the excess lazy supervisor and useless poom’s. i would call congress and nalc on saturday also but like they said they are closed…..

  7. How long can the Postal issue be dragged out? Craft unions, management unions,political alliances, do not appear eager to solve the issue as the longer a solution can be put off the less effect on the real issue at hand which is Financial conditions of USPS and its need to maintain service as it did 75 years ago with the advancement in communication technology such as the INTERNET, CELL & SMART PHONES, TEXTING, and a shift from mailing personal and business communication by purchasing a postal stamp and a 1-2 delivery time frame by manually placing the physical message into a metal mailbox at a physical street address. Advance communications has made messaging immediate. The USPS operates in the red billions each quarter and would continue to do so even by eliminating the 5.3 billion annual payment for retirees health benefits.
    Commonse cents must prevail as the service provided by USPS has hit diminishing returns. Delivery service must be reduced to 5 days. Understand Fred.
    Offices that exist only to take up space with no objectives other than TURN LIGHTS ON IN AM AND OFF IN PM must be closed. Sure some politicans could hear about and take up cause to keep such offices open as this violates title 639 of the Constitution as set forth by Ben Franklin and Patrick Henry when mail was read by candle light. Congress must take action to mandate processes that relieve the USPS financial crisis and provide service to meet needs as demonstrated by demand resulting in increased revenue generation or lack of demand resulting decreased sales of postal products and services increasing debt.

  8. 6 day mail delivery does not make cents. The service renered on Sat. mail delivery to street addresses amounts to zero as a service issue. The cost for Sat. mail delivery should be borne by TAXPAYERS if it is so necessary for personal and business connection. Issa is demonstrating foritude in eliminating waste from a debt laden GOVERNMENT SERVICE which has no potential financial recovery even if USPS IS RELIEVED FROM PAYING 5.3 BILLION DOLLARS RETIREES HEALTH BENEFITS.
    Fred, NALC, reality is a fact. Face it or loose it all. ELIMINATING Sat. mail delivery is a long term benefit for employees that need at least 10 years to retire.

  9. I will call NALC headquarters on Saturday to tell them to save 6 day delivery. Oh yeah, they are closed!

  10. Just let them break the Post Office as they have broken everything else. Let this generation of politicians go down in history as the ones who couldn’t even keep the Post Office going. These monkeys are proud of any banana with their name on it, regardless of what it does to the anvil called America.

  11. would’t do any good to ask my Rep, she is so far up Issa’s assa that she can’t see out!

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