PMG expects nearly half of all US post offices to close by 2017 or 2018

Postmaster General Patrick R.  Donahoe told attendees at the National Catalog Forum on June 21, 2011 that he predicted that half the number of postal offices  will be closed  by 2017 or 2018:


What’s more, Donahoe predicted nearly half of the roughly 32,000 postal facilities currently in the U.S. will be closed in the next six or seven years. “We have to look at our labor structure and figure out how to merge hard copy with digital.

The PMG’s remarks were cited in document (Attachment B) filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission by the NAPUS and National League Of Postmasters . The Postmaster organizations were filing in response to USPS’ motion to dismiss their complaint on proposed changes to CFR.

 The Postal Service has been gradually closing post offices across the nation for years, purposefully suspending post offices and electing not to replace postmasters as they retire and choosing not to renew building leases in order to close the vacant post offices. The systematic closings occurring year after year create a conundrum when attempting to pinpoint precisely when the number of closings becomes “nationwide”:  There appears to be a de facto, but nonetheless clear policy of closing post offices wherever possible.

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  1. The facility where I am employed, has coneheads as managers. I have never experienced so much stupidity in so many managers in my entire life. And the senseless use of paper, write ups, eeo complaints and just waste management is at least half of the money problems facing this industry. And then there is the salary paid to these loons, and for what? Just to cost the service more money for work not performed. Who in the world needs a dummy to tell yet another dummy what to do, as in craft employment, we do the same job everyday and we are just damn good it. We don’t need to be told how to and when to. We are already there. And then we get written up for doing what we already know how to do again!

  2. Anyone notice the lack of equipment in these ‘light’ volume days? A nationwide shortage?!!! Ha!

    But anyways, what happened to ‘grow the business?’ The VOE meeting I attended showed a lack of concern or knowledge from our MDO. What was rolled out in the meeting was a plan by 2020 to fail. Some confidence, eh? Where is Marvin when you need him?

    So their answer is to close, squeeze, eliminate…that’ll sure do it!

  3. PMG Donahoe
    Postal labor structure as presently exist cannot continue unless Congress takes necessary action to close post officies that have no reason to exist as their time in history has passed. The days of reading mail by candle light has passed. The need for 6 day mail delivery is extinct. Congress can put the burden of paying for the USPS on the taxpayer. The high price salaries for headquarters staph, as well as all management levels cannot continue unless Congress puts the expenes on the taxpayer. The 5.3 billion dollars for retirees health benefits can be put on the taxpayer and the USPS bottomline will be in the red by end of quarter 2 as demand for Postal products and services are in a continous decline mode. Delivering mail on Sat. to street addresses does not make cents. Could make an attempt a comback in Parcel-Freight; business model such as FED X or UPS.
    Red Blount a former PMG when USPS was trying to avoid PARCEL POST had correct idea when Blount Construction started building BMCs.

  4. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that the more mail volume drops, the longer it takes to get the mail worked and spread to the carriers. !8 years ago, before DPS, we clocked in at 6:30am, then 7, then 7:30, then 8, then back to 7:30, back to 8am and talk of going to 8:30. Why don’t we just skip a day? Why don’t we just come in at noon after thye clerks go home? They spend tremendous amounts on machines that are supposed to speed things up, WELL, we are waiting.
    Also the more volume drops, the more O/T we get. Why is there such a need for mandating? WHY. How is it more cost effective to pay O/T and mandate O/t to the ones that DO NOT want the O/T, when the union GREIVES it and the PO winds up paying PENALTY or DOUBLE. How is that cost effective?

  5. As I have stated before, I strongly believe there is an effort to destroy the USPS from within. Why else would they, MANAGEMENT be able to get away with all the really stupid stuff going on. What is the point, and I mean this, what is the point to adjust routes and change territory, when those changes amount to taking away and giving back the exact same territory every 2-3 years. I have been given and have had taken away the exact same territory no less than 3 times in 9 years. I am now losing that territory again and I am getting what I had 9 years ago, up to about 6 years ago. WHAT is the point, other than making changes that only confuse and irritate the customer. With the new add, my line of travel is changed completely. The first deliveries are now my last delivery. The new territory is now near the beginning. It was the end on the losing route. We have lots, and lots of funds to play these stupid games.

  6. In 2009 I took a trip to Europe to tour my old stomping grounds(bases) where I was previously stationed. All 4 places visited had been closed and turned back over to the locals. They were Lee Barracks in Mainz, Eastman Barracks in Dachau, IG Farben or Abrams Building headquarters in Frankfurt, and the Military Housing in both Mainz and Frankfurt. The military hospital in Munich had also been turned back over to the locals. Yeas a lot of closing going on for many years.

  7. Hey Wendell, the military closed numerous bases overseas! Probably over 40 just in Europe! Please have a clue before posting any comments!

  8. Here’s the funny coincidence. The 10 year, 55 billion dollar prefunding for retiree’s healthcare is scheduled to end 2016. Shortly after, 50% of post offices will be closed in 2017(if not sooner). This should be the wake up call to those who do not see the end of the post office.

  9. Watch out all you clerks . They have to do something with all those postmasters. Now you know why the clerk craft is going away . Can you say PSE . Clerk work at postmasters pay !

  10. The U.S. Military Bases began Closing (Herein) mostly in the North in the late 80’s through the 90’s. I can’t remember bases closing overseas.’

    Now, the postal service? What’s next … the toilet room?

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